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  1. Recuva only recovers files, it won't restore the partition on the disk. You might give TestDisk or Find and Mount a try. These programs attempt to find lost and deleted partitions and remount them.
  2. I only told him to uncheck the Delete permission, the program would still be able to modify and append to the log. The only functionality he would be losing is the ability to delete the file/folder until he modifies the permission.
  3. No, you can still share files and folders over your LAN but you will have more options and control over the share. The simple file sharing just makes it easier to share a file/folder, but it gives you hardly any control at all.
  4. Yes you can, but you need to make a change to the default behavior of Windows, disable Simple File Sharing. To do this go to "Start > Control Panel > Folder Options > View". Scroll down to the very bottom and uncheck "Use simple file sharing". Now right-click the folder/file you want to modify and select "Properties". Click on the "Security" tab and click the "Advanced" button. Select the name of the user you're using and click "Edit...". Check Deny for the Delete permission. If it's a folder also check Deny for the Delete Subfolders and Files permission. That should make it s
  5. A much better program to defragment and reduce the size of your registry is ERUNT. To defragment your registry use the NTREGOPT program installed with it. ERUNT allows you to make a FULL backup of your registry (once a day at startup if you'd like) that you can use if something goes wrong with your registry.
  6. People with a pirated copy of Windows can use Windows Update too, there's many-a-workaround for Windows Genuine Advantage.
  7. Vyrticl

    Secure delete

    Hehe, that's not quite what secure file deletion is but I bet the government uses secure file deletion Those options select how you want to securely erase data from your hard drive so you can't dig them back up. Typically when you delete a file from your hard drive, instead of actually erasing the data, your computer just deletes the reference to it and marks it as free space. This gives the user the illusion the data is gone but in reality it's just sitting there still intact, just not visible. The way secure file deletion works is by writing random data over the area where the delet
  8. Hotfix uninstallers are a lot more useful in a business environment because there is a chance a security hotfix can have some negative effects, thus warranting a mass uninstall of the hotfix. I remember not too long ago one such hotfix degraded computer performance... However that was a rare occurance and if there is an issue in a security hotfix it is typically minor and doesn't interfere with a home user. As for me, I would use the hotfix uninstaller only after using the security hotfix for awhile to make sure no problems arise. That way if they do, I can uninstall, but if they don't the
  9. This topic has gone from bringing up an issue with CCleaner, to saying Mastertech doesn't advertise enough, to saying Mastertech lies about who he is. As much as I love reading this topic and laughing, this flaming needs to stop. As for discussion on the actual issue at hand, Mastertech is right in saying if the same version of the OS, IE, and CCleaner are used, every computer will have the same problem. Although if some other program interferes, things may change. I did a quick test and Mastertech is right, using XP SP2, IE 6.0.2900.2180, and Firefox 1.0.6, the issue is only reproduci
  10. I never said it was just for friends and my recommended applications haven't changed since 2.0, heh As for recommending an anti-virus app, I didn't do that to begin with because it's really a matter of opinion and if you want one installed or not. Personally I don't use one and I haven't got a virus, but I would highly recommend one for most people. I have made a list of good anti-virus programs on my host & spicy apps page though.
  11. My Windows XP tweaking guide has been updated again. Just like last time, the major change has been to the services portion of the guide with signifcant changes to the recommendations, recommendations for normal and hardcore usage, and a new layout. Other than that, all other changes are minor. Check the guide out and have fun tweaking! Whistling Cricket Windows XP Tweaking v2.2
  12. Just letting everyone know that the Whistling Cricket Windows XP Tweaking guide has been updated to version 2.1! The Services section has been improved with many more recommendations on services and a registry file has been included to help set the services for you. Another registry file has been added to apply all non-broadband tweaks listed in the guide. Other than that the changes are minor such as description changes and spelling fixes. Check it out! Whistling Cricket Windows XP Tweaking v2.1 I'd like to thank everyone for their feedback and continue to let me know what you think o
  13. Just dropping a line here to let you know about a Windows XP tweaking guide I've made. You're probably thinking, "why are you posting about this here?". Well because I mention CCleaner in the tweaking guide and because of that I felt like I should let the CCleaner community know CCleaner rocks. Take a look at the guide because it has lots of useful information for even the seasoned tweaking veteren. Anyways, here it is. Whistling Cricket Windows XP Tweaking v2.0
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