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  1. What in the world is going on here ?? The fix for this dumb err is to run install as administrator. Consider - (1) i am the admin - why does the err appear ? (2) if this nonsense is a requirement why is it not clearly displayed WHEN STARTING TO INSTALL instead of allowing install to proceed normally STUPID !! Bewildered Bob
  2. It downloads OK but won't install using either IE-11 or Google Chrome. A write err occurs -> 'retry' or 'ignore' don't help. Any suggestions ? Thanx BB
  3. Despite 3 downloads and many attempts to install 4.14 it hangs early during install and can only be killed with Task Mgr equivalent. Err msg points to "opening err" but that's all she wrote. Any ideas will be appreciated. Bewildered Bob
  4. Notification of a new version of CCleaner was received and normal update process was followed. But instead of merely downloading a new version of CCleaner a mysterious "download manager" was inadvertently installed. Also the "IB Updater Service" (no publisher shown) was also installed. I tried to remove it but was asked to provide digits shown on the screen to confirm that i am human. What is going on ?? Bewildered Bob
  5. After analyzing the 'C' drive using Defraggler the list of files that are fragmented includes several VERY large files with unusual names within brackets {} {} including hex chars and hyphens. The paths to these files are all the same : C:\System Volume Information. However when displaying the contents of 'C:\' there are no fldrs or files that even come close to the names shown by Defraggler. If these files are not needed are they candidates for deletion ? Any ideas ? Thanx. Bewildered Bob Palm Bay, FL
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