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  1. I have just removed version 4.05 and installed previous version 4.00 and the problem does not happen with this version. Lets see for how long......I have also disabled windows updates and will rely on Kaspersky for my security!
  2. I have noticed this as well. If you run CC it removed all contents of the IE history, but does not 'reset' any of the hyperlinks clicked on from purple (clicked on) to normal blue (unclicked on). If I then use IE options to delete internet history, the hyperlinks are restored to their unclicked colour. I am running a new machine on Win 7 Prof (the option was on the PC to install this or 8) with the latest version of CC. I have other machins running Win 7 and older versions of CC, although has been updated with windows updates. Assuming this older machine has the latest updates from Win
  3. Thanks... I am using the latest version which was released a few days ago. The files it is not removing appear to be IE temp files. All browser widows are closed. What I have noticed is that if I uninstall ccleaner from the PC and shut the PC down, then reinstall ccleaner, then it works for a couple of days and removes all the files (I can confirm this by running analyser first) then after a few days it reverts back to only deleting some of the files, and you have to run several times to delete all the temp files. I have also tried just uninstalling and reinstalling, but this d
  4. Hi, I have been using ccleaner for a while and have noticed recently (for about 3 months and several versions) that when you run a clean, it does not clear all temp files, and you have to run the cleaner several times before you have no temp files left. I have unchecked the box for files over 24 hours old so it is nothing to do with that. For example Yesterday after several hours surfing I ran the cleaner and the summary after cleaning showed it had cleaned(after about 15 minutes using 7 overwrite) 6500 temp files. I immediately ran it again and after a dew minutes it showed it had
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