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  1. @Kas, you have to be really bored to start posing how fast people will die if they fall 300 feet......

    Bored ? Far from it. For the tens of thousands of skydiving enthusiasts around the world, the speed of descent plus body position is of paramount interest. It is also of interest to many ordinary people. Not the fact that the guy fell to his death, but how long it takes to fall from a certain height.


    The "jumpers" from the WTC on 9/11 fell further and there are those among us who are interested in time taken from exit to impact. Nothing morbid, just general curiosity.


    If it is not your scene, then pass on, but don`t insinuate that I am bored to describe falling bodies. It is a technical subject, which obviously goes down like a lead balloon with non-technically minded people. Well, you can`t suit everybody.


    I would add that any skydiver who is "bored" and not interested in the relationship between time and distance fallen, should have "Dig Here" printed on their helmet. 

  2. Well here we have it, the Menu of Britain today.

    Starter :-
    Unbelievable incompetent Management to the detriment of the population.
    A national debt that is second only to the USA in the entire World of £1,340 billion at an annual interest rate of £43 billion.

    Main course :-
    Uncontrolled benefits generosity of approx. £7,500 billion per year and priority given to foreigners over and above our indigenous population.

    An obsession with Empire and power, that is no longer a factor. We are just an insignificant tiny island and no longer a World power.

    The attitude of look after everybody else in the World before the UK.

    An annual grant of over £8,000 billion to Overseas countries who only spend it on ruling party luxuries and weapons at a time of great economical restraint in the UK.

    A complete and utter disregard for our own people and their plight.

    The deployment of UK military personnel to be killed and maimed on matters that are none of our business.

    Dessert :-
    Uncontrolled Immigration that lets anybody in to our country regardless of medical checks and practical legality, resulting in 15%+ of our population being of foreign origin, mostly Asian or African. Cultures which are alien to the British way of life and result in destroying our national heritage.

    Uncontrolled entrance to Asylum Seekers and European migrant workers.

    Turning a blind eye to illegal immigrants.

    Coffee :-
    Just about anything else that gives our money away to those who do not deserve it and the complete destruction of a previously proud and powerful nation.

    Summary :-
    If anybody wishes to complete their days in British comfort, then they must live in a beautiful rural area free from destruction, in the remnants of our desecrated land, have no TV  and be devoid of newspapers. Then you can achieve a virtual traditional British life by behaving like an Ostrich.

  3. A recent news article covered a construction worker who fell 300 feet to his death. How fast was he falling? 

    The Emrich table states that it would take about four seconds to fall 242 feet and five seconds to fall 366 feet. Given that the construction worker was probably not in a skydiver's position, he may have fallen a little faster, so four seconds is probably a pretty good guess for how long he fell. 
    Another table in the Emrich book notes that a person would fall about 104 feet during that fourth second. 104 feet per second is about 70 miles an hour. Since the construction worker would have continued to accelerate during that last second, it is likely that he was falling at about 80 to 90 miles per hour when he hit the ground. 
    The exact speed would depend on how much he weighed. Emrich's calculations are based on a 170 pound skydiver wearing a main parachute and a reserve. Terminal velocity for a 170-lb person is around 120 miles per hour and it would take about 12 seconds or 1,500 feet to reach it.


    • For a 170-pound person wearing two parachutes and using a stable spread position, Emrich calculates that the terminal velocity (i.e, the maximum speed) would be 176 feet per second, or about 120 miles per hour. (Note: In general, the more you weigh, the faster your terminal velocity will be, although your speed will be faster if you fall head down or feet first, because those positions provides the least resistance.)
    • Emrich notes that this 170-pound person would reach terminal velocity after about 12 seconds and would then fall nearly 10,000 feet in one minute.
    • According to Emrich's calculations, this 12-second fall would cover a little under 1,500 feet, which from a terminal velocity perspective means that it doesn't make much difference whether this 170-pound person fell from 2,000 or 20,000 feet. He or she would still be moving at about 120 miles per hour


  4. 70 years later, D-Day vet Jim 'Pee Wee' Martin jumps agian





    I have to say that takes some stones !!

    Great story. I love to see these old veterans do that kind of thing. They do not jump solo, they do a tandem jump strapped to an instructor. I have done my share of jumping, but finished at 50 years old. No interest now, just OUCH memories of painful bruises. Going over Niagara Falls in a bathtub or things like that at 93, is not my current idea of a game of soldiers.


    Have seen the same old guys do a memory jump at Arnhem on that Anniversary in September.

  5. Overseas Aid is a self inflicted wound on Western Governments financial and economic attitudes. An ever growing bigger hole in our purses. Nobody resents giving donations to charity if they can afford to do so. But the Western Governments appear to be besotted by some unexplainable Death Wish to donate astronomic sums to Overseas Aid, which they cannot economically afford. These Governments have to actually borrow money simply to give it away and then pay the interest on their loan as well as pay the borrowed sum back..


    This suicidal economic attitude results in all the Western countries having a colossal National Debt, whilst at the same time giving away Billions.  It does not need a Masters Degree in Finance or Economics to conclude the result of this lunacy. Any person with a large debt who has an addiction to gambling, such that they borrow money to fund their compulsive habit, is destined to have a very hard time indeed.


    The top ten lunatics in Overseas Aid extravagance are shown here :-


    Overseas Aid recipient countries


    And the World National Debt Clock is shown here :-


    Just  click on each country to see their debts, it is a real pitiful picture of generosity gone mad.


    Tiny little UK is second only to the big United States in this insane frivolity of tempting financial and economic disaster by giving away money they have not got.


    Each one of these generosity infatuated countries are professing internal economic gloom and doom whikst inflicting their populations with all kind of cuts, increased taxes, starving vital services of funds, cutting welfare benefits and enforcing many other domestic hardships.


    The irony of all this Overseas Aid generosity extravaganza is that the material Aid and money handouts given do not go to the poor starving, poverty stricken people, it is siphoned off by the despots who rule these begging bowl countries, to enhance the ultra-lavish lifestyles of the ruling party members and their multitudes of minor officials and most often to provide their military rabble with modern weapons, so they can enjoy themselves killing thousands of their own people in various internal squabbles, bloody rampages, civil wars and aggressive mayhem towards others.. 


    If Overseas Aid went to the purpose it is intended by our blind do-gooders, in preventing starvation, hardship and extreme poverty in the World, I would not be writing this thread, but it doesn't. So my attitude is for the Western Governments to cut this compulsive self induced drive towards suicidal economic ruin and look after their own country and peoples prosperity first.


    Otherwise many of these Western countries will eventually join the Third World Begging Bowl Club. Then where will the Golden Goose of infinite and limitless generosity be then ?

  6. I know the likes of us plodders reckon all this debt jazz amounts to fictitious funny money, manipulated by Governments to reinforce their reasons for bleeding us dry with taxes and depriving us of all our vital domestic services and welfare benifits etc.and is really all political eyewash, but we are wrong.


    It is a REAL financial catastrophe and involves REAL money.


    The main reasons for the Western World countries being in such a colossal debt, is that they attempt to live way above their means in a hypothetical world of extravagant make-believe, they spend huge amounts of money on wasteful enterprises and balmy projects, they give countless Billions away to other often ungrateful and belligerent countries in all kinds of aid including military, they engage in highly expensive wars or other global bun-fights that are nothing whatsoever to do with them and generally behave like economic and  financial irresponsible lunatics.


    Many Financial and Economic experts forecast a world financial and economical melt-down in the next 5-10 years. Then we have a total collapse of Western civilization, we all become jobless, life effectively stops dead, we starve to death and it all ends in tears. Back to the Stone Age without the Mammoths to hunt.


    Whatever future can we offer our young families in a country which has a consistently growing debt exceeding over $17.5 Trillion ? It is a self inflicted National  and social disaster that will last for countless decades if earlier catastrophe can be miraculously avoided.


    Who owns the US Debt ?



  7. OK fellas, have a giggle at this.


    If you allow Windows to control the Pagefile size and it becomes a variable relative to need, rather like a balloon can expand, what happens when you customize the size ? This fixes the size at a value decided by yourself, albeit too much or too little.


    So what happens when the system requires more Pagefile capacity than you have allowed ? Does a boxing glove shoot out from the screen on a spring and hit you in the eye ? Or does the PC self destruct in a puff of blue smoke ?

  8. I've seen on multiple systems which should in theory have more than enough RAM to warrant turning it off... ...and then a particular program is installed and can cause all manor of issues without a pagefile, the worst being the program refusing to work and telling a user "I can not function with no pagefile available".


    I know on my XP Pro SP3 system doing a full system scan with Panda Cloud Antivirus with no pagefile it causes Windows to complain.

    What a logical and constructive post. To delete the Pagefile is an irresponsible maneuver of the Gung-ho trick-cyclist..


    It is obvious that the Pagefile is a vital and necessary systems ingredient of Windows. The trick is to carefully manage and control its practical size and see that it does not become a malignant liability. An enormous cache of redundant rubbish wasting GB`s of precious memory.


    Security risk ? Perhaps it is and perhaps it is not. There are those who have this phobia, but are they simply paranoid ? Probably.


    It makes good sense to  delete the contents of the Pagefile on shutdown and restart with a clean sheet. If Windows takes longer on shut down, so what. Is that such an irritating burden ?  i don`t care if my PC takes 10 seconds or a minute to shut  down. I  see no reason why an empty Pagefile should have any adverse effect on start-up times. Quite the  contrary, it should be an improvement.

  9. Why do I feel like I could get all this reading done elsewhere, and that statement of fact does not really help build conversation nor community. Just sayin, I'll back out now, thanks.

    Of course one can get all this reading and facts elsewhere, but that is common to every discussion topic on Earth, as does the inclusive statement of facts. Without facts there would be no conversation or discussion.


    I could of course obtain every scrap of information about defragging elsewhere, without coming anywhere near Piriform, but I enjoy the warmth and companionship of this Forum and choose to discuss such matters here.


    After all, this is the "Lounge" and we can discuss anything we wish and state any number of facts and figures needed to keep the pot boiling. Your Forum definition corroborates this :-


    The Lounge
    Discuss anything... relating to anything... software or not.
    So I guess we will press on with this interesting subject, stating whatever facts are considered necessary to enhance an interesting discussion.

  10. Here are two links that should provide you with some pleasure. Not for the faint hearted.


    The world is in such astronomic debt, with every country having its hand in the till, that our future can only be a permanent begging bowl existence. The USA is listed as the  richest country, yet tops the world debt league way ahead of everybody else, with little old UK coming in at second place.


    To  whom is this vast fortune of debt owed ? It cannot be the World Bank or IMF, they have nowhere near that amount of cash in their Piggy Bank. So where do we go from here ? Marching quickly towards a Financial Big Bang I guess and back to the Stone Age.  Apocalypse Now ! Or at least Apocalypse Soon !


    General facts and figures, starting with the Countries having the greatest National Debt :-



    World Debt clocks :-



    There is a slight information date lag in the first link, but with figures of this order - who cares ? What is a few Trillion between friends.

  11. Perhaps this thread will answer your questions.





    It answered as much as I need to know, at least one of the posts did. Looks worth doing occasionally, say once per month. It never packed up the scattered files in a neat pile with the others, but it did defrag files I have not seen before with Defraggler and the defrag action showed  each file in detail as it was defragged. Rather like an AV scan does.


    Nice one Hazel - Thanks

  12. It's not going off topic!!!!!


    You wanted to know about the pagefile at shutdown, and if there are caveats (and there can be) that can go alongside doing so, so wouldn't you like to know beforehand? Could also save the casual reader from following "tweaking" advice they may decide to avoid.

    Fair comment. 


    I suppose with only a small Pagefile of 1440 RAM, my problems are negligible. I have been clearing my Pagefile on shutdown for years, just like I clear my browser cache, history and  cookies.


    But with a Pagefile of 4-6 GB of RAM, perhaps even greater, then I agree there may be problems, mainly with shutdown times being extended to even a full minute. 


    There are those who advocate that a Pagefile poses a security risk and the larger the Pagefile, the larger the risk. It is obviously better to clear all the Pagefile junk on shutdown,  just like any other cache and re-start with an empty box, but the advantages may not be worth the disadvantages with a very large Pagefile, if any. There are also those who live dangerously by advocating having no Pagefile at all.


    I am completely satisfied with my personal choice, but it will be interesting to see how the thread develops into other areas of consideration as voiced by users having more modern OS`s and infinitely more RAM or are more enthusiastic about Pagefile manipulation.

  13. Just want to make something sure here.

    By that equation  1.5 x available RAM = general guidance for Pagefile size setting

    I have 12gb RAM  so     1.5 x 12,288mb = 18,432mb  of HDD space just to create a pagefile


    Is it available RAM after all process has started and RAM being used, available RAM is what is "free" after this process ?

    Sorry about the apparently ancient information.
    The pagefile being advised to be set that high is from days in which 128-512mb of RAM was common and you got a good performance boost from 1.5x physical RAM as your pagefile.
    Today with 4GB+ becoming the norm setting much above 6GB for the pagefile is unnecesary.
    With me still using Windows XP Home 2002 version, my comments are perfectly valid with only 960 MB of RAM Obviously things have moved on.
    The thread is really about clearing the Pagefile, no matter however big it is on shutdown and I have no  wish for it to degenerate into a complex Pagefile size issue. Apologies for inserting a possible bum steer conducive of hijacking. Let us keep on track with the thread purpose.

  14. Hello Kas - There are several things to be aware of, to look at, or try.


    1.) Be aware that Windows likes to stick System Restore Points out in the middle portion of the C: partition, and Defraggler doesn't move them. Sometimes I will delete all these restore points (provided my system is not experiencing any problems), do a full defrag, then set a new restore point. 


    2.) Look at this: http://postimg.org/image/qvejttstl/  Make sure you have all the same boxes checked.


    3.) Try defragging the freespace itself. Start Defraggler, then select Action>Advanced>Defrag Freespace.


    4.) Try a boot time defrag. Settings>Boot Time Defrag>Run Once.

    Thanks Dennis.


    Defragging freespace never helped.


    My settings are the same as in your point 2 image.


    A boot time defrag never helped.


    I have not yet tried deleting restore points. Perhaps it is not worthwhile on what remains a cosmetic issue.

    Thank you so much for taking the trouble to help on this minor matter. At least the latest picture looks cleaner than my first, so some improvement has happened.


    Latest :-


  15. I let Windows set my Pagefile size and do not bother with any customization. I do not need any personal gymnastics on this matter.


    I have  960 MB of RAM, not a lot by others standards, but adequate for me. My Pagefile size is 1440 MB or 1.5 x available RAM, which is the general guidance for Pagefile size setting.


    Having the computer clear my Pagefile on shutdown as suggested gives no problem whatsoever. It is not even noticed. An empty box is surely better than a box full of junk from a previous session.

  16. This brief description of our Polar "Seasons" is interesting. Almost 24 degrees of tilt is one hell of a large shift. I have to keep adjusting the wedges under my coffee table legs throughout the year to prevent the cups sliding off.


    A tilt or list of 15 degrees in a cruise ship is considered very serious and 20 degrees dangerously near to capsizing.


    Polar night refers to the longer-than-24-hour nights that occur seasonally in the Earth's polar regions.


    Because the Earth's axis is tipped 23.5 degrees with respect to the plane of the elliptic, there are parts of the poles whose rotation path never gets exposed to light. The North and South Poles are the darkest areas of all, which each receiving six months of continuous night and six months of continuous day.


    The depth of the polar night in the polar regions is when the lowest temperatures on Earth has ever been recorded, 89 degrees Celsius below zero, or minus 128 degrees Fahrenheit, measured at Vostok Station, Antarctica. Without heavy furs or modern heated clothing, this can lead to death in under two minutes.

  17. Many people think that our Seasons are due to the Earth`s distance from the Sun during the elliptical orbit e.g The Earth is closer to the Sun in Summer and further away from the Sun in Winter.


    Well, they are wrong, back to the drawing board. Since it is Summer in Australia when it is Winter in Europe and vice versa, the Earth`s distance from the Sun is not the cause of our Seasons.


    Seasons are caused entirely by the TILT or axial shift of the Earth during its own normal axial rotational orbit around the Sun. The axial shift is mathematically precisional and is constant for every year and  every orbit.


    I think I`ll have another beer.





  18. Perhaps its the hooch or simply just senile decay, but why are the files all scattered about instead of being nicely packed at the top, with all the free space underneath ?


    Why after defragging are they still in the same scattered locations instead of being re-positioned in a nice neatly packed block ?


    Q : Why did the barber win the race ?

    A ; Because he knew a short cut.





  19. I don't think it's odd at all, to be honest. Not a day goes by that I don't think about the ones I've lost, especially my dog Mandy who ended up dying due to that melamine issue with Pedigree dog food some years ago (not sure if you had ever heard about that). Of all the happy memories I have of her, my mind always wanders to her last few weeks and how horrible things were for her. So I totally get what you're saying here. 



    i think that my  special bond  with my  dogs is because I have no children and each one of my dogs became as dear to me as any son or daughter are to other people. Their loss was exactly the same to me.

  20. Please don't anyone try to search for, and go to, a site which lists kellys-korner fixes for XP.


    The site is dead now and you will be redirected...a big no no.

    Fair enough, my click-on to Kelly`s Korner was years ago when lots of goodies existed. Forget KK now, if it has gone kaput.


    Just follow the perfectly valid string I gave, it works fine. No problems, just standard Windows Regedit procedure.

  21. Kelly`s Korner gives this :-


    Run>Regedit - then :-


    HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Session Manager\Memory Management]
    "ClearPageFileAtShutdown", change to dword:= 00000001
    I did this long ago and presumably it works. The Pagefile SIZE stays the same, but the contents are cleared on shutdown. The Pagefile can have a very large content.
    Well, waddaya know ? Pure magic.

  22. That makes one of us. :lol:  I do fear them, especially if they are too big to stomp on. 

    LuLu, this may sound odd to most people, but although I have lost parents, a wife, all my Aunts and Uncles, plus some very close friends, the memories which haunt me every single day and each night are those of my beloved dogs.


    I just cannot shake them off and I have no doubt that they will follow me to the grave. It is not the many treasured and happy years they gave me which should dominate my mind, but the memory and circumstances of their deaths.


    I guess that is the price I have to pay for all the pleasure they gave me. A kind of pay-back time.

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