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  1. Thanks, that's reassuring. Shame to hear the FF issue has not yet been fixed though. -- Terry, West Sussex, UK
  2. Just started browsing this forum. Why are threads like "Prefetch option should be removed" Locked please, when the last post was only 2 days ago? I was going to post as follows: I see 'Mr G' mentioned; presumably the author of CCleaner? Does he read these threads? I don't see any response to this apparently valid challenge over the detrimental nature of deleteing prefetch data. Nor to the issue I was reading earlier about the bug (still unfixed?) for Firefox users. -- Terry, West Sussex, UK
  3. v1.17.090 I'm an experienced XP user, but a novice CCleaner user. FF is my deafult browser. Is this issue resolved yet please? I'm about to run CC and would like to know of any downsides! -- Terry, West Sussex, UK
  4. I've had CCleaner v1.17.090 installed for quite a while, but only used it infrequently, so I've forgotten some basics! I've read the Beginner's Guide, but have a couple of queries please. Am I right that, whether you use Analyze under the Applications or Windows tabs, the results are TOTAL and hence identical? I'm initially nervous about letting it go ahead and delete all its findings. Can I get some reassurance about its reliability from other more experienced users please? Thanks. -- Terry, West Sussex, UK
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