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  1. One of my friends has something I've never seen before. I first "suspected" her page to be infected.....is that even right? Can someone's profile page even get infected, or is one of the servers infected and it is in someway showing up on profiles? Okay, well, I suspected it to be infected because there was one of those gay bulletins about "click here to take this amazing quiz! you can win.....!" blah blah blah.... I went to her profile, and when I pressed Home, I was redirected to a page that told me I didn't have access to. Then, Firefox gave me a little window telling me it was suspected of web site forgery and be careful of what I type in. I went back and checked where the invisible link was; it covered all of the space from her music player to the top links like home, browse and search. The website, when I hovered over the invisible section, was viewmor.epicsmyspace.........(I wont type the rest). I love finding these, because none of my friends really recognize that these are scams, like those profile trackers that post comments about "want to see who views your profile, click here!". Oh, and this is one of those reasons why I love Firefox.
  2. Okay, so I just finished playing again. I checked my CPU Usage(if it's around 100% for awhile, doesn't that mean your computer will overheat?) while I had the game up and on the internet server screen. It was the normal 0-5% usage. I checked it again while I was actually in a game, and it was around 50%, usually between 25 and 45. And, it never beeped while I was playing.
  3. I'm pretty sure it's not that. I just had a new fan replaced not too long ago, around Christmas, and I cleaned the vents and most of the parts then. I played it again yesterday, and never heard the beep, so I don't know.
  4. Uhm, I'm not sure. Do you know the names of the programs? I've never really noticed any program that does that, and I've never download it.
  5. Thanks. I checked Microsoft's website for the manual, since I can't find my paper copy. And, well....I can't find the online one either. They changed their site around, and I don't know where it's located. I Googled to see what other people had to say about the beeps, and most of them were multiple beeps during startup. I've never had those, and I hope I never do. But, to give some more information, the beep only happens once during game play. I usually will have my computer on for about 5 hours, and I never hear the beep. I've even continued using my computer AFTER playing Halo and hearing the beep, and I didn't notice any change in speed or performance. I know that Halo doesn't take up that much cPU power or RAM, and I have never heard it while using Photoshop(which takes up more, I believe). Can a video card make a beep? I have Halo running at full resolution(1680x1050) and with the highest settings, which should be the stock settings, and I'm wondering if with the high settings and high resolution is causing the card to beep telling me "hey, you're using more video card power than the card produces".....or something like that. But, I don't know anything about most hardware....so I could be 100% wrong.
  6. I just noticed a few days ago, then when I'm playing Halo PC online, I get a beep coming from the tower. I don't know exactly where it's coming from though. And, I only get it when I play the game, and I only hear it once. Does anyone know what is making the beep and why it is happening?
  7. Crap, forgot about the Symantec thing.
  8. Saw it in a Gmail Feed. ZDnet article
  9. I rarely scan for viruses. But, Spybot or AVG scan once a month, sometimes 2 or 3. CCleaner every day
  10. I used Internetfrog, and it gave me: Download: 665,536 bps Upload: 115,576 bps QOS: 81% RTT: 88 ms MaxPause: 110 ms I did; I'm in Richmond, VA, and it recommended Washington, DC. I don't know the speed I'm supposed to have. My mom ordered the DSL, and they just sent me one. I don't think she really had a choice for anything.
  11. Download= 738 KB/s Upload= 130 KB/s That can't be right.
  12. 51 processes- 347MB I seriously need to disable some of them.
  13. I get Japanese ones all the time. The subject has Japanese characters, but sometimes they will have a few English words. 2 months ago, I would have at least 3 of them in my Gmail Spam folder, but here lately I haven't been getting them.
  14. OHHH! That's what they meant on the site. They had things about Binary and something- I have a bad memory. Thanks.
  15. Thanks. I'm using Windows XP, so I should be good, I probably wont convert it anytime soon though. Since, it is in the FAT32 format, is that why it says I only have 149GB drive, instead of 160GB like it said on the box? I noticed that there are files already in it(autorun and something for Windows-I forgot), but they don't take up 1 gig. I'm checking their site now for it.
  16. Does it really help if I format my FAT32 external hard drive to NTFS? Most of the stuff I will store on it are Photoshop PSDs, and maybe some programs like Photoshop as well.
  17. Ahhh yes. I have Radeon X300 series with 128 adapter RAM(does that mean it gives 128MB of RAM, or does it use that?) I guess the card is good.
  18. Alright, I think I got my final part to make my computer almost perfect for me. Windows XP SP2 70GB Hard drive- 61GB free 160Gb external hard drive(got it today ) 1GB of DDR2 RAM Pentium 4 3GHZ processor 22inch Wide screen monitor I forgot the other specs. But, everything seems to be good for art now. What do you guys think?
  19. Thanks. It makes a lot more sense now.
  20. Hahah, I know all the people at my school would fall for that trick- turning off the firewall/ anti virus to let the page load. I use Norton( I know! How terrible of me) right now, and occasionally I get a message telling me that CCleaner, or some other programs that have been updated, is trying to contact a DNS server. What is DNS server, and why does CCleaner need to connect to it?
  21. That's why I'm staying with XP.
  22. I got it working now. I let the modem set few extra minutes, and the internet light came on. I tried firefox again, but it said I needed to set up my Verzion DSL account....I did it...and now I'm on. Thanks you guys.
  23. JDPower: I clicked Sign On Options, and clicked "Check for HighSpeed Internet". That's what the book said to do, and what the woman on the phone said when my mom ordered it. It detected Broadband, like the book said it would, but it never connected. I am using Norton, and I never tried turning off my firewall to connect. I'll try that. I think before, I kept getting kicked off of AOL, and when I made an exception for AOL in my Windows Firewall options, it stopped. I noticed that it is set up for Local Area Connection, Netzero(my old ISP-which sucked), and The Internet. But, then I also noticed that I have it turned off, so it can't be that. fireryone: Yes, it has lights. From left to right: Power, Ethernet, USB, DSL, Internet. When I turn it on, the Power light, Ethernet light and DSL light are on....and blinking. The USB light won't ever cut on because I'm not using a USB cord, and I never got to get online for the internet light to turn on. andavari: I don't think it's being blocked by my firewall, since I've been using AOL for awhile. I also thought that because I have DSL, and that I was always connected, I didn't have to have my ISP program running to get online, but Firefox wouldn't connect either. Thanks.
  24. I finally got DSL!! But, of course, with my luck-I can't get it set up right. I plugged up all the filters for the phones(I'm kinda wondering if I did that right, and if the modem detects the extra cord I use as a filter since my computer is a long ways away from a phone jack). I plugged the power cord in and the Ethernet cable. I turn my computer and the DSL modem on; my computer recognizes that "A Local Area Network" cable has been detected and the AOL icon in the task bar is blue(instead of grey with a red x) and it says that a connection is available-which means that I am online when I used dial-up. I opened up AOL, changed the connection to Broadband, but when I tried to sign on....it stayed at the first step which was something like "Looking for AOL IP/ITP(I completely made up those letters, I remember an I and a T though). Does anyone know what is wrong? I checked all the cables, and I can't find anything seriously wrong that could do this-although the plug in my wall is a little loose, but dial-up seemed to connect fine. Thanks I'm pretty sure I have some of the easiest questions-in the Hardware section- to a few of you guys, but I'm still learning.
  25. Hmm, I'm 15....heard of them, but never listened to them really. I'm more of a hardcore/ metal fan, and some indie.
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