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  1. Defrag FreeSpace just tries to put everything next to each other, so that in the perfect scenario, your drawing in Defraggler would be completely blue, with no red or white in between. Of course this isn't always possible, since some files are too big to be put between 2 other files. there will always be free space between lots of other files. Some files are smaller and can be put in between, but there may still be some space left, so it never really fits a 100%. Defrag FreeSpace (allow fragmentation) will force the files to nicely match up. If you pick this option, normally you would see less white space, but more red. This happens because the files will be 'broken' into smaller pieces, so they can get between 2 files. Of course this file is fragmented then, and that explains the red.. So, I hope this helped a bit, I tried to explain it quite simple If there are any mistakes, feel free to correct me. I'm not an expert myself
  2. I fully agree, I would even like an option to defrag all drives.. It doesn't matter how long it will take, since he will shut down when it's done.
  3. hey thm.. I think that will be a helpful review The alternatives that you show us on the screen could be useful.. what do you think of the one I made? http://forum.piriform.com/index.php?showto...16186&st=31 it still has some free space though..
  4. thank you Davey That really worked.. only 2 GB of defragmented files now ^^ I'll let you know how nice the drawings will look now when it's finished EDIT: I just noticed it was 10 GB not 7.. EDIT: ok.. it's looking much better. of course, now that I turned system restore points on again, there's a 2 GB file again that can't be fragmented. But it's better then 10
  5. Defrag freespace just puts all the files next to each other, but if a file doesn't fit in, he will not be 'broken ' into smaller pieces, it will jsut be placed somewhere else.. This means that you will (always?) have some free space (white blocks) when you chose this option. Defrag freespace (allow fragmentation) will try to put a large file between 2 other files, even if there isn't enough space. the file will be fragmented to fit in.. so the blocks will be red, but normally everything should be more or less in one giant block. Please note that the (2?) previous versions were a bit bugged, I had some problems as well where it would just delete freespace.. or something else.. I lost 7 GB HD space.
  6. Personally, I think this version is looking way better then the previous one. It has more structure, and it's finally obvious what the defrag button does (checked or whole drive). But I think there's still too much white space on the first tab.. Any other reactions?
  7. I have the same problem with latest verion of defraggler.. When I start defragging my Second disk ( recovery, 7 GB, 5 GB used) it keeps defragging the same files over and over again.. eventually it worked, by doing it manually as well. BUT.. My first drive (140 GB, 50Gb used) lost 5 Gb freespace by defragging... I thought this was some mistake so I defragged again.. I lost another Gig! Now I just notice I have lost another 3GB.. don't know exactly how that came..
  8. I have to say the GUI changed quite a lot. At first, I was surprised not to see the File list. It is very nice that you can see howmany fragmented files there were at the start, and the current progress. BUT, the 2-tab system isn't really handy.. As someone previously mentioned: An option to see the drive map legend at all time would be nice. The different 'defrag' buttons really have to be sorted out.. I think that new users really don't know how to defrag single files, or just the whole drive. Ok.. I took the liberty of trying a new design pasted some things in photoshop.. this is what I made.
  9. The defragger tool in xp is indeed quite good. But the one in vista sucks! Mayor problem, to me, is that you can't see how much longer it will take.. it's just defragging, and all you can do is wait. nothing in this tool is visual: you cannot see the fragmented files, not even a percentage of what is defraggmented.
  10. is it working with Beta 73?
  11. Nice review pavs It's good to see some publicity for defraggler, mostly because the developers aren't paid to do this..
  12. Ok.. i think the topic title says it all , but still: When you've just finished defragging.. Why not do an auto-re-analyze? It's good to see what hasn't been defragged..
  13. Do you mean 'system volume information'? I've got the same thing.. But I think they don't defrag it on purpose.. I've read something about it in one of the other topics somewhere on this forum...I'll edit this when I've found the link to it. EDIT: ok.. found it already.. http://forum.piriform.com/index.php?showtopic=14934 Basically.. They just say that these are windows restore points.. They only appear in deffragler when you have 'windows vista' installed... You could turn them off.. But it's not recommended.
  14. The defrag-button on the right is to defrag single files only... To use this button, you would have to select the files you want to defrag in the collumn.. The defrag button in the file menu, is to defrag the whole drive. For the rest.. no idea.. I'm no expert
  15. It took me over 70 hours to complete the defragmentation.. BUT I have to say that it was on a pc, over 4 years old, which was never defragged before.. AND I gained extra space in the end, in stead of losing some.
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