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  1. Sorry to keep replying, but I have the style installed and I'm using it now. But, when I open up Photoshop, I can't see which tool I have selected. The box surrounding the tool is too light. And, the same for the words in the right click menu; I want to be able to see which ones I can't select, but they are too light also.
  2. Okay, so I did the patched the UXtheme. I can't find a decent theme, and the ones I have found won't work. One said make sure all the needed files are where they should be, which is weird since I dragged the whole extracted folder over into the themes folder. And, others wouldn't show up at all. Some say VS and others have WB, whats the difference?
  3. Thanks. I just looked up hot to patch uxtheme, and it looks like too much work me. I'll try to do it another day.
  4. Oh. I noticed in the description that I'd need the program WindowsBlinds(something like that) to install the blind. So, maybe that'll patch it for me?
  5. Thanks guys. I'll go look for some more on DevaintART again.
  6. xbrianx

    Siel Heil!

    Post the link if they post it
  7. xbrianx

    Siel Heil!

    Hahahah. I can't believe they made a site about this.....oh wait, yes I can.
  8. I had Terragen 2 running on my school Dell laptop, and I put it in my book bag between classes while it was rendering. TG2 is pretty CPU heavy, running at least 80% on the laptop(although its not the best) When I got it back out 5 minutes later, it had cut off. I assume it overheated, but it's hard to tell because it would randomly bring up the blue screens, or "die". I heard about someone on a plane had his laptop on his lap, and then his legs caught on fire from the laptop overheating. But, you can buy cooling pads like the ones above, there was one on tv that you put in the freezer.
  9. Thanks. I visit Youtube everyday, I guess I'll cut back until something is figured out.
  10. I'm trying to find a dark, preferably black and gray, Windows XP blind. I've seen some nice ones on DeviantART, but I'm not sure how to install them. And, I haven't seen any sites with any either. Has anyone changed their blinds?
  11. Haha, I'm psycho! It's fine now. I asked my mom if she got on the computer while I was at school, and she put it to "block all" when it told her Firefox was trying to access the internet. women....
  12. AVG AV and AntiVir are the main ones I see some of the smart guys recommend. I think there's a thread about this though with other programs
  13. Hmmm, in my Norton firewall settings, Firefox was set to "block all". Since I haven't done a full scan with it in a long time and Norton keeps telling me, maybe it's mad. I'll be doing some scans tonight to make sure nothing is interfering with my connection.
  14. Before, I used Firefox to browse. IE 7 could never connect too. Today, I start up my computer, and it's the opposite. Firefox wont connect and IE 7 does. I don't really know where to check for my firewall exceptions either. Norton has too many exceptions
  15. Yeah, I have already noticed a minor difference in start-up times. And, about the ink.....I'll know when it's low when my picture doesn't come out right. That's all the monitoring I need, lol.
  16. Thanks. I removed both HP software updates and I disabled the Quicktime system tray icon and the DVDLauncher item. There was only 2 or 3 things lef: One was SunJava Update, I left that because I'll forget to check myself. And, there was the CTFMON and Motive Smartbridge, both of which I'm sure I need.
  17. Thanks, I'll look for some things that aren't needed. I still have Norton, so there's mostly Norton programs though.
  18. I decided to go through MS Config and see what I have that isn't really needed. I don't know what I can disable safely, so I took some screenshots. Also, do you guys know of any useless Microsoft items I could delete from the other sections? Thanks 3.bmp 4.bmp 5.bmp 3.bmp 4.bmp 5.bmp
  19. Thanks. I guess I'll order it then.
  20. Thanks guys, I think I'm gonna stick with the simple, optical mouse with a cord. But, NewEgg required some number my mom's credit card didn't have....I had to find the mouse somewhere else. I found another Microsoft mouse with a cord, but everyone is saying: "it's the best mouse!" or "my pointer sometimes jumps to the top left of the screen and the cord is too stiff". I don't want that if I'm playing Halo. So, I found this one on CompUSA, which I may be able to pick up in the store. It's not Microsoft, but still seems good by the ratings. http://www.compusa.com/products/product_in...ype=rv#moreinfo What do you guys think?
  21. rridgely: Thanks. I think I'm gonna go ahead and get that one then. Andavari: lmao, thats wireless. I can't be playing Halo and have to change batteries!
  22. A lot of people say that an optical mouse is better for gaming than a wireless mouse, mainly because it takes sometime to get used to the wireless feeling. I search on NewEgg for some cheap but DECENT mouses( I never figured this out: is it mouses or mice when dealing with the "non-alive" computer accessory? ) Anyways, I found a lot of them with a lot of buttons, one had 8!! This one, which is only 10 dollars seems to be just right for me; black, decent sized, not a lot of buttons, etc. Do you guys think this will be a good gaming mouse? I play Halo online, and right now with my ball mouse I use 10 sensitivity(the highest) and I'm sure I'll use the same sensitivity with the optical mouse, but this ball mouse requires a lot of work to turn around. http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx...N82E16826105026
  23. Hahaha. I've taught her somethings about viruses and spyware, and which programs to use. She already used Spybot and Firefox before I said anything.
  24. Oh. I commented her and told her about it, and she removed the code. Then, she scanned for Spyware, and only had 3 infections. Hahah, she told me she was proud of herself.
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