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  1. New one for me, enjoy Click on Image Not Safe For Work
  2. Cowboy I've never clicked on my IP to get me on the net in the past, all I've ever done is click on either my browser or email. Now if you have a good AV and firewall I wouldn't worry about clicking on FF. If your still worried I'd suggest contacting your IP helpline and ask how you can change the default browser settings. Let us know how you get on.
  3. Cowboy, I'm not sure if this will help. When you go online do you click the IE shortcut? If so try clicking on the FF icon. Once FF is up and running, go to tools> option> general. Make sure default browser is clicked so FF knows to load everytime. If that doesn't help jump over to the forum on Mozilla and see what they can come up with. Maybe one of the other guys on here might be able to help too. Sorry I can't help more wit this one, I'm using broadband and I've disabled IE. BTW Happy Fathers day too, just opening up a few Buds, first of the day, but not the last
  4. R...I...G...H...T... That helps how? @cowboy I'll try and explain what's good and bad about FF. I think the main good thing is it opensource. Which means, (I'm not wanting to assume you don't know but just making sure you do), we can help make FF better. Unlike IE which keeps all the coding a secret (it's my code and your not playing with it ) FF or more likely Mozilla is quite happy to let people play with the code and when there is a problem evreyone pitches in to fix it. FF allows you to browse the net the way you want to. When your using IE and you click on a link another window
  5. Thanks for the comments. @zaphirer the RAM is fine I've only got 512 at the moment and most of the stuff I run never gets above 5k. @neighberaaron, zaphirer is it right it's XP modded to look like Mac OS X. I'm using a whole raft of software to get the look. I'm at work at the moment so I can't remember it all. The basic are styler(which is free now) and Avedesk. I'll put the full spec up if anyone is interested. If you looking to playaround with your PC and make it look how you like it I would suggest you take a look at the forum Aqua-soft.org, there is great bunch of guys
  6. My new DS you all like it. Click the image PS Thanks Parvez, for showing me how to use preview shots.
  7. Check out this, it shows you everything you'll need. Any probems give me a shout and I'll see what I can do. Look Here
  8. If you use visual styles this will change the taskbar colour, it's free too.
  9. To quote from a film "I'll tell you one thing about the universe, though. The universe is a pretty big place. It's bigger than anything anyone has ever dreamed of before. So if it's just us... seems like an awful waste of space. Right? " I think it's a good way to think. Just my 2 cents worth.
  10. mps69_1999

    visual styles

    Ohhh it's "that" vista VS. Your darn lucky to have it. I came on the scene too late and never got a chance to download it. Glad you got to the problem though
  11. mps69_1999

    visual styles

    Can you either supply a link and I'll try it on my PC to see I get the same results.
  12. mps69_1999

    visual styles

    Does this happen with all VS or just some? I don't have an answer just trying to narrow it down? I've never had this problem before. Infact I'm running 2 VS on the one PC, one profile for me and another one for my wife and they never conflict with each other. If you don't get an answer here you might want to post your question over at neowin or aqua-soft. Those site are full of top notch skinner. Hope that some kind of help.
  13. Well done Parvez, I've been trying to add a preview shot for ages, without success. Can I ask what are you using PS or rumshot? Can to also explain how you did it cause I keep failing Cheers
  14. Something for you guys to think about. A man gets out his chair, Switches off the radio, Switches on the light, Then shoots himself. What is the man's occupation?
  15. Yeah that did get the little gray cells working overtime.....nice one. Once you reveal the answer I'll post one up.
  16. Neither, just love the wallpaper
  17. Enjoy my new desktop
  18. I agree I use FF with Adblock and I very rarely get these silly adverts. If you must see them, take them with a pinch of salt. Do you shout at the TV when all the adverts come on between programs, this is just another way Mr G and Co and trying to get money to keep this product free. I think it's time to cut these guys some slack.
  19. Hey krit86lr check this out Sneeze Not saying your teachers would ever tell you an untruth
  20. 10 isn't true either, it was started during the black plague in the UK.
  21. Patience is a virtue young one
  22. VS - Kuantum Dock - Rk Launcher Rainmeter by me (First skinning I've done) Icons Various
  23. OMG, you've got me intrigued now!! So I'm going to hit you with a few questions, if you don't mind Your saying you don't need to install this on to a HD? How does it compare if I did install it? Is it stable? If I'm running from the CD could I jump back to windows, or even if I do install it can I jump between OS? One last one for now, I do install it onto my HD, how easy is it to boot to it, would I have to restart the PC and will I get a "which OS would you like to boot up" type of question? Sorry this is a bit off topic, but I've been wanting Linux OS for ages and couldn't seem to
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