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Delete possible recoverable files...

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I've just found out about Recuva. I've knows about CCleaner al long time now, but never really looked at other programs of Piriform.


Recuva would seem a pretty neat program.


There is only one option missing. That is permanently deleting the files, so they won't show up in any list. (Good to leave no trace (lol, kinda criminal...) & it makes the list of recoverable files a lot shorter and much easier to find the latest file you accidentally deleted.)


There have been a few files on my computer I don't want anyone to see... *sigh**shame* But Recuva still shows them, some even recoverable. Is it possible to be able to permanently delete these files?


In the area of recovering deleted files there is another popular one; which is deleting files completely and permanently, without leaving a trace. (These programs are well searched for on Google, but you'll never find any Piriform program on those search results. Mostly all sorts of fake and expensive "above 50 Dollar" programs which do not always work...)


Thanks for listening.

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Wauw.. Thanks man...


I was searching for a button next to the "Haal terug" button *Dutch for Get back*.. Maybe that would be an idea in the future; an extra "delete files permanently" button. I didn't know I needed to right-click in the list itself...


Thank you for your help :) I didn't expect to have such a quick reply, though... ;)


Edit: How do I make the files disappear from the list in Recuva itself, so that every trace has been deleted?


Lots of JPEG's, 6000, that are overwritten by other files cannot be securely deleted, apparently...? (http://docs.piriform.com/recuva/troubleshooting/issues-with-secure-deletion -- Issue number one) Can this be resolved, so I won't have to go look around in a list of 6000 unrecoverable files, for just one tiny file to recover.


In the "Job Done" window (Dutch variant of course, so loosely translated to English) Filename | Size | Status. Under the status there are many files "Not deleted", and a few "Not deleted - File is 'resident' in the MFT"


Over 6000 files, but just 240 files were actually deleted...?

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The only problem with recuva is; That is permanently deleting the files, so they won't show up in any list...........why dont we have that option? When I try and delete files I get either 'Access is denied' or the overwrite facility is grey'ed out or the files cannot be overwritten as the reside in the MFT. When will we get a program that truly and forever deletes files?

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