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  1. If you delete a folder with files in, does Ccleaner's wipe free space overwrite the files in the folder?
  2. A good and comprehensive answer........many thanks to you Augeas......thats exactly what I needed to know! Many thanks
  3. OK........thanks........if you decide to visit me I am in the caribbean .....third island from the left.....you cant miss it.........thanks and have a nice day.........P.S bring your own beer
  4. Yes I checked MFT..........jeez, all I want to know is can the files that Ccleaner creates and deposits on the free space, as SEEN by Recuva, are able to be further overwritten........if I dont get an answer, I'm going to change my name and go and live on a deserted desert island where there are no computers and live forever on fish and coconuts.
  5. Because, AFTER CHECKING, MOST of the files are erased but some files remain and would benefit from a second scrub.
  6. The only problem with recuva is; That is permanently deleting the files, so they won't show up in any list...........why dont we have that option? When I try and delete files I get either 'Access is denied' or the overwrite facility is grey'ed out or the files cannot be overwritten as the reside in the MFT. When will we get a program that truly and forever deletes files?
  7. Because I used Recuva and looked.............OK?
  8. Great, super, fine, ok.............so can the files that Ccleaner has overwitten MOSTLY, be overwritten again or not?
  9. The question is not pointless, Ccleaner overwrites MOST of the data, all I am asking is wether Ccleaner can do a further overwrite of the MOSTLY overwritten files it has put into the 34895y90698469846985 etc folder. Ccleaner DOES create this type of folder as I have seen several replies from admisitrators that specificallly refer to this folder.
  10. WFS does make a foler whe n wipeing free space, it's labelled as 54986890948990 or some other string of numbers that it then deletes. My question was - can that folder which contains numerous files be overwritten again. I am sure of using Ccleaner which I've used many, many times as a standard cleanup but my question was can the folder which Ccleaner creates when using the WFS option be further overwritten?
  11. I love Ccleaner and think it's a great program. I've just started using 'wipe free space' and noticed that Ccleaner wipes all files to a folder with a long number that it then deletes. I used Recuva and found the files but could not overwrite them as it was grey'ed out and could not restore as it was in the MFT and 'Access is denied'. My question is: As Ccleaner wipes the files and puts them in a folder - if I ran 'wipe free space' again for safety using Ccleaner or Stellar Wipe, which I've just bought, would the files within Ccleaners folder, which it deletes after a wipe, be able to be wiped
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