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  1. I just want a way to minimize the program while it is working. Please and thank you!
  2. While I'm scanning for files to recover or deleting files found by Recuva I would like the option to be able to minimize the program to task bar. It would just clear up some room since some of these things can take awhile. Thanks. ---------------- Now playing: Nas - Make The World Go Round (Feat Chris Brown & The Game) via FoxyTunes
  3. i would also like the option to make the program run in high priority mode instead of just normal and background...... maybe that will deal with some of the peoples time issues
  4. I did a search on there and looked through the forums here but I'm still not too clear on what the feature is and what the differences are between the Free Space Defrag and Free Space Defrag (allow fragmentation). IF someone could clear this up for me I would thank them alot.
  5. I was wondering what a free space defragmentation is in the first place?
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