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  1. Yes, good suggestion. I too would like to second it.
  2. Yes, me too! I too noticed that there appears to be no difference in what happens between either of the two defragmenting options. I too thought that Free Space Defrag (allow fragmentation) would leave some slack in the files and that it would cause us to see some red squares amongst the blue squares. I thought that the other option Free Space Defrag would defragment the entire diskspace and butt everything together without leaving any slack and all the squares would be blue.
  3. Hi! I just tried Defraggler for the first time and I must say, I like it very much. One thing that I noticed is sorely missing though, is a Scroll Bar in the colored blocks area. One can't scroll down to see the entire diskscape of the fragmentation. Was this an oversight by the development team? Please add this feature in a future version of Defraggler. Thanks.
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