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  1. I have a Creative Zen Micro, got it 2 years ago I believe. It is still in great condition. I dropped it quite a few times on cement and no noticeable scratches(nothing big or deep). It is a big bulky, but it still fits in your pocket. It can probably withstand more pressure too, considering it's size over the Ipod Nano. The software, Creative Media Player/Jukebox, has a little bit of a delay when naming songs, artists and albums too. Overall, it's not a bad player. It comes with microphone, calendar, Removable Disk for personal storage, and an equalizer.
  2. These are fun. I learned about these a few months ago in Halo PC, when people had them in their name. When you're in Word, and using that font with the pictures(I can't believe I forgot the name), alt codes also show more pictures with the font. In Xfire, if you typed a long number, like 5512256, it showed Asian symbols. It's fun typing random numbers and seeing what you can find haha.
  3. They're not necessarily traditional Christmas songs, but I personally like "Ho Ho Hopefully" by The Maine, "Merry Christmas, Baby" by Brighten, and Teddy Geiger's cover of "All I Want for Christmas Is You". I like the more though, because I'm in the same "state of mind", I guess you could say, about a girl haha.
  4. xbrianx

    IE8 Fugly

    Ew. The buttons are ginormous. It's a good thing that is fake and that I use Firefox
  5. I'm trying to get Adobe Illustrator but can't afford it. I am using the 30-day trial on a laptop(it's a lot easier downloading a big file on a laptop cause you can still do things on the desktop ), but it's almost out. I tried getting the torrent, but Azureus needs Java...which the Vista laptop didn't come with(or the type needed). Should I go ahead in install the needed Java or does anyone know a bittorent program that doesn't use Java? I need the program for college scholarships too. I'm not sure if I should be posting about this, but I noticed you guys list the programs in the free software...
  6. Yeah, the start menu is annoying too, the way it's ordered. The whole graphics idea behind Vista is pointless as well, when we could just download a similar looking theme for XP. Too many to list, although...Inkball is fun
  7. xbrianx

    Stress Test

    I didn't see anything wrong with that picture. I picked King Kong by the way. haha
  8. Yeah, I agree. Vista is probably the crappiest Windows I've ever used. I take a IT Fundamentals class in school(I'm smarter than the teacher, which doesn't surprise me though) and we have Windows 95. It may take a long time to load, but we haven't had any problems and I know they are full of useless services running...because I've disabled a few If anyone reads this and is still deciding on getting Vista, don't...unless you have a fast computer. This 2.2GHz, 768MB ram can BARELY handle the 32 bit version.
  9. xbrianx


    What a coincidence, I'm looking at that now On the sticker on the laptop, underneath the keyboard beside the trapad, it says "1GB DDR2". But, System Information says 768MB and CCleaner says 766MB. I just disabled a few services and the RAM usage is around 50%, but the Processor is still too high for my taste, especially since its a laptop. I'll continue trying new things. thanks guys
  10. xbrianx


    Thanks Humpty, I checked it out, it looks very useful. I've already turned off a few appearance settings with the help of that site. Andavari, thanks! I plan on making many points
  11. Sadly, I don't really read. I'd like to read more, but I'm always on the computer and too stubborn to find out what type of books I like. Honestly, the only books I've read and concentrated on are the Harry Potter series
  12. xbrianx


    Oh, sorry, my mistake. I meant that the laptop running Vista has over 60 processes and uses more than half of the RAM amount.
  13. xbrianx


    Hey, my grandma just got a laptop(technically mine ) and it came with Vista. I have already defragged, used disk cleanup and CCleaner, and it's still really slow. Vista 32 Bit os, 768MB ram, 2GHZ processor. Anyone know any useless startup processes and background processes I can disable? I checked, and disabled 2, but since all of these of Vista related...I'm not sure to what they do. I still use XP on my desktop. It's using over 50% of the RAM amount and 60+ processes are running...which is absurd thanks.
  14. I'm gonna go with everyone else and say "spam". What's with the very similar names of the programs? Did you ever think about Illustrator, Photoshop, or Cinema 4d?
  15. I got it 2 or 3 days in a row, but I think it's only for a short time. Read the ad, it's talking about a discount up until November something, I forgot the date.
  16. My speakers are 7 years old, and haven't had any problems, even after using CCleaner almost every day.
  17. Firefox: -Ad-Block Plus -McAfee Site Advisor Windows Firewall Spybot S&D AVG Anti-virus and Anti-Spyware Haven't really had any problems.
  18. Thanks. I'll check those links out. Yeah, I was beginning to think it was something like Ebaum's World, but I don't know.
  19. Well, I was just assuming they were bots when they all had similar responses no matter what I said, and they all typed the same. You know how people type "lik dis", or use "u" instead of "you"?
  20. I signed on once and 4 IMs came up asking me something like "hey who is thisss?" And, I'll make up some name and they are always like "yeah, whatever". And, then a little bit later, they go "STOP IMING PEOPLE IF YOU WONT TELL THEM WHO YOU ARE!" I blocked them. I Googled for "random ims" and this came up http://journals.aol.com/adamkb/blog/ (random im's section) Anyone get any of these? One name was "haley duhhhx3" and another was "baseball4lyfe" I think.
  21. It was the Mediawrap Plugin. I disabled it, restarted Firefox, and it was gone. I enabled it, restarted, and it's still gone.
  22. It doesn't show up with that, so it is an extension then. Can I just disable them and restart Firefox to see which one it is? Or will I have to re-install them?
  23. oh okay. I guess it's a good thing I only have 3.
  24. When I right click anywhere, on a link or blank spot, the top option is "already". I clicked it, and nothing happens. I'm not sure it's from, because I just noticed it today. There is a screenshot attached.
  25. Okay. Thanks guys, I'll talk to Verizon about more bandwidth.
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