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Free Space Defrag


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What is the difference between Free Space Defrag and Free Space Defrag (Allow Fragmentation)?


If i do the latter it does what i'd expect - move the data to the front of the drive and make a nice big clear space (i'm not bothered about the odd file being left behind). It does this and the files are fragmented when the run has finished.


If i do the former i expected the same but for the drive to be defragmented at the same time. I expected it might take longer.


However i can't see any difference between the two options. Both move the data where i expected but the data is still heavily fragmented once it's been moved. In fact the level of fragmentation is often higher than before i started, meaning i have to run a seperate defrag afterwards....


Have i missed something?

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Yes, me too! I too noticed that there appears to be no difference in what happens between either of the two defragmenting options. I too thought that Free Space Defrag (allow fragmentation) would leave some slack in the files and that it would cause us to see some red squares amongst the blue squares.


I thought that the other option Free Space Defrag would defragment the entire diskspace and butt everything together without leaving any slack and all the squares would be blue.

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I was wondering what a free space defragmentation is in the first place?

Hi Patrick,

Welcome to the forum!!!

I deal with people who sound like they are "new" and can use some help to learn things easy and fast.

Some times it is not so fast but I always try to keep it easy.

So you were wondering!!! That is the first necessary step to learn easily.

This link is to Wikipedia.Probably the quickest way to find out about anything.

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Special:Searc...arch=&go=Go Save this in your Favorites so you can quickly find out about anything.

Cut and paste phrases into the search location and off you go.So type or paste in Free space defrag and see what you get.

Here is a fun little link to learn how to find info the fast and easy way on this forum.



Good luck and have fun,

:) davey

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An article here (serious one, so stiff drink first)





They all still seem to be in disagreement over whether free space should all be in one place or in blocks.


Support contact




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Defrag FreeSpace just tries to put everything next to each other, so that in the perfect scenario, your drawing in Defraggler would be completely blue, with no red or white in between.

Of course this isn't always possible, since some files are too big to be put between 2 other files. there will always be free space between lots of other files. Some files are smaller and can be put in between, but there may still be some space left, so it never really fits a 100%.


Defrag FreeSpace (allow fragmentation) will force the files to nicely match up. If you pick this option, normally you would see less white space, but more red. This happens because the files will be 'broken' into smaller pieces, so they can get between 2 files. Of course this file is fragmented then, and that explains the red..


So, I hope this helped a bit, I tried to explain it quite simple :)


If there are any mistakes, feel free to correct me. I'm not an expert myself :P

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