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  1. I suggest crossing out defragmented files in the file list and making it blue. -- About the buttons, yes I agree. It's still hard to understand. They should be the same in both Drive and in File list. [Analyze] ([Defragment] / [Defrag Selected]) [Compact] | ([Pause] / [Resume]) [stop] Pause and Stop should fade when the other three buttons are on. When one of the three buttons are pressed, fade all three no matter what. Clicking Analyze should just Analyze. Clicking Defragment should Analyze and Defrag. Clicking Compact should Analyze and Defrag then Compact. (Not together, no) -- "Defrag Free Space (allow Fragmentation)" is better written as "Force Fill Gaps" "Defragging Free Space" is better written as "Compacting Files"
  2. What about adding a splitter/grippy to the drag-able 'frames'?
  3. The are you sure button is still there when I click defrag drive in action menu without analyzing!
  4. What about looking for files after a quick-format? What about partition table recovery (deep-scan of drive and find sectors and write down)
  5. --------------------------------------------//new features//------------------------------------------------ the features i want included should be added, which should not add more size than 100kb, since JKDEFRAG could do that (496kb, using zip which is less compressed than exe, and includes 3 versions, GUI, commandline and screensaver) //buttons// I suggest you add an AUTO button at the top right corner which analyzes and defrags every file for every drive (useful when leaving home) Add a Optimize button under the defrag button which will have a popup box: |-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------[?]-[X]--| |[checkbox] move directories to front (NTFS only, grey it out for FAT, it won't work on XP) _____________| |[checkbox] move mft to front(vista ntfs only)___________________________________________________________| |[checkbox] put windows shells [1st](put dlls and sys in ?:\windows\ in the front________________________| |[checkbox] put programs [2nd] (move program and files in the same folder and according to prefetch file)| |[checkbox] put docs used in the last 30 days [3rd]______________________________________________________| |_______________________________________________________________________________ ________________________| |[checkbox] move files bigger than [50mb] to end of drive________________________________________________| |[checkbox] move Service Pack / Fixup Backup files to end of drive ______________________________________| |[checkbox] move files not modified/accessed (dropdownbox) in [30] days__________________________________| |_______________________________________________________________________________ ________________________| ("[" and "]" mean user input box, default value inside) ------------------------------------------//changed features///------------------------------------------- 1.read directly from MFT, if error happens snap back at once to old api call. NTFS only. 2.if error happens while defragging file (only with the error STATUS_INVALID_PARAMETER), move away the file written in the space that was supposed to be for the fragged file, then continue.If fails for more than 3 times, alert user to close down programs, then retry 3.I suggest you to lock sectors (like checkdisk does) 4.Stop the are you sure question!!!!!
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