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  1. A year later this is still not fixed... Because it creates its own folder with useless shortcuts, CCleaner goes way to the right of the screen in the "All apps" view requiring scrolling to be seen instead of simply being listed among the first group of apps in Windows Start screen. Per the guidelines, you should ditch the CCleaner folder and put a single CCleaner shortcut in the root of the start menu folder (C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs). This applies to all Piriform products (Defraggler, Recuva, etc).
  2. This is fixed since I tested in the latest version. Many thanks!
  3. Oh! Sorry, there are additional details I must share. The issue goes farther than that. That "Download location" in the Opera settings is the location *only for the very first file you save*. If you chose a folder other than that it remembers it as Last Download Location and subsequent file saves will go to that Last Download Location. That Last Download Location will be used as the de-facto default file save dialog folder until you clear the browser private data (Ctrl+Shift+Del) in which it'll reset to the Download location set in the settings. Instead of resetting to the set Dow
  4. Hi, I've been observing this issue since Opera 15, now that I'm sure about what's causing it I'm posting here. Steps to reproduce: 1. Install Opera 18, open it. Opera menu -> Settings. 2. Check "Ask where to save each file before downloading". 3. Set a different path for "Download location", for example, set the path to your Desktop. 4. Download a file through Opera, notice the save file dialog will open on your Desktop folder since you set it via the user pref above. 5. Close Opera and open CCleaner. 6. Check to clean Last Download Location in Opera's entry and run the cleanup.
  5. Edit: I take back what I said here previously.
  6. When you install CCleaner or other Piriform software it's adding a folder with an Unistall and a Support page link shortcut to the start menu, this cause problems specially with Windows 8, because it treats every shotcut as an app in the Start Screen (the new Metro/Modern UI). You should add only the shortcut for the app. Unistaller and support information place is Control Panel's Programs part.
  7. Oh, I forgot to say that the very own BIOS is showing an error message in the startup saying the HDD is faulty... It must be cheaper to buy a new one than to plan a technical assist visit anyway right...
  8. Windows XP Defraggler 2.09.391 I haven't "run" Defraggler, just after opening for the first time it already showed this information. I could run an analysis 100% quickly.
  9. Yes it had a removable HDD that could be connected to a computer, but the reponsibles for the printers decided not to touch it (it was from my work). Well, thank you two!
  10. There's a computer where I work that is showing an error stat on Defraggler. It's much slower than it should be and I didn't even let it finish CHKDSK because it seemed like forever on verifying files. Can something be done about it? I think calling someone to repair the HDD would be more expensive than actually buying another HDD. PS. The documentation is missing information on the "health" feature.
  11. Heey everyone! Is it possible to recover files from a printer HDD? (I mean, not only with Recuva, but with another software or something...) The folder on the printer is accessible via \\IPa.ddr.e.ss\file_share\scan There were a lot of scanned PDF documents but suddenly the folder vanished and the HDD of the printer is empty now. Someone might have deleted or cutted the folder, whatever... Is there a way to recover the files? Thanks!
  12. Not yet, have you? It'd be interesting to know if this is affecting you too or only me. 1. It saves the positions. It's CCleaner that isn't shutting down Windows in the right way. :|
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