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[Google Chrome] Cleaning Custom Search Engines


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When browsing a site (say; youtube) and using their search engine to look for a video, or when browsing Facebook, and looking for a friend, or any other site with a search engine, google chrome will automatically add the search engine to the custom search engines list. However, this is a privacy threat as one can use this list to look at sites the user has gone to. CCleaner does not clean this list.


Is it possible for you to add this list to be cleaned? Thank you.

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google chrome will automatically

wow one more reason for me to dislike chrome (thinks about the pr0n sites that would clog up his chrome, in an all chrome world)

do you know if chrome will differentiate between Automatically added search engines and ones you want (i.e. manually added ones)

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If there is concern about privacy issues and the solution is to uncheck a suggestion service,

it may be sensible to run and search with it unchecked,

and then check the box and see if it now suggests what you have just searched for.


Google may still remember everything regardless of what is unchecked,

and a suspicious wife / mother-in-law may be able to check the box and immediately see where you have been :o

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