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  1. I had some strange observations with ultradefrag. It defragmented my system disk, but actually caused some really heavy fragmentation of the free space on this disk. Not what you want! The disk was only 50% filled with files, but when doing analyse with the XP build in defragmenter, it showed the complete disk in blue color!! So, it looked like a full disk with only defragemented files. Really strange!
  2. How about trying JKDefrag? (also 64bit) The best freeware programm with real intelligent optimization. Looks a little "bare bones", but does an excellent job! http://www.kessels.com/JkDefrag/
  3. I also have seen JKDefrag a while ago, but forgot about it since it looked somehow "generic". After reading the great defrag shootout article and giving it again a try, I realised that it had some really really intelligent way of doing the defrag. And this got me completely hooked for JKDefrag. The point is that JKDefrag really sorts the files on their usage and other criteria (see SPACEHOGS section in JKDefrag documentation). I never saw this intelligent approach on any other freeware. Still I am hoping that Defraggler will also get this intelligence in the future and more (e.g. mft defrag at boot phase).
  4. Maybe the great defrag shoot-out will help you make a decision. Defraggler has not yet been tested there. http://donnedwards.openaccess.co.za/2007/0...ut-winners.html The freeware winner is JKDEFRAG
  5. Hi, pagedefrag only does a physical defragmentation of the file. I would first recommend to compact the file in itself with ntregopt: http://www.larshederer.homepage.t-online.de/erunt/ Depending how much changes happened to your registry in the last years, it can shrink the registry by quite an amount! Then run pagedefrag on it.
  6. CCleaner has the option to remove the Hotfix uninstallers. I would like to see an option in the settings, so that Hotfixuninstalls only older than 2 months are actually getting deleted by CCleaner. It's a little like the option to keep files younger than 48 hours in the temp folder. My experience is that fixes that are older than 2 months can be considered safe and then the uninstaller of it can be removed.
  7. Hello, I like the piriform products CCleaner and Recuva very much. But Defraggler looks for me just like another defragmenter. There is currently nothing special about it. What I want to say is: Add that little spice to the program that makes it different/special. If defraggler would implement some cool intelligent defrag technique, then it will become interesting. An example for this could be the intelligent sorting of files based on size or usage. Big files or seldom used files would be considered "Space Hogs" and moved to the end of the partition. To cut a long story short: Look very closely at what JKDefrag does (and its different options) and get the idea: http://www.kessels.com/JkDefrag/ Please also look closely to the Section "What are SpaceHogs?" I would like to see a nice configurable defragger with the intelligence of jkdefrag. On offline defrag of the xp locked files (mft,$secure,pagefile,registry) (in XP start phase) would be ultracool.
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