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  1. Gosh Kas, I'm getting all gooey inside.  (what is this strange feeling)


    Do stick around, I've only been here just shy of 2 years and have found it a great source of information sharing.

    Just don't be surprised, and harden yourself up, for when it happens again, cause as sure as your bum points to the ground, it will happen again.

    Thanks again my favorite Aussie, or should I say -

    Mr.3.14159265358979323846264338327950288419716939937510 - that`s enough. But I reckon I`ll take a breather.


    My bum has always mostly pointed to the ground and I have bruised it many times, but I don`t like it used as a football.


    Bye for now friend


    I feel about as welcome as a turd in a swimming pool at present.

  2. I recall a wise old sage recently stating Why can we not all just get along?



    But seriously, I doubt if @Andavari meant any malice by his statement, just a matter of fact that you are a proficient topic creator @Kas.

    And if you read enough of @Nergal's comments you'd know he is just... (how do I say this politely) ...blunt.

    He calls a spade, a spade.  And there's nothing wrong with that.


    I think we all know the limitations of communicating in the written form.  How it was written can be lost in translation upon reading.


    @Kas, an account cannot be deleted (weird I know) but a user can be banned.  It would be a shame to not continue your interactions with this forum and its members solely based on one incident.

    My dear MTA,


    The only reason I have read your extremely kind, understanding and I must say touching post is that for some unknown paranormal presence I appear to get logged on automatically.


    Nergal has at least something in common with me, I also call a spade a spade. You remember that rule from elementary Physics? Like poles repel and unlike poles attract. Seems to conform.


    It was my sole intention to provide The Lounge with a variety of interesting subjects with which to play with. I do have a versatile mind and can discuss almost anything from Astronomy to the demise of the Dinosaurs. However, I do not appreciate such comments when all I am doing is enhancing the scope of discussion.


    I  repeat - many thanks for your kind  words.



    PS - As my account cannot be cancelled, I will at least for a while give the Forum a prolonged rest. If you  do see me logged in, then it is that ghostly presence which has done it, not me.

  3. How the hell can you keep up with the myriad of topics you create?

    @ also Nergal


    In answer to your question - I have no problem whatsoever in being a versatile thinker. I did hope that my contributions would inspire discussion and interest in THE LOUNGE, but obviously I am wasting my time if the staff say things like you have just done.


    I resent both of your distasteful comments for trying to create interesting discussion topics and request that you cancel my account with the Forum immediately. If I do ever decide to pop in now and again, then I will do it as a Guest where I will not be subject to somewhat juvenile ridicule by senior staff members.


    Best wishes and Good - bye


  4. I've let it go for weeks you spelling it that way, however it's an r i at the end of my name not an n. And it's my actual last name.

    Incorrect: Andavan

    Correct: Andavari

    I am  so sorry and meant no offence. On my computer the "r" seems to blend in with the "i" and looks like an "n". It really does look like that even with good eyesight as I have. You would need a magnifying glass or glasses to distinguish that they are two separate letters in lower case.

  5. For me that is not a 100% correct statement due to how I have my DSL modem configured (which also throws off Geolocation in browsers):


    If someone were looking for my town location going by IP address/Geolocation they'd end up roughly 80 miles away.

    That may be true for your set-up, but what I stated is PERFECTLY correct, it sure did give my town, a map and the area within the town (post  code) - I read it myself using one of the IP finders selected from my Google search.


    So it is a correct statement of fact for ME and most likely for thousands of others. You are an exception to this general statement.

    It was not meant to say that every single person on Planet Earth would be presented with such detailed personal information as I was, simply that this is what they can do at the click of a mouse..

  6. The modern human brain is Schizophrenic, being capable of astonishing and miraculous abilities in creating man-made marvels whilst on the other hand believing passionately in what can only be described as Fairy Stories. It is incredible to see such split intelligence taking place in abundance all around us regardless of extreme educational and scientific standards.


    Consequently, the tendency of humans to immediately conclude on specific occasions that something supernatural must be present, is entirely due to our hereditary and genetically inbred inclination to believe in "ghosts".


    So the fictional mind-conceived concept of Ghosts, the Supernatural and the Paranormal is borne. Subjects in which a vast army of humans solidly believe and some even devote their entire working lives to, with total commitment.


    Everything that happens in a terrestrial or extra-terrestrial sense has a perfectly logical scientific explanation. Many of these events are currently not understood, in which case they are simply "unexplained" and must NOT put down to  some Alien or Supernatural activity as was the practice of our pre-historic ancestors.


    I have given my views and now await your views. Hopefully we will each respect each others.


    Supernatural or Super-Fictional ?  Ghosts, Goblins or too much Whiskey ? What is your opinion ?


    Footnote :-

    I am a 100% scientifically educated and thus indoctrinated believer with no exceptions, but when the lady next door once told me that a Knight in shining armor and riding a White Horse had galloped down her garden the previous night and went straight through her bottom garden fence, I nearly fell over laughing. Gotta be too much Whiskey I thought.


    But when I looked down her garden and saw a horse shaped hole in her fence, my scientific doctrine crumbled a bit.

  7. I've been using Bookmark Sentry to achieve the same thing.

    I added Bookmark Sentry to Chrome and gave it a go.


    It resulted in a list which is more complicated and colorful to read and implement than AM Deadlink. In fact I found it confusing.

    AM Deadlink is simple, much more user friendly, less cluttered and infinitely easier to use. So although BS is stylish and somewhat impressive in design and layout, I  dumped it in favor of simple efficiency.


    AMD has cleaned my Chrome up to only 1,300 Bookmarks. My Firefox has 5,000 bookmarks, but I do not use this browser very often and have no wish to waste my time cleaning up the Bookmarks. Let them rot until such time as I find it necessary to clean them up.


    Whether one needs so many Bookmarks is irrelevant and of only cosmetic consideration. I chose to save them, so until I  choose to delete them, they stay.


    Whilst browsers include a Bookmark Save button as a user facility, then the unstoppable Tsunami of Bookmarks will continue. It is solely  dependent on user behavior and nothing else. No market forces, no reduction in demand, no epidemic of link deaths, no bogey man - just the habitual mouse clicks of countless millions of users throughout the world.


    The presence of huge Bookmark lists on a users PC is not a science. You do not need a Masters Degree to decide whether to Bookmark an item, it is simply a  compulsive attitude on the part of users. Purely "Oh, that`s interesting, I`ll Bookmark it" and unknowingly, before long you have several thousand stashed away.

    Have space - will fill.

  8. Usage stats are not "speculation." Making an assumption about the usage patterns of billions of users using your own personal behaviour, is speculation.

    We agree to disagree, but no hard feelings. Everybody is entitled to their own  opinion.

  9. Except the decline in bookmark usage is a fact. Check out the feature usage stats of the browsers that reveal such information (Firefox, Opera, Chrome)


    Opera actually removed bookmark support (although they later restored it to appeal the vocal minority) because their usage stats suggested very few people actually use them these days.


    Don't fall into the trap of thinking the way you (and I, for that matter) use a product is the same as the majority of others.

    Pure speculation or opinion, not a population behavior.

  10. As I said, newer sites are easier to track with tools like Evernote or RSS readers. The need for bookmarks is heavily reduced these days. As Andavari said, over time I expect my bookmark manager to wipe my collection clean.

    A fallacy ! The Bookmark population will remain the same as it is today - HIGH ! And the need for management tools will also remain the same. Like I said - SOME YOU LOSE AND SOME YOU GAIN - the population pattern conforms to the natural format of the degree of growth and decay. You can relate it to the population of your country in terms of forecast and prediction.


    The need for Bookmarks has no bearing whatsoever on statistics, it is USERS who determine demand and that characteristic will remain as constant with time as it is now.


    Verdict ?  No change.

  11. An old chestnut I know, but it is a very personal and serious subject for those who are sufficiently concerned about divulging their individual details to the whole world. For the rest of us, then what we are not aware of, we don`t worry about.


    Your IP gives a recipient a mass of details about you. It is incredible the amount of accurate detail which your IP can generate about you. Simply search "What is my IP" and see from the many choices what they can read about you in any number of flea pits around the world.


    Hostname, country, town location, actual area of your town location by postcode, time zone, browser, server and how many pieces of toilet paper you use each morning, plus what you are planning for dinner. A LOT of intimate personal details at a single mouse click.


    Well you can become paranoid or neurotic about all this jazz and life will become an obsession, dedicated to preventing all your personal details from being sent to the entire world. Solution ? Dump your PC and find another activity to occupy your time.


    I once came across an extremely intelligent and professional geek, who spent all his time cobbling up his account in such a way that nobody in the entire Universe would ever trace his personal IP. It was so  elaborate that he never even knew it himself. Whatever is the point in that ? It destroys all the pleasure and purpose of using the Internet.


    YES, we can use a variety of proxies, either freebies or paid for. We can use VPN and a whole cobbled-up combination of geeky technical trickery to prevent our intimate details from being seen by WORLD INC. But whatever is the point ? Ninety nine out of a hundred site clicks are just electronic connections, nobody is generally out there to pilfer your intimate details and abuse them. But a malicious source can do just that from your IP and will.


    I always use a proxy to visit untrustworthy sites, but generally it is a matter of "to hell with it" and who cares if they want to know all these irrelevant details. Either you use the Internet as part of normal life in an atmosphere of trust, just like the telephone or you forget it as an intrusion on your personal privacy. and dump your PC in the wheelie bin for the next collection.


    After over 12 years of Internet activity, visiting  every kind of site imaginable and walking through the Valley of Death and rubbing shoulders with the Devil many times, I am still here and nothing bad has ever happened to me, whatever my IP has revealed or whoever may have read it.


    What are your thoughts on this IP open-to-the-world revelation of your personal details ?

  12. I suppose my header is rather restrictive in stating Bing vs. Google. It does sound like a poll instead of a discussion subject. But I have found all the posts very interesting indeed and have enjoyed reading them, albeit that many relate other search  engines.


    Let them all roll in, it makes interesting reading.


    But in all honesty, these minor and insignificant search  engines simply cannot be compared to either Bing or Google, regardless of the very credible reasons for using them. To sincerely compare these minor search  engines with Bing and Google is akin to comparing the performance of a one wheel bicycle with that of a sports car.



  13. Eventually over time that bookmark manager will be removing everything, as websites go kaput and new ones take their place.

    Not "everything". The Internet is so infinitely large that the attrition to which you refer will make no difference whatsoever to the subject of Bookmarks. As some websites go kaput as you say, other websites will take their place in abundance. The Internet growth rate is unstoppable It conforms to the pattern of natural phenomena for growth and decay, to which life itself conforms - some you lose and some you gain.

  14. Duckduck is not just a source of amusement, it is a serious alternative to Google for some people who do not want their searches tracked.


    As for Bing, it is hard to get decent results from it when doing 'serious' searches. it's more just for casual search users.



    I have searched the Internet on everything from mathematics to news items - you name it I`ve done it , covered just about anything in existence over my 12 year relationship with the web. What exactly do you mean by a "serious" search ? Have I missed out on something ?


    Could you please give me an example of what you describe as a "serious" search, so that I can test it out with Bing against Google, DDG or any other search  engine you wish to suggest ?

  15. You've mentioned "attractive" at least twice in the post, sure it looks good I'll give it that but looking good is subjective, whereas a search engine is suppose to be all about relevant search results, it's not a who's the prettiest contest.

    I  did not concentrate totally on Bing being solely "attractive", so we all fall for a pretty picture. I did mention several other excellent merits Bing has, including the quality of search results under the various descriptive adjectives. My post 26 covers it all and I have no regrets at mentioning "attractive" twice or  even more.

  16. With the way pages change nowadays I don't know, I'm not talking about something like www.piriform.com but lets say another page nestled in there such as a download page I wouldn't count on it being there in five years time because they will perhaps change it. I remember when pages rarely got moved about, can't rely upon that anymore not even with products sold on sites.

    Cases of redundant, outdated or non-existent links are a fundamental ingredient of Bookmark accumulation. When you save them and bring them up a long time later, the link shown is always the current one, not the old one saved yonks ago. If the link no longer exists, so what, it is gone.


    The  screening out of these old and non-existent links is exactly what the Bookmark management programs do and really what this thread is all about.

  17. With a large Bookmark content, finding any subject you remember bookmarking is easy. With Chrome, just bring up Bookmark Manager, enter a keyword or part keyword relevant to the subject you are looking for in the search box and BINGO ! Up comes a list from which you eyeball for. No big deal.


    You do not bookmark an item so that you can specifically find that item later. Items are bookmarked on a basis of subject. So when you search your bookmarks, all the items relevant to your chosen subject are listed.

    Among these may be the specific item you actually remember bookmarking 5 years ago, if your memory is that good.


    If it is that important, try another keyword.

  18. DDG do not have a web crawler. If Google and Bing imploded the only results DDG would return are the hundred-odd sites it specifically indexes, such as Wikipedia and Amazon.

    DDG is simply a source of amusement, like Dogpile etc. Having said that, I rather like the duck.

    We can experiment with all these odd-ball search engines for fun or some other reason, but in the end any serious Internet fan will always come back to either Google or Bing like a pea in a pod.

  19. So far, Bing has not really been given a fair revue. Bing, a relative new boy in the game, is a  very serious  contender to the ancient Google.


    Bing is an excellent, efficient, comprehensive and stylish search engine, with an attractive charisma, every bit as good as Google, but old habits and devoted loyalty die hard and Google has its committed party faithful followers, who have accumulated into 100`s of millions over the years when Google has been completely unopposed.


    Bing with MS backing, is here to stay and will steadily grow into a serious  market threat, given half the kind of time that Google have had to achieve their lone run up to dominance and stardom.


    The Bing search page is spectacularly attractive with their daily beautiful background and the the attendant facilities are more than enough. YES, Google has it all in abundance, top quality, efficiency and expertise, but their search page has the bland charisma of a white bed sheet with a stain on it.


    Other search engines are just incidental playthings, amusing fun-jobs and are of no serious market consideration.



  20. I don't want something else checking my bookmarks. I keep them under control myself.

    That is fine when you catch them early and maintain regular control, but when you get a vast influx as I described can happen and does, then your manual policy would be a life-time commitment and this thread is for those users who are not so diligent or even know how many Bookmarks they have.

  21. I cannot see Google or Bing doing that. Privacy has become a big issue and search engines which do not track are getting more customers now at the expense of Google and co.




    How duckduck works...sort of...



    Then if Google and Bing  are losing  out by allowing these other search engines to use their expertise, why do they continue to be so co-operative ? If I were Google or Bing, I would put the skids right under the lot of them and see them all keel over and die. Why not ? There is no love lost in competitive business strategy. It is a "last man standing", win at all costs game.

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