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  1. I added the troublesome PrivateIE\Low\index.dat file to CCleaner's include list and now it is deleted. Thank you all for help
  2. After running CCleaner with Index.dat files option selected, I run Index.dat Analyzer v2.5 and this shows that most indexes have been deleted as expected, but one still remains ... C:\Users\**\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Windows\PrivacIE\Low\ Is there an explanation for CCleaner's failure to clear this index?
  3. There is a similar problem on my Asus P8H61-M LE motherboard. Asus utility is reporting 27C but Speccy says it is 90C.
  4. I tried you suggestion and it worked Many thanks
  5. Last Played List is not being cleared by CCleaner. Windows media player is selected in CClean applications tab. Windows Media Player version 11 and CCleaner 2.04.543
  6. Just for information... I am running the latest version of CCleaner. After working fine for some time, it would not clear some entries despite saying it had. I run cleaner and reboot. However, when I restart CCleaner it sees then again, and good old IdatScan reports them as well. Anyway, I uninstalled and reinstalled CCleaner and all is okay now. UM?
  7. I tried Reculva out on my Olympus C5060 camera. Reculva found deleted files on the camera's CompactFlach card but not on its xD card. Nevertheless, I can recover files form the xD card with alternative recovery software. Is this a known problem? Is it planned for Reculva to be a camera card recovery utility?
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