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  1. Yes.

    This just goes to prove that if Google and Bing withdraw their kindness from all  these other odd-job search engines, they will fade away into the sunset and  die gracefully.

  2. I post this to inspire comment on controlling Bookmarks.


    My chosen default browser is Chrome. I used Firefox for many years, but for the past 2-3 years have favored Chrome, which I find perfect  for all my requirements.


    I still have Firefox as my second choice and IE8 which I never use, as a Windows necessity.


    When I started with Chrome, I imported all my Bookmarks from Firefox and IE. This resulted in around 10,000 Bookmarks, most of them being duplicates. Even normal Bookmark usage can get out of hand and result in a massive list of them.


    To cure this initial influx, I found a brilliant little program called AM Deadlink from -http://aignes.com/deadlink.htm. It worked superbly and with some caution I deleted all the duplicate Bookmarks and reduced my Chrome content to around 1,700. I use AMD now on a regular basis to control my Bookmarks. AMD contains a number of features which are extremely useful, including highlighting "errors".


    I now have only 1,300 Bookmarks in Chrome. AMD also enables you to  select Firefox and IE.



  3. StartPage and IXQuick as mentioned in my post 3 and re-mentioned as being favored in this thread are both entirely Dutch and located in the Netherlands. They have no ties with any US jurisdiction or privacy intrusions.


    This should be attractive to our American users and dispense with the variety of privacy intrusions that Google and Bing are widely recognized at practicing.

  4. Which search  engine do you prefer, Bing or Google.


    I have both of course. Google is my chosen Home Page on Chrome, but I use Bing almost all the time.


    Bing is superbly colorful with the daily background pictures of most interesting subjects, which are a delight to see. Also I find Bing perfectly satisfactory for all kinds of searching and general browsing. It has not let me down yet.


    As my screen is set to return to the page last selected, then I always select Bing before going into Standby or shutting down. On return, Bing comes up.


    Why don`t I use Bing as my Home Page ? I guess no reason at all, except I just have Google selected. No big deal really.


    My preference ? It has to be Bing.


    What is yours ?

  5. I would not let any program delete my Recycle Bin. I do it myself, deciding what has to go and what has to stay, until such time as I am satisfied that the entry/entries are absolutely of no further value in being kept.


    The basic purpose of the Recycle Bin is to provide a temporary staging post for deleted items instead of a "gone forever" situation, as a safe house until you are satisfied that the dumped items are of no further value. It is provided for YOU to decide life or death of the contents, not some robot program, otherwise the items may as well have been deleted in the first place.


    Whatever is the point in letting a program simply wipe such a safety file clean willy-nilly ? On several occasions I have found that items in the Recycle Bin have been erroneously placed there and they have caused other programs to fail. In these cases I have traced them and restored them. They would have been gone forever on a mass delete conducted by some impartial program and the link programs would have been useless..


    Good management ensures  that the absorbed capacity of the Recycle Bin does not get out of control.


    Most computer geeks will advise NOT to use any cleaner program without being  personally selective on what is being cleaned. Just to press a button on any of these cleaner programs is pure Gung-Ho strategy.

  6. See how it goes. Most active people have quite a few to tell.


    Mine ? I have had a number and got the scars and a few aches to prove it. But I guess my second parachute training jump with the Army is the time I remember most for needing a quick change of underwear. Mind you, camouflaged khaki is a good color to wear on such occasions.


    Why the second ? Well lemme tell ya - `cos ya know what`s coming on the second and 800 - 1,000 feet is a long way down when you exit a monstrous C-130`s side door at about 210 mph and get .thrown around in the slipstream and prop-wash like a leaf in a gale. Sometimes Mummy`s little darling and heir to the family fortune was twisting, turning and not always in the text book head-up body position which that lovable, kindly and soft spoken Sergeant Instructor told us was best for our health.


    On later jumps with a 100 lb. kit-bag attached to our midriff and leg, body position was no problem. With that weight on our lower torso, it was always head-up, feet down.


    Believe it or not. Before I went in the Army for my spell of grunting, all my trousers were the perfect  length. After my jumping career, they were all 2 inches too long. Well, waddya know !

  7. Registry cleaning ? Pass on by and give it a miss.


    Apart from a bit of individual poking around to find obvious junk, leave it alone. There is an old wives tale coughed up by some that Registry cleaning increases your PC response. Ya know - ya get more SPEED ! Absolute rubbish, even if it did, you would never tell the difference and need a micro-sensor to detect any change or a conveniently aligned imagination.


    But if you are an adrenaline junky - then go for it and may God go with you.


    Good word, snark.  :P

    Actually my post was a question. 


    From the website for the clock:

    It isn't clear what happens after the 30 day trial period.

    It isn't clear what is the difference between the free trial and the advanced features.

    I would want to know these things before installing it. 


    Never mind the website, I have had this clock on my desktop for yonks and have not paid a cent. There is no fee. It is a freebie as are the variations.


    Aliaksei Papou who designed this clock is a very nice person.

  9. I think the time will be the least of my worries come a zombie uprising :(

    We have a Zombie uprising every 5 years - it is called a General Election.


    To ensure that this Quinquennial Mardi Gras of the mindless achieves peak performance, the aspiring players in this rampage undergo frequent rehearsals using live ammunition, each time the England football team get beaten, which is an extremely regular event.


    This thread is about clocks and not a lot of people know this - do you realize that today is the first day of the rest of your life ?

  10. Kas, I suspect the reason it's not working is because Gmail (the mobile apps) prefetch the image resources of any received messages so they can be opened and read offline.


    I have now confirmed this behavior by sending "tracked" emails to my Gmail account while my iPad, Galaxy Tab, Nexus 5 and Mac all have their respective Gmail applications running. With the exception of Mac OS X, MSGTAG is returning the "email read" response before the emails are actually opened.


    The conclusion: MSGTAG does not work correctly if the recipient accesses webmail on a smartphone or tablet. Why? Because Google are downloading the tracking pixel and embedding it into the email when the push notification occurs.


    It's a good thing only 1.75 BILLION people have smartphones now. Otherwise, your tracking method would be completely thwarted! Oh no!

    WOW ! Thanks for that technical explanation - I am totally discomknockerated with a mental melt-down.


    If I were you, I would honestly contact MSGTAG (they are very nice friendly people) and explain the situation you describe here, so they can either answer your questions explicitly or take internal action to compensate for that particular matter. It is the kind of customer feedback they need to keep them afloat. You would be doing them a favor unless of  course they answer your problem satisfactorily.


    See :-




    A few years ago I dealt with -

    Simon Young

    The address is most likely still OK, but Simon may have flown. Incidentally, MSGTAG are located in New Zealand.

  11. Kas, are you using any of Gmail's mobile apps? As soon as my devices recieve a push notification alerting me of a new email; MSGTAG responds with an "email read" notification, even if it hasn't been opened.


    The tracking only works with the web interface.

    I do not understand why MSGTAG signals an open when the mail has not been opened. Without the demon pixel seeing daylight, it is a technical  impossibility, unless there is some particular hanky-panky irregularity with the particular system combination you have.


    With MSGTAG, it either works or it does not. There is no grey area. Any false notifications must be due to  some technical tangle in a specific system. I have never in my  experience come across a false MSGTAG notification and cannot technically see how it can happen, without some hack type juggling.


    I do not use any mobile apps or any other bits and pieces. Neither do I use webmail. My email systems are purely OE6, which I have used since Adam`s fig leaf blew away, with just an ordinary Gmail amd Outlook.com account on the net.


    In all the years - over 10 - I have used MSGTAG, I have NEVER had a malfunction of any kind to my knowledge. All my open signals have been correct.

  12. Here is a better link on the topic from Google themselves:





    I'm to test this MSGTAG software in a few minutes to see whether Gmail's security feature actually works.

    Like I said earlier, I did a MSGTAG test mail on Gmail today and it walked right past Google`s hum-drum, left that big footprint and sent me a notification that the mail had been  opened.


    Signals and Bananatag do the same but do not leave any visiting cards. Nah - Google and MS can write all the papers they want, but they cannot and never will stop tracking. Nobody wants subsequent openings, just the first. I am not interested in links that make statements which are no more than fantasy speculation.

  13. I do not know what kind of pixel MSGTAG uses in their sent messages, but I have used MSGTAG for years with nearly 100% success rate on notifications. Fabulous.


    I once emailed the British Prime Minister direct, the very pinnacle of power in this mighty nation of ours and even received a notification in that instance, saying my mail had been opened.


    What I do know is that MSGTAG, being perfect gentlemen and scholars with a mind for etiquette and decency, leave behind an enormous bigfoot sized footprint that the mail has been read, purely for the recipients sheer delight. Signals and Bananatag do not leave any such trace that the message has been tracked. The recipient is in the dark that the sender has been advised they have read the mail..


    MSGTAG footnote :-



  14. Kas, you simply got a notification that Gmail had processed your email - not that the user has opened it. The "single pixel" method does not work, as of December 2013.


    Read here https://wordtothewise.com/2013/12/gmail-deploys-image-proxy-servers/

    We must agree to disagree on that. The article floats between conjecture and nonsense. It is now June 2014 and December 2013 is a long way away. I have today sent my Gmail a test message from OE, opened it on Gmail and immediately received a notification on my OE that the recipient has read it.


    Either Google was having a coffee break or the link you gave is rubbish. My hidden pixel got under the wire eh?


    It is the FIRST opening that matters, not any subsequent openings. Google does not have a  clue about any hidden pixels until the recipient opens the mail and then it is too late. Google can download the dreaded pixel to their spaghetti junction of proxies etc. and prevent notifications on subsequent openings, but what use is that ? The horse has bolted.


    San Antonio did not appear out of Google`s network of gobble-de-gook. It appeared because the recipient had opened the mail. It was totally correct, because I contacted the recipient almost immediately  and they confirmed their location was correct and I even got a notification on my return message.


    Oh yes, tracking does work, regardless of Google and MS with their proxies. But if you don`t believe all this or have ethical problems about tracking, then just leave tracking software alone for the rest of us to enjoy.


    I am afraid that tracking is here to stay. The tracking businesses know all about the antics of Google and MS. They are in business to survive regardless of the progressive obstructive measures placed in their path. Many of the tracking company employees worked for these mighty moguls in the past.


    The tracking fraternity appear to be very happy chappies and are not having any sleepless nights about it all.

  15. Of course there are ways of preventing a "read" message being sent by a tracking device and YES some systems plonk anything with an image into SPAM or have PLAIN TEXT instead of HTML. Who cares ? You can`t win `em all. But the tracking programs win most of `em. We are not dealing with hyper intelligent geeks, devoted to thwarting everything in sight,  we are dealing with ordinary email clients, your John and Jane Doe`s or this world.


    Without a tracker you are in mindless limbo. Your entire email activity is a big unknown, an information black out. You send out these mails into a black hole, hoping that the recipients have received them and NEVER knowing if they have read them. What sort of communication policy or personal behavior is that ?


    To install a tracking program, costs nothing and is no trouble - most are freebies and only take seconds to install - and 99.9% of the time you get a message that your email has been read. How can that be wrong ? Well, in terms of reality, peace of mind and sheer  common sense - it simply cannot be wrong. In fact it is a 100% logical solution to any sensibly minded person.



  16. Gmail; and soon Outlook.com, proxy external content in emails making tracking methods completely useless.

    Gmail has operated with a proxy for ages. Does not stop tracking at all, but it does stop extracting the recipients PC data, IP, location, server, system etc.


    Proxy servers, in fact any server is nothing whatsoever to do with tracking technology. The trackers use a hidden pixel in the mail itself, so that when the mail is opened, the pixel activates a signal to the tracker who then transmits a notification to the sender that their mail has been opened. Forget proxy`s or servers, they are irrelevant.


    I am perfectly satisfied with knowing that my mail has been read, personal details and location etc. which some trackers provide are simply curiosity parameters and of no real interest. Location is 99.99% known in any case for the mails I send.


    I tracked a person who had Gmail in the US with Signals by Hubspot.. I got the signal that they had read my mail with no problems. I got San Antonio Texas as their location, which was correct. Gmail`s proxy never stopped that tracking one iota. I have no idea how Signals got the Gmail  users location, but they did. Perhaps it is linked to the Email address, I really do not know.


    But if you try to find a Gmail users IP with any tracking system or IP Finder, the IP you get will be Google`s proxy IP and hence Google`s location etc., NOT the recipients.

  17. @ Dennis


    That story is rather unique as relatively few escaped to neutral countries. It is a story to be very proud of.


    WW1 and WW2 are special incentive circumstances relating to people being in the forces. Many were volunteers inspired by the very fact of declared war - that stupid expression "Your  country needs you" and many, probably most were conscripted. Torn from their families and civilian jobs to go and fight a savage war with a large number never coming back or otherwise returning with horrific wounds and disabilities. It ruined the lives of generations and millions.


    In WW1 our country was never under threat from Kaiser Bill and his band of boy scouts, it was a war of dented ego`s, but in WW2 we were most definitely under threat of invasion, with Hitler occupying all of Europe and grinning "Deutschland Uber Alles" at us a mere 20 miles from the White Cliffs of Dover.


    It was different with America and WW2. Japan attacked the US with a huge military force and it was Germany who declared war on America, not the reverse. It  was Britain who declared war on Germany in both WW1 and WW2, NOT the reverse.


    Today, all our servicemen are volunteers, many of them potential career soldiers who joined up to obtain a secure, stable and well paid "job" with promotional prospects and never in their wildest dreams expected to risk their lives in dubious political bun-fights, which have not the slightest threat to our countries security. In fact one could say that these "bush wars" are absolutely nothing to do with us, they are internal affairs and we are simply poking our noses into other peoples business. Astronomically different to the circumstances of WW1 and WW2 where the Western nations and their global collateral were under threat.


    I would not imagine that the recruiting  figures are very high, with the prospect of putting your life and limb at risk in some remote and irrelevant historically unstable flea pits like Iraq or Afghanistan for absolutely nothing at all - just for kicks eh ?.

  18. I have used Email tracking for a very long time. MSGTAG I have used  on OE for over 10 years now and it works perfectly, telling me if my mails have been opened.


    In the past two years I have also installed Bananatag and Signals by Hubspot as extensions with Chrome on my Gmail and Outlook.com Email accounts. they also work great.


    There are of course a number of systems reasons why these tracking systems fail, but it is due to the recipients personally customized account and not the fault of the tracking programs. Failure to track does not occur very often, even to official sources like Government, military or police etc.


    Personally I would never be without them. To know that my mail has been opened is of enormous satisfaction, otherwise you are left in limbo whether the mail even got through, or the recipient is conveniently ignoring it. I love trackers !


    Snooping ? Intrusion of privacy ? Utter Nonsense ! It is perfectly legitimate and logical to use modern technology to signal that a message has been received. 


    Any comments /

  19. Sure, like a news article here I just read on Softpedia News, it uses those tilted parenthesis starting on paragraph five. Those are one of the characters used that get converted into a black box. Wordpad understands them, Notepad, Metapad, etc., don't understand them and neither does that old Copy&Trim program I use.


    Screenshot of what I mean:


    Your screenshot shows exactly what you mean - thanks. The reason for my question is that "Parentheses" covers a whole group of literary symbols.


    But these are simple quotes which occur in almost every  written article, a common feature used in all forms of writing, personal and media. Whatever editor converts these simple quotes to blanks needs dumping fast as being utterly useless. I would think that Notepad and the other edit methods stated here by our posters do no such thing. bbEditor  certainly performs perfectly.


    bbEditor treats paragraph 5 like this, exact reproduction, it even enlarges the script to normal size  :-


    “Some problems with Windows 7 application compatibility caused the banks to downgrade some ATMs from Windows 7 back to Windows XP,” the report states, adding that switching from XP to another platform is still a key issue for many of the banks in the country.

    * I see no problem whatsoever.

    Original text from your example link, small text  - paragraph 5:-


    “Some problems with Windows 7 application compatibility caused the banks to downgrade some ATMs from Windows 7 back to Windows XP,” the report states, adding that switching from XP to another platform is still a key issue for many of the banks in the country.

  20. I wonder if anything can automatically/automagically get rid of things such as Microsoft Word's and even some websites weird way of formatting parenthesis with an angled tilt (tilting left, tilting right) that so many text editors don't understand and therefore convert into a black square.

    Could you give an example please ?

  21. Often I copy and paste text from my Emails and various web sources to compile a post or other descriptive matter. The fonts all come in different sizes with some bold and some not etc. It looks a mess.


    An answer to this is to unify all the text and I have used "bbEditor" on many occasions. It works perfectly. Just copy your mixed text, bring up bbEditor on your desktop, paste in the copied text by edit>paste, edit>select all, then edit>copy. Erase your original text and paste in the edited text. The whole text is now unified and all the mixed fonts have gone.


    You will find bbEditor free to download and put on your desktop here :-




    7th one down the list.


    Example :-

    would depend on


    would depend on


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