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  1. Wauw.. Thanks man... I was searching for a button next to the "Haal terug" button *Dutch for Get back*.. Maybe that would be an idea in the future; an extra "delete files permanently" button. I didn't know I needed to right-click in the list itself... Thank you for your help I didn't expect to have such a quick reply, though... Edit: How do I make the files disappear from the list in Recuva itself, so that every trace has been deleted? Lots of JPEG's, 6000, that are overwritten by other files cannot be securely deleted, apparently...? (http://docs.piriform.com/recuva/troubles
  2. I've just found out about Recuva. I've knows about CCleaner al long time now, but never really looked at other programs of Piriform. Recuva would seem a pretty neat program. There is only one option missing. That is permanently deleting the files, so they won't show up in any list. (Good to leave no trace (lol, kinda criminal...) & it makes the list of recoverable files a lot shorter and much easier to find the latest file you accidentally deleted.) There have been a few files on my computer I don't want anyone to see... *sigh**shame* But Recuva still shows them, some even reco
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