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  1. Thanks JD. I'll give the TCP program a go soon. I was hoping to speed up my connection for a better ping in Halo, and I've noticed my downloads rarely go above 90kb/s. When I'm not loading any site, my connection is 54MBps, but when I downloaded a 219MB .rar file it dropped down to 36MBps, and downloaded at about 87kb/s. I wanted to see if I could change that. On Speedtest.net, I got 740kb/s download and 130kb/s upload in Washington, DC, which is less than 100miles away.
  2. I'm not sure if it's necessary, but if it helps enough to make a noticeable difference, then I want to do it. But, has anyone done this? extremetech.com The next pages are at the bottom, under the RSS feed icons
  3. And....how does that work?
  4. Power outage. I feel so stupid. Every time I post here with a problem, it's resolved in, at the most, a day. I figured out it was a power outage because we have a Carbon Monoxide monitor in the living room, and it always beeps when the power goes out, and, it beeped both times my computer restarted earlier(along with some other signs from other things).
  5. Well, there is a Halo 1 demo for download, over on Microsoft's site. That's what I play everyday But, I know some people that play Call Of Duty 2, FEAR, Counter-Strike: Source, and Battlefield 2142, all for PC. I'm not sure if they have demos though. Yeah, I don't know that much about hardware, so I always ask before venturing into the unknown and mess something up.
  6. I tried installing MotherBoard Monitor, but it asked a lot of questions and things I wasn't sure about doing(something with disappearing icons). I re-installed Speedfan, and it still only detected the hard drive. It had a little pop-up in the system tray that said "Sensors Detected: HD 80.0GB". Oh, and I played Halo again, and nothing happened. So maybe it was one of those memory dumps or something? My computer is under warranty until 08, so I might call and get the power supply replaced and keep the old one if it's still good.
  7. You guys remember how I sometimes get a beep while playing Halo? Well, it started up again the other day, and today I was playing....then all of a sudden my computer restarted itself. It started up fine, everything seems normal. But, I'm curious as to why it restarted? I Googled a little bit, and some people say it could be power supply failure(like you guys said before) or overheating CPU, or nothing at all. Does anyone know any good temperature monitoring software? I downloaded Speedfan, but it only detected my hard drive, and that was at 37C I think.
  8. xbrianx


    Yeah, but I never got anything. I pressed Restart or Shutdown, and all that happened was my icons "flicked". No little exclamation point, pop-ups or warnings. But, it hasn't happened again since then.
  9. Thanks. It works fine. It works on the test site, and on Myspace.
  10. Oh okay. I guess I'll contact them about it and see what their plans are, because I know I'm not the only Firefox user on Myspace
  11. Well, the only site I really have that type of problem is on Myspace. Whenever I go to a band's profile, and try to view their lyrics, nothing happens.
  12. Thanks. I got Easylist and EasyElement. Do you know what is causing the lyrics on Myspace music player to not show up? I disabled both pop-ups and ad-blocking from Norton(when I had it), and the pop-up blocker in Firefox, but nothing still didn't come up.
  13. Thanks, I'm now using AdBlock Plus. It works a lot better
  14. I just right click on the ads and do "adblock image" and "adblock iframe". But, for Flash ads, it just gives me the options for the Flash player.
  15. Bookmarked. Nice job.
  16. I'm using: McAfee Site Advisor Ad-Block Woo go me, I'm using so many!!!!! I'm trying to find one that blocks all those Flash ads.
  17. xbrianx


    Yeah, it's probably like trying to open Firefox when it just exited from some error and hasn't fully closed. I'll update later tonight when I try to turn off my computer.
  18. xbrianx


    Earlier, I pressed restart and shutdown and neither of them worked. I pressed them at least 10 times, and even let the background turn grayscale(not sure if it helps, but did it anyway). I think it has something to do AVG, since it happened before after I closed AVG Ant-Spyware. This time, I closed AVG-Anti virus and couldn't get any buttons to work. The buttons actually had their little "animation" and it showed them being pushed in, but nothing happened. Everything else worked fine, but I hadn't tried Standby.
  19. I don't think the Statue of Liberty or Eiffel Tower should have been finalists, or even in the "competition". They are so....normal to everyday life that they aren't really "wonders". People may be in awe when they are up close to it, but it's not really anything special anymore. Anyone else agree? The only thing that I know that happened on 7/7/07 is all the big sales.
  20. I got a Belkin Wireless router(G band) and a Belkin Wireless USB Adapter. I have had my adapter for plugged in for all of 2 days maybe, and it pretty much works when it wants to. First off, it doesn't even work in the desktop stand that it came with(somehow, the USB stick doesn't connect all of the way). And, every time you change USB slots, you constantly have to install/ find the drivers for the adapter, and sometimes it's not even recognized, even when you load the drivers from the disk. On top of all of that, the connection is gets is horrible, and unstable. I have pulled the power from the router and DSL modem, and restarted my computer, and it still didn't connect. I was lucky enough to get it connect(I must say that I didn't do anything. I turned off my computer and came back later to try again and it connected without problems). But, right now, the adapter is setting on the top of my desk beside my monitor, and it keeps changing speed. It was setting on my tower and I had 2 MBits/s!!!!!!! Then, 5.5MBits, 11 MBits, then back to the normal section of 24-54MB. Now, it is 18MBits/s. Has anyone had this problem? It is getting really annoying. I don't recommend the adapter to anyone. I'm probably gonna get a card soon if this adapter doesn't work properly. I have also Googled a bit and on one forum, a guy contacted Belkin and they told him to "deal with it himself".
  21. I only got about half way.
  22. Thanks guys for some more options. Fireryone, I'm using the Zune theme now. So far, I'm liking it. I can still see my options in Photoshop, but I'm waiting for someone to message me on Xfire to see if the tab glows when I get a message(Xfire is like AIM for gamers, but you can join servers through it instead of going through a 20 page list of servers). On my recent theme, it never glowed so I could never tell if someone messaged me or not if my sound was off. If you're using Zune now, and you don't mind a smaller background image, then try this one: http://www.deviantart.com/deviation/18797379/ I think it matches nicely, although it's really small on my monitor.
  23. I agree. My eyes were hurting afterwards, and I don't even know why. There were ones that looked really good in the previews, but when I installed them, they looked horrible
  24. Thanks. I actually spent some time last night going through every option and changing the color to see what it effects. I'm pretty sure I have it how I want now. Oh. Thanks. Yeah, I think I got everything right now.
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