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The best defrag program


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--------------------------------------------//new features//------------------------------------------------


the features i want included should be added, which should not add more size than 100kb, since JKDEFRAG could do that (496kb,


using zip which is less compressed than exe, and includes 3 versions, GUI, commandline and screensaver)



I suggest


you add an AUTO button at the top right corner which analyzes and defrags every file for every drive (useful when leaving




Add a Optimize button under the defrag button which will have a popup box:




|[checkbox] move directories to front (NTFS only, grey it out for FAT, it won't work on XP) _____________|


|[checkbox] move mft to front(vista ntfs only)___________________________________________________________|


|[checkbox] put windows shells [1st](put dlls and sys in ?:\windows\ in the front________________________|


|[checkbox] put programs [2nd] (move program and files in the same folder and according to prefetch file)|


|[checkbox] put docs used in the last 30 days [3rd]______________________________________________________|





|[checkbox] move files bigger than [50mb] to end of drive________________________________________________|

|[checkbox] move Service Pack / Fixup Backup files to end of drive ______________________________________|

|[checkbox] move files not modified/accessed (dropdownbox) in [30] days__________________________________|




("[" and "]" mean user input box, default value inside)

------------------------------------------//changed features///-------------------------------------------

1.read directly from MFT, if error happens snap back at once to old api call. NTFS only.

2.if error happens while defragging file (only with the error STATUS_INVALID_PARAMETER), move away the file

written in the space that was supposed to be for the fragged file, then continue.If fails for more than 3 times,

alert user to close down programs, then retry

3.I suggest you to lock sectors (like checkdisk does)

4.Stop the are you sure question!!!!!


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How about trying JKDefrag? (also 64bit)

The best freeware programm with real intelligent optimization.

Looks a little "bare bones", but does an excellent job!




I haven't updated that one since 3.16. Has he worked all the bugs out since he released 3.17 which was a major update? I think it's at 3.26 or something maybe even higher. Way too many updates to that thing. 3.16 works great for me though.

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I know it's not free, but my favourite defrag program would be Diskeeper Pro 2k8, I've been checking out the trial version on my XP Pro SP2 rig; it's fast and performs well. I like the ability to run a boot-time defrag, the option of different defragging settings for each drive, or letting diskeeper manage most of it on it's own. No problems with stability, compatibility etc, either. :)

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I had some strange observations with ultradefrag. It defragmented my system disk, but actually caused some really heavy fragmentation of the free space on this disk. Not what you want! The disk was only 50% filled with files, but when doing analyse with the XP build in defragmenter, it showed the complete disk in blue color!! So, it looked like a full disk with only defragemented files. Really strange!

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Trialing PerfectDisc by Raxco.....so far so good!

Should be ok, came out as top paid for defragger in the defrag shootout I linked to above:


"The (commercial) category is hotly contested, with stiff competition from O&O Software and Golden Bow but the Raxco product won for the following reasons:


*PerfectDisk is easy to install and use, both for the novice and the power user;

*The features are well integrated, and relevant;

*The default method of organising files is well thought out and extremely effective;

*The boot time defrag solves problems that many other defrag programs ignore; and

*The overall performance improvement is well worth the cost of the software.


Any commercial environment not using this product is wasting money. I use it whenever my hard drive gets really messy."

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