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  1. I always wondered whether it were possible to buy petrol directly after it was processed from the crude oil, rather than having to buy the petrol from the big oil companies.
  2. http://www.piriform.com/ccleaner/download The requirements section doesn't say it supports Windows 8 RP.
  3. I've found firefox v11 to be most stable on a single-core 512MB RAM Windows XP SP3 machine. Chrome seems to use A LOT more memory of this machine for some reason.
  4. Site loads but then takes forever to finish loading. The irony
  5. All I can say is I wish I had that much to spend
  6. Could you possibly ask the university/council to find out if your landlord should cover these things as well. Long shot though.
  7. DJpailo


    But if it makes a backup on your system, what if you can't start your system up? If you could start your system, then wouldn't it be easier to perform a system restore?
  8. Doesn't seem to work on all sites just yet for me.
  9. Thanks, I'll definitely try this out later.
  10. Don't forget IE9 support (probably already mentioned somewhere though).
  11. Surprised it doesn't seem to offer bookmark synchronization with windows ID
  12. The probably have an agreement with yahoo toolbar and probably get a lot of money from there. You can imagine how many people download their products, that is a lot of exposure to the toolbar, so naturally you'd expect yahoo to pay a lot for that.
  13. boot time defrag sounds amazing! Can't wait for this
  14. XP is becoming like IE6 with everyone still expecting support for it. Nearly 10 years of support for an OS. You have to hand it to Microsoft there.
  15. There was me thinking everyone used MSE How is Avast these days? I remember using Avast 4 but due to some conflicting problems I switched to AVG before moving onto MSE.
  16. Yup same here. I doubt there are other programs which can live up to that.
  17. In my opinion I just thing Sky are being greedy here. Its ridiculous! How many people think of "Sky" when they come across "Skype". I for one certainly didn't.
  18. XP is far outdated now. Still good for the home user but you really can't expect MS to keep supporting it for its mainstream updates? I think they have handled XP very well and the security updates will help people who still use XP.
  19. I thought you were talking about the real sky lol
  20. DJpailo

    Thank You

    Its the best utility I have ever used. Why? It has stayed nippy,basic and simple for so long and nothing can compare to it.
  21. Can't say I have tried it. Firefox just doesn't appeal to me anymore. I'm more interested in IE9.
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