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Hello! Once again I see time after time some of the same questions asked over and over, so just like the registry information thread, here is one for the cleaner portion of CCleaner.


As per my usual MO, this is designed with intent to reduce the amount of duplicate questions we see, so we can address those 'out there' or unique questions in a more timely manner.


its totally not because I enjoy making FAQ's or anything unsure.gif


If you'd like to suggest a change, please feel free to PM me!


This guide deals primarily with the Windows version of CCleaner.





First Things First:


Do I have to pay for CCleaner?

No, CCleaner is free. You can, however, purchase priority support from Piriform. The differences between the Free version and the Professional version are detailed below.

If you have been offered to buy CCleaner from a source not this page pleaser contact Piriform Immediately via the forum.


Do the developers actually read these threads?

Yes. And, though they rarely comment, they often integrate suggestions and programs suggested by community members. If you really need to go into depth with a developer on a bug or feature and are not receiving the attention you feel you need, priority support is available with purchase of CCleaner Pro


Is CCleaner 64 bit compatible?

Yes. If you used he Installed version the installer will automatically know which version to install. The Portable version comes with both executables (CCleaner.exe and CCleaner64.exe)


What does the professional version offer?

Perks of purchasing the Professional edition include

  • Priority support directly from Piriform (no more hoping the forums can help!)
  • Automatic updating (both silent and non-silent)
  • System and Browser monitoring (as of CCleaner v4.00)
  • Ability to Clean multiple profiles, or with the correct permissions Profiles that are not ones own on a single machine.

with perhaps more coming in the future.


I would like to translate CCleaner for my language.

You need not create a thread about this, simply PM Mr. Ron or Mr.G telling them you'd like to translate.


I represent a business, do we have to pay for CCleaner?

Technically, no. However advanced support is available if you purchase it from the homepage. As well, if you would like to manage 10+ computers (i.e. in a domain) from the same console, there is also CCleaner Network Edition.








The program hangs/does not continue past the Recycle Bin option!

This is frequently due to some error within your recycle bin, and not CCleaner! Typically this can be fixed by shift-deleting your recycle bin.


Windows XP


Windows Vista/7



There is a program listed, but I uninstalled it already!

This is caused by a lingering Detect registry key, or detectfile file. Simply remove the offender and it'll disappear from your list smile.gif If you need help, feel free to post, but you should check the embedded ini's for the location of the offender first via the export commandline option


A setting was changed in a beta version of a program, and now ccleaner doesn't clean it properly.

CCleaner does not typically support beta versions of products, and will most likely not be changed to address this unless it is a major program or comes out of beta.


The 'Analysis' size of files to be deleted does not match the actual size of files removed.

The analyze option approximates how large the amount of space is that you will be freeing up, so it may not always be accurate.


The 'Analyze' and 'Run Cleaner' buttons take several seconds to load

These buttons don't become active till winapp.ini and winsys.ini (also if its there, winapp2.ini and/or winsys2.ini) have loaded. There is really not much you can do about this.


This is often caused by having many programs installed, but also can be caused by old, slow hardware.


Index.dat in the Internet Explorer section is not cleaned! It says 0 files/ does not appear

In a recent version of CCleaner, the way the index.dat files are handled was changed such that the files are not deleted, but "vacuumed," this way index.dat cleaning does not require a reboot. That being said, the right hand number of files deleted will say 0 as no files were actually deleted, only "emptied."



Its also of note that index.dat is cleaned by two separate entries, the index.dat and internet explorer history.


*This has been a commonly recurring question, and I'd like to thank Nergal for providing this information*


Google Chrome is not being cleaned, but I have the browser closed!

To remedy this, first check to confirm there are no instances of Chrome.exe or PluginContainer.exe running in Task Manager


If they're not, be sure to shut off Sync and cloud printing in Chrome, as these have been known to cause conflict with CCleaner.

@TheWebAtom gives this helpful tip


Firefox isn't being cleaned, but I have the browser closed!

Open up task manager and make sure there are no Firefox.exe or PluginContainer.exe processes running, as CCleaner wont clean Firefox while they do.


CCleaner doesn't remove my visited websites from Flash!

To do this, CCleaner would have to delete the settings.sol file from your settings folder, which would remove ALL saved settings for ALL sites, this can be done manually but is generally seen as a bad thing, which is why CCleaner doesn't do it.





Is there a way I can download CCleaner without being offered a third party software?

If you don't want to be bothered by prompts to download Google Chrome or the Google Toolbar, you can find the slim version here


Just bear in mind it comes out several days after each new release.


You also will not be prompted to install third-party software if you have already installed Google Chrome.


Is there a way to make a specific program "clean once" without checking off, or to clean by itself instead of with everything else?

Right click the entry in the list and click "clean"


How can I quickly disable or enable all of the options under a specific heading, or in a specific tab?

Right click on the heading (or on the tab name) and select Enable/Disable All



What is the difference between Wipe Free Space and Drive Wiper [in tools]?

Simply put, there is none. WFS will run when you run the cleaner, Drive Wiper is a tool. Running it on a system drive will simply wipe the free space.


Wiping a drive DOES NOT improve performance, nor will it provide more space on your drive when it is finished.


What is/are 'Hotfix Uninstallers' and can I remove it/them?

These are files on Windows XP left behind after you run the Windows Update Service to update your copy of Windows. If you experience no problems with the updates, these files are most likely safe to remove but you wont be able to uninstall updates if you do this.



Can I have CCleaner run, then have the computer shut down right after?



Create a new shortcut and give it the following path:


"C:\Program Files\CCleaner\CCleaner.exe" /AUTO /SHUTDOWN


For more information, see this thread


I want to clean everyone's user profile at once, can I do this?

Not with the free version. This can be done with the Professional Version.


I want to move computers, is there a way for me to take my CCleaner settings with me?

Simply save your CCleaner settings to an ini file, and copy it to the new drive smile.gif


The file will be in your CCleaner folder, copy it to the same place on the other computer.


I noticed some junk in x\x\x\x\ from the program xxx, can CCleaner please support this?

While you're welcome and encouraged to create a topic to alert the developers of this, you'll most likely get a more timely response by posting in the Winapp2.ini Thread if only because CCleaner is updated cyclically (once a month, predictably) with new and improved program entries. Adding a winapp2.ini entry would clean your program with most immediacy.


Does CCleaner for Mac's uninstall function the same way as dragging an icon to the recycle bin?

Piriform has this to say, as of March 2012...


CCleaner MAC deletes more than simple moving to trash but not everything. We're improving this in next version.


How can I restore the CCleaner entries to their default states?

Right click on the header (Applications, Multimedia, etc) and click "Restore default state"



I found a program called CCEnhancer, is it safe/Supported/ect

CCEnhancer is a program written by a member of our forums named TheWebAtom, what it does is download the file called winapp2.ini (a link to this can be found in my signature) and place it in your CCleaner install directory. Since this is not a Piriform product, and thus not supported, no support is given for it here (you may PM TheWebAtom with questions) and ALL topics created about it will be locked. So don't make them, because your question was probably answered right here smile.gif







How do I trigger the intelligent scan for cookies?

Go to options, click Cookies, then right click on a cookie. Click Intelligent Scan.


*This apparently is not an included function in CCleaner for Mac.



Does CCleaner clean Flash Cookies as well?



Does CCleaner combat regenerative cookies like EverCookie?

Yes. All currently know locations that EverCookie uses are currently covered by CCleaner


Where is the list of "cookies to keep" kept?

This is variable.


If you save your settings to an INI file, it will be in CCleaner.ini, which can be found in your CCleaner directory.


If you do not, they'll be in the CCleaner registry entry in HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Piriform with the rest of your settings.


Some of my cookies are not being deleted/are being deleted when I don't want them to!

This can be caused by the Adobe Flash entry in CCleaner, which effects Flash cookies. Try disabling it to stop the behavior, or enabling it to start it.




If i missed anything let me know, I'll edit the thread.

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Updated 11 April 2013
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Should that very first statement say something about purchasing priority support?

Do I have to pay for CCleaner?

No, CCleaner is free, if you purchased it - you were scammed.

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Updated CCleaner states Google Chrome is running but it isn't

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