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  1. This is a good way of patching XP, it does it all for you, so you can run VS. Patch
  2. MERRY CHRISTMAS May all your wishes come true, have a safe one people.
  3. Thanks, I'll try and keep this one until after Christmas, no promises.
  4. I liked Paint.net to start with, nice and easy to use, but limited. Then I found the gimp and never looked back. What's event better there's a portable version so it's not even installed. I really hope paint.net keeps growing and getting better. I might jump back to it one day.
  5. One for Christmas Details on DA
  6. VS - Suma Blue Wall - Disco by celsojunior Icons - Aqua Value & Destroycon + various One before I change it all for Christmas Comments welcomed
  7. I've got one gmail account (web based) for everyday use, and a yahoo account for spam and sign up stuff. I just sign up for a hotmail account, but only cause I wanted to use an IM.
  8. @Hazelnut Where in the UK are you. Up here in Scotland it's been raining for about a week, (I'm sure I saw Noah floating by the window a few days ago ) and blowing a gale. I don't know what it's like to walk upright any more, constantly walking at a 45 degree angle. I'm sure if it rains any more I'm going to end up with webbed feet and gills .
  9. There isn't an installer for RK. Just unpack into a new folder and click the exe file. The right click, select settings and you can move the dock. For help go to Here
  10. VS - Abduction Wall - the scene is dead by j3concepts Icons - various
  11. Yeah "Happy Thanksgiving" guys. I'm going to be in the New York for the next one, can't wait!
  12. I was looking for somewhere to store some of the "junk" I've got stored on my PC. I was going to use xDrive but I couldn't get them to take my PW and user name. I looked a bit deeper and found this site.. 25gb free storage space, how can you pass that up. So I thought I share it with you guys.
  13. Nice screenshot guys My latest effort, details on DA.
  14. Change the .zip to .xpi and then open tools/addon and drag the file in, restart ff and it should work. I'm sure you all knew that anyway. Let me know if it works for you. Colourful_Tabs.zip Colourful_Tabs.zip
  15. If anyone is interested I've managed to get colourful tabs to work with FF2. Just let me know if you want me to upload it
  16. Just upgraded to 2.0, no real problems, I took the plunge and just installed over the top of 15.0.7. I did have a few extentions that didn't work, but I've fixed them all. I suggest if you have any, re-download them again, don't install them, extract the contents of the xpi file. Open the rdf file, textpad will do. Look for the lines "min 1.0*" and the line "max 1.5*" change the second one to 2.0.* Save the file then zip all the files you extacted. Change the zip extention to xpi, then drag this into extentions file as normal. It should work, so far so good for all mine.
  17. This sounds like Gantt chart, it's part of Microsoft Excel. We use them quite a bit at work for projects. IMO they are a complete pain in the neck, but they can keep track of projects when your work in a large team.
  18. Edit Menu Context Menu Editor is an extension that allows you to customize the menus in Firefox and Thunderbird.
  19. Thank gawd, I thought I was going mad. I was surfin' the site at work and thought the admin guys were playing with my head All work and no beer makes mps go something, something, something!!
  20. Thanks for the tips guys!! Don't know about FF on my PC but it sure as heck sped up FF Portable. Normally FF Portable, for me, would take 30-40 second to load, now it's up and running in under 5 seconds.
  21. Objectdock has an installer too. It's also quite resource hog too. IMO. RK is nice and light. Yzdock has it's problems too, one major one is, it's really difficult to get your hands on it. No one is allowed to disribute it any more. I've got RK and it's never let me down so far.
  22. Ok guys I've taken the filter off, just be careful where your viewing it.
  23. I'd have a Mac if it wasn't for the price too. In fact last year I bought 2 PC's for the same price of once medium priced Mac. In saying that the Mac's do look the part. One thing MS and Bill Gates has done is bring the PC to the home market, I don't think Mac would have done it as quick, but they would have got there in the end. At the end of the day both PC's and Mac are very different beasts and tend to aim their products at 2 different markets.
  24. Defo NSFR CLICK ME I'd put a preview shot but I don't know how to use Deviantart and preview shots.
  25. My PC a very old, so booting off the USB isn't a go-er for me but it's good know. I'll maybe use it sometime in the future. I'll need to give Dillo a little run too. As for ISO, I find them so easy to use, if you get the right software to burn them. At the moment I'm using CD XP Pro, 2 or 3 click of the mouse and it's done. Bit off topic While on about Linux, can anyone recommend any good free AV and firewall software, or is it the case it's not really required as much as windows?
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