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  1. Hi, Delete empty directory seems to me dangerous because we do not know if it is empty all the time. A directory can contain hidden files or system files that are usually invisible. A directory can contain a file system that there are only a few times as some Perlib_Perfdata_xxx.dat. Best regards R G
  2. Hi, Nergal, I'm french and when I tell 'baby's game" or "child's game", I mean: Very easy. It is true that we can easily do a lot of damage to the computer without seeing anything. As a child with a box of matches. C Cleaner doesn't delete index.dat most, because it can't possibly. This is a problem. I found a solution. I delete those system in C: from the system in G:. There are fifteen. they come wasted at system restart in C:. Best regards R G
  3. Hi, Mta, if you have Restore Points turned off, the folder is not necessarily empty. There necessarily the files: MountPointManagerRemoteDatabase tracking.log There may also be files created by indexing files. (Cidaemon.exe and cisvc.exe) If the drive is formatted in NTFS, of course; In FAT32, file indexing does not exist. I'm sure because I changed the security of this folder in my NTFS drives. Best regards RG
  4. Hi, System Volume Information contents files created by System Restore, files created by indexing files and others perhaps. I formatted my drives in FAT32 ,so, I open them with a double-click. If we format in NTFS, we can also, after a changes the properties's folder, tab "Security". You must choose which controls the folder. Be careful, do not delete anything, there might be the case. Best Regards R G
  5. Hi, In window "Internet Options", tab "Advanced", down, there is a box "Empty Folder Temporart Internet Files when the browser is closed.' Have you tried? I have a comment. Internet files can be totally erased when the browser is closed because they are no longer used. Temporary Internet Files can not be opened directly. It contains a desktop.ini and a folder IE.5 Content. The latter contains a index.dat and desktop.ini one and several folders with desktop.ini. When we run C Cleaner, we empty folder Content.IE5 except index.dat. (I just give it a try. The index.dat in Content.IE5 is not deleted, that in Hystory.IE5 either.). To test, I chose to display hidden and system files. I made a copy of 2 folders in Local Settings and paste them in other folder. After, I opened this folder. When we launch Internet Explorer again, other sub folders with desktop.ini are created in Content.IE5. For cons, the elements in the Temp folders are not Internet files, so they can still be used and therefore inerasable. We may know what program uses them with Unlocker 1 9 1. (Select, right click, unlocker, without erase) Best Regards R G
  6. Andavari, I tend to agree. Lines in ccleaner.ini with "RECURSE" or 'REMOVESELF" are child's game, but, we may delete important things. Use only for little folders with some subfolders or if there is no risk. Never for an entire drive C:, D:, . Best regards R G
  7. Hi, I joked. I wanted to explain. If someone follows the advice: i also have Include7=PATH|C:\|index.dat|RECURSE in ccleaner.ini All files index.dat on C: and subfolders will be deleted Mass deletions like that was inappropriate in foler named Program Files and in folder named WINDOW. Best Regards R G
  8. Hi, There are many index.dat files which are used and C Cleaner can't erase them. Lots of are hidden or superhidden files. To know which program uses them, we can use Unlocker 1 9 1. (Select the index. dat, right click and Unlocker) To know what is in a indext.dat, we can put a shortcut to notepad in our folder Send To. (After, selection, right click, notepad) MTA told: I also have Include7=PATH|C:\|index.dat|RECURSE in ccleaner.ini" I think it's a good idea. But we have to include this line wich C Cleaner 's interface. Explanation of lines Ccleaner.ini Include1=PATH|C:\1\|*.* We delete all files *.* in C:\1 Include2=PATH|C:\1\|*.man We delete all files *.man in C:\1 Include3=PATH|C:\1\|*.woman|RECURSE We delete all files *.woman in C:\1 and in its subfolder Include4=PATH|C:\1\|*.child|REMOVESELF We delete all files *.child in C:\1, in its subfolder and we delete also empty subfolders Include5=FILE|C:\1\|File.txt We delete the fil File.txt in C:\1 A game for young baby Be careful, I'm sure that must be met in alphabetical order lines. Best regards R G
  9. Hi, Keatah and Alan B, I don't think I live dangerously, I have a 150 GB hard drive, 5 partitions in FAT 32. XP on C: and XP on G: The Boot.ini is: [boot loader] timeout = 3 default = multi (0) disk (0) rdisk (0) partition (5) \ WINDOWS [operating systems] multi (0) disk (0) rdisk (0) partition (1) \ WINDOWS = "XP C" / noexecute = optin / fastdetect multi (0) disk (0) rdisk (0) partition (5) \ WINDOWS = "XP G" / noexecute = optin / fastdetect If I have a problem on XP G: I started with XP C: I deleted the contents of G: except that I want to keep. And I make a copy and paste Documents and Settings, Intel, Program Files and WINDOWS I saved after formatting and reinstalling XP. I recorded four folders, taking care to disable the Recycle Bin, restore, indexing files and hibernation. As C:, D:, ... are FAT32, I can open the System Volume Information containing the index and restore points. They are empty. Best regards R G
  10. Hi I think C Cleaner cleans especially the part that we can see in the hard drive. There are many superhidden or hidden files it doesn't touch: pagefile.sys, hiberfile.sys, $MFT, $UsnJrnl: $J, $Bitmap, $MFTMirr, $Secure$SDS, $AttribDef, $Boot, $UpCase, $LogFile, $Secure:$SH, $Secure:$S and ... After years, they take up much space. But we do not see. Cleaning has mostly a psychological effect. I found a solution, I formatted FAT32 and I disable everything I can. There is none of these. Best Regards R G
  11. Hi, Andavari We don't have to empty Software, but Download. It should also disable automatic updates. As was said in the American movie, War Game, with computers, it is dangerous to remove human intervention. Best regads R G
  12. Hi, Thank you for your answers. I use my computer very differently from you. I disable all: Trash, restore (System Volume Information), CISV, cidaemon, automatic updates, pagefile, hyberfile, minidump, ... I do not have the same reaction of the computer. Best regards R G
  13. Hi, After some tests, I can say that I spoke too soon. We may have a problem emptying WINDOWS\SoftwareDistribution\Download. For WINDOWS\system32\dllcache, I have not yet found. It is used to replace important files deteriorating. It does not ever happened to me. Do not just empty, but only a part. Which one? Bests regards R G
  14. Hi, I misspoke. I wanted to give a model. Each line must be replaced by one that everyone needs. Best regards R G
  15. Hi, It's possible there is this consistency checking utility. But, I don't see it work. This is not a problem for me because I have two operating systems on the same hard disk. In the event of a system crash, I start with the second system and I make a copy and paste four saved folders of system updated with drivers and basic programs. Best regards R G
  16. Hi, Keatah, I feel the need to delete part of the operating system because I know a lot of files are totally unnecessary and merely fill the hard disk. For example, there are records installers, uninstallers and others. It is gigabytes. However, before delete the folder trash mentioned in my previous message, we must think about whether you won't need. Best regards. R G
  17. Hi, Super Fast I like: "CCleaner is made to clean trash, not speed up the computer." To delete folders trash, I have a solution. You choose to put the parameters c cleaner in the ccleaner. ini you and edit it. For example, we can choose: Include1=PATH|C:\WINDOWS\Installer\|*.* Include2=PATH|C:\WINDOWS\SoftwareDistribution\Download\|*.* Include3=PATH|C:\WINDOWS\Prefetch\|*.* Include4=PATHC:\WINDOWS\|system32\dllcache\|*.* Include5=PATH|\|*.* Include6=PATH|\|*.* Include7=PATH|\|*.* Include8=PATH|\|*.* Include9=PATH|\|*.* Include10=PATH|\|*.* Warning, must respect the Patch-File order and alphabetically order in the following. You can also edit from the interface of C Cleaner: (Options-Include) Best Regards R G
  18. Hi, Andavari, Positives benefits aren't the same for evertbody. Those who speak Keatah don't interest me. So I disable the prefetcher. I don't think the feeling of losing something or win something. I know it's only psychological. R G
  19. Hi, Keatah, I tend to agree. On the technical reality, you really just. Only there is the psychological reality. Many people are afraid of files they don't know well, afraid they be virus. So many people compulsively or morbidly clean with C Cleaner. What is important is the welfare of the computer user. Reality, we can forget it. Best regards R G
  20. Hi, I have a solution. You choose to put the parameters c cleaner in the ccleaner. Ini you and edit it. I choosed: Include1=PATH|C:\Documents and Settings\Albatros\Application Data\Microsoft\CryptnetUrlCache\Content\|*.* Include2=PATH|C:\Documents and Settings\Albatros\Application Data\Microsoft\CryptnetUrlCache\MetaData\|*.* Include3=FILE|C:\Documents and Settings\Albatros\IETldCache\|index.dat Include4=FILE|C:\Documents and Settings\Albatros\Local Settings\Application Data\|IconCache.db Include5=FILE|C:\Documents and Settings\Albatros\Local Settings\|desktop.ini Include6=FILE|C:\Documents and Settings\Albatros\PrivacIE\|index.dat Include7=FILE|C:\Documents and Settings\Albatros\Recent\|Desktop.ini Include8=FILE|C:\Documents and Settings\LocalService\Local Settings\|desktop.ini Include9=FILE|C:\Documents and Settings\NetworkService\Cookies\|index.dat Include10=FILE|C:\Documents and Settings\NetworkService\Local Settings\|desktop.ini Warning, must respect the Patch-File order and alphabetically order in the following. You can also edit from the interface of C Cleaner: (Options-Include) Best Regards R G
  21. Hi, There is a solution. I have 2 operating systems on the same hard disk. I cleaned the first from the second. Everything can be cleared because everything is inactivated. Best regards R G
  22. Hi, eLPuSHeR, I tend to agree. however, the time it takes for the files to be recreated, we did not even have time to look for a bottle of beer or coke. It is not interesting. Best regards R G
  23. Hi Very good. You can do the same thing with Defraggler, Reccuva, Speccy, Auslogics, SpytBot, .... Hundreds unnecessary files to delete Same for help files or ... Best Regards R G
  24. Hi, I do not think this is possible because there are not the same files for C Cleaner and Defraggler, for example. However, I think it would be proposed that C Cleaner to delete all same files for other programs. We could delete hundreds of files. Best regards R G
  25. Hello, Windows stores files in the Prefetch folder to accelerate the subsequent use of the programs. We gain a little time, maybe a few milliseconds. But we filled the hard drive. You can avoid this by disabling the prefetcher. On XP, the registry, going from: [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Session Manager\Memory Management\PrefetchParameters] "EnablePrefetcher" 3 ->0 Best regards R G
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