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CCleaner Firefox Cleaning Integrity Questioned

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This topic has gone from bringing up an issue with CCleaner, to saying Mastertech doesn't advertise enough, to saying Mastertech lies about who he is. As much as I love reading this topic and laughing, this flaming needs to stop.


As for discussion on the actual issue at hand, Mastertech is right in saying if the same version of the OS, IE, and CCleaner are used, every computer will have the same problem. Although if some other program interferes, things may change.


I did a quick test and Mastertech is right, using XP SP2, IE 6.0.2900.2180, and Firefox 1.0.6, the issue is only reproducible in Firefox. An easier way to fix it instead of closing Firefox and re-running CCleaner is to just hold down SHIFT while reloading the page. This will force Firefox to download everything from the server rather than using the cache. It would be nice to have CCleaner tell the user to close Firefox before cleaning so it won't happen.


And although I probably shouldn't say it, your guide Mastertech does have some things that I'd recommend changing.

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Can I assume you mean sites, oh master? I have seen the sights and they are something,see you later.............know the song? Let's live in peace. We all are prone to err.

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No but I can confirm it happens with v1.0.6.




1.0.6 is just a security and stability upgrade of 1.0, 1.5 (now being tested as Deerpark) is a major revision of the browser, including significant changes in how graphics are handled. I don't know if this will involve changing the caching system, though.


Since the release of 1.5 is scheduled to take place in a couple months, any revision to CCleaner intended to change the way it interacts with Firefox should be designed for that version.

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