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  1. i think it's doing a complete erase(writing the whole DVD with 0s) instead of a quick erase when i used Nero, it took 20 minutes to erase a CD
  2. i want one of those new ones. they contain SSE4 which is nice due to the new instructions. as for AMD, forget about it.
  3. http://img239.imageshack.us/img239/3085/sshot1my9.jpg
  4. i don't have the XP install CD either.
  5. i see. about the second link, i don't have the Recovery Console
  6. here's the story. I have 2 hard drives. I have a 120GB Hard Drive with Windows installed on it and a 7GB Hard drive with Ubuntu Linux installed on it. the thing is, I want to get rid of the 7GB hard drive, but I've heard that i can't since Ubuntu installed GRUB and if i get rid of the 7GB Hard drive, then i won't be able to start up my computer. I really don't want to resort to reinstalling Windows because i don't have an installation CD and because i have some pretty important files installed. So, any ways to make the Windows Boot Manager work again?
  7. i believe that VirtualDub can do this.
  8. i agree. Opera is supposed to be the safest browser in the world. Nevertheless, that part about memory usage was cool
  9. eh? speed isn't the only advantage. It has a nice interface, it doesn't take a lot of memory(unlike every other browser), and it has everything i need built-in(unlike every other browser).
  10. http://news.softpedia.com/news/IE7-vs-Fire...-20-54537.shtml i love Opera even more now
  11. personally, i use 7-Zip to extract RARs and so far, 7-Zip hasn't failed me. as for WinRAR, which version are you using?
  12. NVIDIA drivers also offer similar functionality
  13. i have that album as for winamp, i think that it's getting a little better. it now has a plugin that has FLAC support(had it for a while actually) and Nullsoft will add a Musepack plugin which will also be installed by default.
  14. right now, i only use Spybot due to its Imunization feature. i am not sure what exactly it does, but as long as it does something...
  15. http://img178.imageshack.us/img178/4016/sshot7cp2.jpg It's a little boring, but nevertheless, i like it.
  16. ah my bad. i thought you were refering to foobar2000. But yeah, that it a good track
  17. eh? do you know which song i'm even playing? All it says is Deicide
  18. http://img181.imageshack.us/img181/282/clipboard02bi2.jpg anyone know how to get rid of that annoying thing? whenever i right click wmv, avi, and mpeg files, the screen goes black for one second and that annoying thing appears.
  19. 7-Zip's ZIP Compression engine does an incredible job of compressing files. it beats everything like WinZip, WinRAR, and etc... however, i think that the best compression engine is in KZIP. The problem with KZIP is that it's only a command line program.
  20. doing a virus check on every filetransfer is useful
  21. i used to use gaim. i absolutely loved that program because of its spellchecking and because of the gaim-encryption plugin which allowed encrypted IMs. but, i've since moved on to Miranda IM since it's much much lighter and because i don't like having the disgusting GTK+ Runtime on my computer.
  22. Firewind - Forged by Fire
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