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  1. Thanks for the new "Move Highlighted to End of Drive" option on files. A question about how that works. I can see that the blue indicator shows the file(s) have indeed been moved to the end of the drive area. Good. Now, what if I later run a full drive "Defrag". Will Defraggler remember that I asked for those files to be moved to the end? And thus leave them there at the end zone? Or will it just look at them as regular files and try to shuffle them back up to the front/earliest open space? If this latter, then Each time I do a Move Highlighted to End of Drive, I would ne
  2. Thanks for the reply. Already have those items excluded. That is, Options/ Advanced are: Enable Shell - ON Show folder index entries - ON Cache analysis data - ON Use custom fragmentation settings: Exclude Restore point - YES Exclude Hibernation - YES (which makes no difference as I do not allow machine to use Hibernation) Stop VSS when defragmenting NTFS - ON. I do have a bunch of other excluded files/directories of things I don't want moved, or of large files that there is no need to shuffle around. I suppose I could try to purge all settings, uninstall and reins
  3. Yes, a merge sounds like a good idea. Keep the same reported issue in one thread. Sorry if I posted this to the wong thread -- I just did not want to start a new (third) thread. And I am never exactly sure whether an issue should be in one of the two subforums, or the parent forum. I confess, I am confused by the structure of three forum areas for Defraggler: -- Defraggler Discussion (parent forum): . . . . . . . . . . .| -- Defraggler Bug Reporting (sub forum) . . . . . . . . . . .| -- Defraggler Suggestions (sub forum) with all three having content. Yes, clear that bugs shou
  4. Thanks for the Disable Floppy via Hardware Device Manager suggestion. This works for me as my floppy drive is actually mostly broken and rarely works (and so I rarely even try to put a floppy in there). I just did the Disable Device and now Defraggler does not cause the floppy chunk/grind noise. Of course, this is a solution for relatively few, as most folks with a working Floppy drive will not want this as a permananent workaround.
  5. Might be same issue of Defraggler running very slow: My normal daily use of Defraggler, as a tool to defragment just the fragmented files -- seems to be working well and as expected. But the whole drive defragment (button: "DEFRAG") has been going incredibly slowly for the last 2 or so releases. Currently using latest Defraggler v2.11.560 I've been meaning to post here about it, but see now that I may not be alone. On the one hand, it usually says it will take more than 24 hours to defragment the C drive. On the other hand, I can watch at the main info first tab, and see that it
  6. I agree that new Defraggler ver 2.11 is now causing my floppy drive (which is mostly broken... ) to make chunking or grinding read sounds every time that: - Defraggler starts up, - Defraggler disk focus is changed to a different HD (by my clicking on different HD), - whenever I use Right-click to Check a folder from Explorer, - whenever I use Right-Click to Defragment a file or folder from Explorer. I NEVER click on the Floppy drive A itself (from Windows) - and actually, it does not even show in the Defraggler drive list. I also have unchecked (removed) the reference to "Show Rem
  7. Thanks Piriform, for the v 2.11 "Added right-click Move File to end of Drive feature." I think it would still be great to be able to mark a FOLDER as well -- such as the System Volume Information folder.
  8. (See below, was result of incompatible option while full defrag was running) I am unable to select or setup the Custom fragmentation setting (in Options / Advanced / Use custom fragmentation settings: Define). That whole line is 'grayed out' and cannot be selected. I do have various other selections enabled, and which I am able to turn off or on. (such as, same page: Enable Shell Extension - is on, and works, Show folder index entries in file list - is on and works Show cleanup drive - I usually have off, but is selectable Cache analysis data of multiple drives - is on Stop VSS
  9. I also would like to see this feature added. For Example, I would use it to move my ERDNT registry backup files to the end of the drive - since under normal circumstances, I rarely refer to those files, being as they are emergency use only data. I would also like to put my Restore point System Volume Information files at the back for same reason, that they are written only once per day and read from only in case of emergency. Thanks!
  10. I would love to see this feature implemented. (I might have even made a post about it sometime... can't remember now) (This feature does exist, fyi, in Auslogics Free Defrag, just sayin')
  11. Here is an update, from my various follow-on troubleshooting steps. Over the past few days, I have booted my computer from several of my CD emergency boot disks, and run various tests on the machine: Several passes of several Disk check and scan/recover surface media. I get a clean bill from these (sometimes the first pass says unspecified errors found, nothing serious, and then second pass indicates all is fixed and good). Ran Memtest86+ (2.11) and it showed the 2 GB RAM is OK (all white text, no RED errors. Whew. ). I ran two other defragment apps, Auslogics Disk Defrag, and MyDefra
  12. Some good ideas, SuperFast. Since this crash only occurs in one particular module of Defraggler (the right-click, full disk defrag of my C volume), I had not even thought to think of memory (small computer tech joke...) Though, Since I do tech work, I was the one to install the RAM, and at the time of installation am rather (over) meticulous about snapping in the RAM cleanly - static protected, never touching the gold contacts, ensuring the little tabs snap back up and fully into their respective semi-circle DIMM edge cutouts, and all that sort. Although not recently, I have run Memte
  13. P.S., forgot to include the May 13 Defraggler crash snapshots ... here they are. Defraggler 290 crashed again may 13 e02b_appcompat.txt ---the so-called report to Microsoft data file 2012-05-13_180651 Defraggler 290 crash on full defrag C-.png ---which shows a different file on the status focus info line, lower left. So seems not to be in exactly the same place as previous crashes, I think. 2012-05-13_1819 Defraggler verifying C-.png ---Running the Defraggler Verify. 2012-05-13_1823 Defraggler states error found, run Chkdsk F-.png ---where Defraggler states it cannot fini
  14. Thanks all. I like the signature quote: "try to stay calm" Kind of like the Hithhikers GTTG "Don't Panic" (which I have as one of my several desktop wallpapers) I ran a bootup, Recovery Console Dskchk again. This time specifying the /r command, to try to recover any bad sectors. Did it twice, as is my practice when the first statement comes back "... found errors " and second time it came back with the (expected) "...has finished checking the drive." Since the /r command was specified it took a loooooooooong time. Ran Defraggler today: (a) first, in the usual method of analyze and
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