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  1. Help? I am working on a huge(3500x2625-I think) image for a girl, and 512MB isn't helping.
  2. I got my RAM in the mail the other day, and when I put it in I got a message saying that Windows cannot start because the file "ntfs.sys"(I believe) is missing or corrupted. I took it out and tried it again with just the stock RAM, and everything is fine. I did a quick search on Google, and a lot of the results were about the RAM being faulty or just re-installing the one driver. But, if I reinstall it with the XP disc, does it reinstall everything or just the one drive? I got the right RAM for my mother board, so it can't be that. Any help would be appreciated. And, just to let you know, this is the third RAM stick I've gotten, I got the wrong one for Christmas, then I picked up the wrong speed after returning the other one.
  3. Thanks for your help guys. Sorry XPSP2, I finised up my grandm'a free 10 hours of internet...in 2 days, and couldn't get online. My problem is fixed, the Dell guy came by with the free part. The fan in the green case beside the power supply box was causing the loud noise. I am now using my new monitor too, 1650x1080 is freaking huge on this desk. Oh, and this computer is under warranty till 2009.
  4. Thanks. They seem to be the choice of many people, so I'll go with them. I probably won't need a bigger one for a long time. I only want it for art files, and some programs.
  5. Well, I'm pretty sure it's not that monitor now. Last night, I turned off the power strip(where all the computer cords are plugged into), unplugged my new monitor and put up my old 1024x768 monitor. I turned the power strip back on, and turned on my computer....only to see that it is still really loud. I stuck my hand back behind the tower and I can feel a lot of air coming out, and the air was coming from the top of the tower. And, my monitor wasn't bringing up anything, the power light was orange. I really hope my computer isn't gonna crash...or already did. I need a pretty quick response, I'm dying without the Internet
  6. Hi, for Christmas I got a Acer 22' Widescreen monitor, I plugged it up and everything is working, but now when I cut my computer one, it is really loud. I'm guessing it is the processor fan, and as soon as I press the power button, it gets really loud.....sort of like a hair dryer or something. Do you think that it's too much for my computer, or is it the power source? I got a 1GB RAM stick for Christmas, but I noticed it was for Notebook(my parents bought the wrong one) Does anyone know what I can do to not make the fan sound like it's going to blow? It stopped by the time the Windows log-on screen came up. I have a Pentium 4 3GHZ processor by the way.
  7. Thanks. I'll probably get that one then.
  8. I finally got some money now, and I really want to an external hard drive. I want one that is at least 200GB, I found a Western Digital 250GB hard drive for $150. Here's the link http://www.bestbuy.com/site/olspage.jsp?sk...d=1153997294349 I was wondering, is this a decent hard drive? Can some explain what these mean too: - 8MB cache buffer - 7200 rpm for fast read/write times - 8.9 ms average seek time (read) Thanks.
  9. xbrianx


    I read that when you mix different size sticks(1Gb with a 512MB for example), you wont get the best performance, like as if it was unbalanced and things jumping between working fast or slow. I take it that that's not true?
  10. xbrianx

    Java update

    Which one should I download? JDK 6, JDK 6+Netbeans, or Java Runtime Environment 6? I'm guessing JDK 6, just from reading the some of the details. Wait, I just checked my Add/ Remove Programs list, and it says I have Java 2 Runtime Environment, version 1.4.2-I think- A little outdated.
  11. I don't know really. I never really checked, I just copied them over, then named them through properties. I'll check....the next time I update my Zen. I don't even use it anymore.
  12. Okay, thanks. I'm not gonna download Itunes anytime soon, I just wanted to make sure I could do that. I'm gonna look around for some more players as well. And, I don't have an Ipod, I have a Creative Zen Micro; I hate their music player as well. It takes forever to put songs on my Zen, and naming them is just as long.
  13. I did some research on SpeechRedist, and found out that it is from UT2004 for the PC. I un-installed that a long time ago, but the SpeechRedist is still there. Since I don't necessarily need it, it is safe to delete, right? I also read that is has something to do with how Microsoft reads the microphone or something. For MSN, since I don't use it, I can also delete that? Or, is it bound to the Microsoft package like Internet Explorer? And, I hate MusicMatch Jukebox. Can I delete that and install Itunes as my main player? Thanks. I didn't even see the post under mine with the same title.
  14. No, they were there. I remember, because I used to go through and delete some of them. I did a search for "cookies", and it did bring up some things, but they were like "packages"(the icon) of cookies from Firefox and IE.
  15. I noticed that my cookies folder is gone from my Documents and Settings folder. I also noticed that it is gone in another account on this computer. It is still in the Default and Administrator folders though. I think it dissapeared after I upgraded to IE7. I checked some of the IE folders, and couldn't find anything. I also did a search with "Show Hidden Files". Does anyone know what happened to the folder?
  16. I use Firefox. I love it. I've used it a little before 1.5 and I won't go back now.
  17. Yeah, I know. I try to keep my images semi-small for right now. I'm gonna try to get an external harddrive soon for all my art and applications. Thanks.
  18. I didnt want to make a new topic about this, since, well, there's already one here. But, I would like my computer rated. We got it before I started digital art and learning about computers, but soon I will be getting one more stick of 256MB RAM and probably a Acer 22" Widescreen monitor(if that matters). I have: Windows XP Home SP2 Intel Pentium 4- 3Ghz processor(dual) 70.7GB harddrive, 61.4GB free space 512 MB of RAM(DDR2,soon to be 768MB) RADEON X300 video card, I think That's all I can remember, but based on that, what do you think?
  19. Thanks guys. I guess if I think I need another anti-virus/ spyware program, I know where to look.
  20. YoKenny: I have a XP Home edition SP2. When I first got Spyware Doctor, It got some prett nasty stuff, so I just kept it. TwistedMetal: Thanks. I do try to keep safe while online, I use Google's cache all the time when searching. And, I never put my full name on websites. I have heard about the HOST file with Hijack This, but I don't really know what it is.
  21. I am currently using AVG-Anti Spyware, Spyware Doctor(registered), and Spybot Search and Destroy. I really like AVG and Spybot, but, I like Spyware Doctor's OnGuard features. For those that have done those security tests on programs, which ones should I keep? I also have HJT, Norton '06, and CCleaner, but I'm not worried about those. Thanks.
  22. I use Norton '06's firewall and Window's.
  23. Here is the log http://forum.ccleaner.com/index.php?showtopic=7566
  24. Hi, I'm new here, and I just download CC Cleaner a few days ago. It is a great program, but I have a question about it... 1) Is it okay to delete whatever comes up in the Issues section? I have gotten a report that contains: missing shortcut reference missing mui reference old start menu key missin startup software obsolete software key uninstaller reference issue installer reference issue application paths issue open with application is... activex/com issue invalid default icon unused file extension missin shared dll I'm scared to delete any of those. Also, I believe I might have the Ace.Bot Trojan. I keep getting a Windows Explorer error about it needing to close when I'm browsing through folders. Sometimes, I get a Dr. Watson error as well. When I click "Don't Send", when it asks if I want to send a report, everything disappears except my background. Then, everything comes back and everything is fine. I used to get the error about 3 times while I was on my computer, then I stopped getting the error for a while, and I just started getting them again. Today, I got another error after the Explorer error about Windows cutting it off or something. I have ran a Spybot Search and Destroy, Spyware Doctor, and Norton 06 scan, and got nothing. I also did it in safe mode and still got nothing. Second question.... 2) Can I post a HijackThisLog here and can someone read it for me? I need to know what to do though, I haven't used it before. Uhmm, I forgot my third question, but if I can remember it, I'll update this post. Thank you for your help guys. Sorry if it is confusing.
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