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  1. I honestly can't see the point, why would someone pay over the odds for a Mac to run windows. Save your money buy a windows based PC, if you want it to look like a Mac there is plenty software out there that can do that. Maybe I'm missing the point and someone needs to explain it to me.
  2. @ Mr Brownstone, noticed your DS over on aqua-soft, so thought I'd post mine over here too
  3. Have some fun with this, I only managed to find 6 Click here
  4. The slim version has been released guys. I'm sure I don't need to tell you where it is.
  5. mps69_1999


    Ahhh it got worse, I had to install new drivers for my soundcard too. I had forgootten how fast my PC booted up.
  6. mps69_1999


    Thanks lokoike, I found the driver and it install Ok. PS a quick note for everyone, never, and mean NEVER re-format your PC while your drunk, it's not BIG and it's not clever
  7. mps69_1999


    I'll start by saying I'm a complete prat, there it's out the way and I know it. Here's my problem. I've just reformatted my boot drive, the PC now boots up nice and quick again....gawd it's good to get rid of some of the junk I had installed. Everything works fine apart from my monitor. When I scroll I get this strange ripple effect as I scroll. Now this is the part where I've been a prat, I forget to take a note of the VGA drivers. I've tried an auto update to little success. Has anyone ever had this problem and how did you solve it? You would think after all the times I'd done this I wou
  8. I know I'm going to get shot down for this one, but sometimes you gotta just go for it What your doing seems like a real pain in the rear end, have any of you thought about WindowBlinds 5? It's easy to use, and there great number of cool themes. Major downside is the cost, but since I got it, my PC has never missed a beat, if I do say so myself looks great
  9. I agree, bundles suck. You should be able to choose what apps you want installed, not have to install everything then spend the next week uninstalling MSN, Outlook etc.
  10. Sorry guys but neither Button nor Coulthard will ever be world champions. They lack the killer intstinct that Shumie, Kimi and Alonso has. And your right it's a British sport, unless DC has gone to the dark side and turn English
  11. We playing chicken here, or is it all fowl??
  12. If you like Rainlender you should have look at Rainmeter too, great for watch CPU usage, disk space and a whole host of other things too. Look Here
  13. mps69_1999


    I can get where your coming from with price, that's fine. However as from speed and size, I run both W2K pro and XP Pro (Not at the sametime) on an old 488 and 8gig hard drive, I'm sure your laptop can't be as bad as that. As I say it's horses for courses, the world would be a pretty boring place if we were all the same.
  14. mps69_1999


    Hi and welcome Congratulations for upgrading to ME from 98, but I really gotta ask why you didn't just make the final leap up to Win2K or even XP? They are both very stable, I've had friend who ran ME and it caused more problems than solved, but if it's working for you, got for it!
  15. Nope I'll be staying wit XP for the time being, although I do like some of the looks that seem to be coming out. Until such times as it stable and not built like Swiss cheese XP will do me. Infact I'm also looking at other OS. It's just having the guts to do change.
  16. I'm Captain Jack Sparrow The looks of Johnny Depp, and the coolness of Keith Richards what else would you want to be
  17. Hi fa Scotland gid ti have ye aboard. (don't know Greman, but ma Scootsh is up and runnin') ;-)
  18. The Blair Witch Project...............still scares the bejeezus outta me. The Evil Dead. Saw...................OMG that had me freaked for days.
  19. JD I use bootskin from Stardock BootSkin I've never had a problem with it yet. You can also get some really cool boot screens Here
  20. Your only slow when Mike Rochip isn't online..................j/j guys you make my work day go in so much faster reading your banter
  21. Must be my sick sense of humour, pointy head.........you need to think about how the cannibal passed his brother, as in pinched one off.......... Now the nun joke doesn't come over too well unless you say it out loud.......where's the soap..........wear's the soap, get it now? Maybe I'll keep the jokes in the cupboard in future.
  22. Did he end up with a pointy head???
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