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  1. Thanks guys. I did upgrade to CCleaner v3.22.1800 when I started replying on this thread although the Tools>Driver Wiper>Full Erase feature now no longer works (says 'Disk is not ready' on external USB pens/SD cards) although the Free Space feature stills works. 'Dariks Boot And Nuke' would blitz the drive leaving only 20 files, I assume they are part of the partition process. CCleaner's Drive Wiper however leaves hundreds of file names, zero byte files and not-so-securely overwritten files even on a WinXP SP3 system using the secure-erase 35-pass feature.. I used the latest Recuva to do a comparison test. I'm just making a suggestion as I have no right to complain about free software not working on a 13yr old OS, CCleaner has to be the finest piece of software ever. It's just not quite as deadly in the forensic department as DBan.
  2. If I use CCleaner's drive wipe tool to clear the 'free space' on my Win2K Fat32 partition it still leaves heaps of recoverable (green light) files, even when they are greater than zero bytes. If my cluster size is normal why is Recuva not secure deleting the file? I see CCleaner isn't listing Win2K in it's compatibility section but Recuva is, so it should work shouldn't it?
  3. Why is CCleaner v3.11.1550 not deleting the Prefetch folder, even when it is manually added in Options>Include? It's like a stubborn mule!
  4. Hi guys and gals! Am using Recuva v1.41.537 on Win2k Pro SP4. It's saved my bacon a few times and works great but am having to sift through quite a lot of junk that CCleaner v3.11.1550 hasn't erased. I see a lot of files marked 'unrecoverable' and some that are deleted and say 'recoverable' yet Recuva gives the message "Not overwritten - Cannot perform secure overwriting in Windows 2000 with cluster size greater than 4096". My current file system is FAT32, Recuva is saying the cluster size is 16384. Any ideas?
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