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  1. I have v3.12.1572 installed. I have UAC set to the highest level so it does not allow anything automatically. I think I was simply mistaken though, it seems to clean out only a small portion of the registry and only a small portion of the 'System files.' When I elevate CCleaner manually (Execute as administrator) it finds a lot more things to clean. Thank you for your time.
  2. Is it a 3.5" or a 2.5" disk? If 3.5" make sure that both the power cord AND the USB cord are delivering power. The disk will not spin up unless both are connected well. Have you tried taking the disk out and connecting it internally in the computer? Maybe the bridge is broken.
  3. When browsing a site (say; youtube) and using their search engine to look for a video, or when browsing Facebook, and looking for a friend, or any other site with a search engine, google chrome will automatically add the search engine to the custom search engines list. However, this is a privacy threat as one can use this list to look at sites the user has gone to. CCleaner does not clean this list. Is it possible for you to add this list to be cleaned? Thank you.
  4. Is this normal? I am using windows 7 64bits SP1, I have the built-in administrator account enabled and have a strong password set for it. I run everything using a restricted account (for security reasons). I read that CCleaner is supposed to be asking for elevated rights using UAC (which I have enabled) or else it will not be able to clean the system. However, in my case, CCleaner is able to alter the registry and clean the Windows items without elevated rights. (I checked task manager; it is running as my restricted user, not as administrator.) I have UAC set to the highest level, my wind
  5. You should start by posting system information. Which OS? Which Version of defraggler? What is your hardware? My guess is that the HDD is getting old and thus CPU usage is high (a lot of idling) because it's waiting for data. I had this on an old IDE drive. One core would consistently use 100% because it was constantly waiting for the slow dead drive to deliver.
  6. Yes. 1 fragment means no fragments. If one file is all together, it is not in seperate fragments and thusly one fragment.
  7. It seems as though this issue is not receiving much attention. My post about this issue has been here more than a month...
  8. It'd be awesome if piriform's software could "plug into" eachother. Defraggler would recognize ccleaner being installed and use it to remove thrash before defragging the disk. Sounds good.
  9. If you're really paranoid, take out the HDD, smack it with a sledghehammer, shred it, burn it, and dance on it. Then, buy a new one.
  10. I'd wait for an official reply but I use task manager to kill df.exe sometimes and never had any damage done.
  11. Strange, updating worked like a charm here. I use XP SP3 home, I see Ishan_rulz uses W7, maybe some V/7 bug?
  12. Can you monitor the temperature in your power supply unit / your video card GPU (using a thermometer?)? That's what popped into my head right after CPU. If it's your GPU, that might explain why the PC is still on but nothing gets put out anymore. You might want to check for dust (you already did so, but doublechecking is never bad) even in the videocard's heatsink, and especially in the PSU. How are the current ratings in speedfan? Are voltages stable?
  13. jojotjuh

    The Colors

    The explanations are in defraggler itself help -> first option (In Dutch it says 'legende van de schijfkaart' so I think something with "legend".) also http://forum.piriform.com/index.php?showtopic=19986 edit: Aethec beat me to it
  14. She went to google.ca, google canada. Seeing her English isn't that great, and seeing French is the only other well spoken language in canada, she must speak French. I think something like this. (Then again, My English isn't great either as I am Dutch.)
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