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  1. I still have to disagree: CCleaner backs up what it should - Registry. Should use ERUNT to be safer.


    Like others have pointed out, CCleaner hardly removes anything worthy of being taken a back-up of. Also, you can customize CCleaner's cleaning preferences, etc. and clean what you want. If you want to review what you're removing you always have the Analyze - Results window to right click and clean.


    If you backup everything, its pointless, you're not freeing any space then (even if its for x amount of time)


    There is no fascination with clearing crap from my computer, I love the prospect and CC gives a very positive result. BUT, how would YOU like somebody to come to your home and designate what is rubbish and what is not ? I know one thing, the only person who could do that is ME.


    There is nothing wrong in being cautious. Anybody who takes a list of "rubbish" defined by some robotic program and presses the button is irresponsible.


    Let me tell YOU the principles of computer safety :-


    Use CC>check output list>Backup list and save in folder>delete CC list>Wait say 2-3 weeks>if no problems>delete backup list.


    NOW, that is what is called responsible computer management, which is why I raised the question in the first place.

    What on Earth is wrong with this attitude ? It is a common factor in all computer operations. I see no reason to argue the point, it is a fundamental process of all intelligent electronic data management.

    Is it so difficult to spread this registry backup facility to all the other areas without engaging in some monumental and unnecessary debate ?


    "CC backs up what it should ?" Absolute irresponsible nonsense, CC should backup everything. Once the data is gone, who is left to pick up the pieces ? WE ARE.

  2. every suggestion and report is read individually by the developers though only rarely will they say anything


    as for your suggestion, while I see where you are coming from, everything listed in the cleaner section is temporary files and registry entries that keep "the recently accessed" for the program. There's not much point in backing that up (IMHO) and, with the point of ccleaner to free up space on a computer, I'm not sure how that jives. However, you are not alone in your request, and even some of the more often visiting members have postulated on the addtions of a "clean to recycle bin" option.


    Conversely, with the registry section there is a significant chance that an entry removed in this section, in truth, is needed by the computer. Thus my suggestion for registry cleaning in my signature.


    Again, I do see where you are coming from in your suggestion, and would love to hear other member's thoughts on the subject.

    Dear Nergal,

    Your reply is excellent - it`ll do me fine and thank you.


    PSSSST ! What the hell is that monstrosity in your Avatar ? I just cannot grab it . Looks a bit like Obama`s White House cat.


    PS - The reason for my "backup" question is that YES I know that CC is damned good - everybody says so - but what if all that designated junk does in fact contain some files that are NOT junk. It is possible, since no program is infallible, including CC. So my theme was to backup the deleted junk, wait for a reasonable period to see if anything goes PLONK, then if all is OK, delete the backup. A two stage cautious deletion.

    Never ride point - always walk in the footsteps of the guy in front.

  3. I do not know how many of the suggestions made in these Forum pages are actioned, hopefully some are.


    CCleaner is highly acclaimed throughout the net and I certainly endorse all these tributes.


    BUT, I find the absence of backup in all but the Registry incredibly annoying and completely unnecessary.


    REGISTRY ? No problem, I save the files in a convenient folder and if needed (so far not) simply click the stored folder and then click the Add to the Registry option. Easy.


    This facility should be included in ALL CCleaner`s crap lists, not just the Registry.

    I personally find that without fiddling around with CD discs which I do not have, the process of making a personal backup is so complicated and inconvenient that I dismiss it as a big NO-NO.


    Consequently where CCleaner lists a large number of files, I have to reluctantly ignore the output. Not much use running it really.

    Surely if you can provide such an easy backup facility for the Registry you can do it for everything else ?

    What is the problem ?

  4. Developers will be adding AVG 2011 soon, i believe


    however ccleaner still shows avg9 because the registry key for avg9 still exists (Ccleaner is Detecting HKLocalMachine\SOFTWARE\AVG\Avg9)


    am I correct in the assumption that both of you are using AVG 2011 Free?


    I can start writing a Winapp2.ini (note I can and will only test this on an XP SP3)

    [AVG AntiVirus 2011*]
    FileKey1=%allusersprofile%\Application Data\avg10\Log|*.log
    FileKey2=%allusersprofile%\Application Data\avg10\scanlogs|*.log
    FileKey3=%allusersprofile%\Application Data\avg10\Log|*.xml
    FileKey4=%allusersprofile%\Application Data\avg10\update\backup|*.*
    FileKey5=%allusersprofile%\Application Data\avg10\Emc\Log|*.log


    Winapp2 entry Tested and works on XP SP3 can some one find me these files on a vista/win7 machine

    YES - I am using AVG 2011 Free. I have uninstalled CC and re-installed it, but the listing still shows AVG9.

    If I uninstall CC, then manually locate the Registry key that CC conveniently leaves behind, delete it and then re-install CC, will the list then show AVG 2011 ?


    If not, then without the old Registry key, what will it show ?

  5. These comments vaguely tie in with one I have.


    My CC list shows AVG9. I changed to AVG 2011 a week ago and still the CC list shows AVG9.


    How can I make it show my current AVG 2011 ? Or is it possible to edit the list ?

  6. I entered this post in a Computer Forum and got very little in reply. Plenty of praise for FF, but no interest or expertise regarding security system compatibility. So much for the experts. What do the Piriform wizards think ?

    Is there any more enthusiasm for a technical matter in our family ?


    Mozilla Firefox and AV/Anti-Malware

    I have raised points elsewhere leading to a substantial support for the benefits of Firefox as against IE8, so decided to try it. Nine months ago when I first tried FF, it was a disaster and I quickly dumped it.

    Must have had a messy download for some reason.


    I downloaded FF from the Mozilla site using Safe Mode + Networking. Absolutely no problems and it works like a dream. I have only had it for a few days, but after playing around with it, I am sure it is going to be just fine. I like it.


    My security is covered by ;-

    COMODO IS version 3.9.95478.509 ; Real time protection.

    AVG version 8.5.339 ; Real time protection.

    Spyware Terminator version ; Real time protection.

    Spybot version 1.6.2 ; Real time protection.

    SpywareBlaster version 4.2 ; Ambush predator.


    All these are updated every day. Some on auto, some manual.

    Not all these programs are loaded at the same time, I select them accordingly.


    With FF I can see no evidence of ST, AVG or Spybot being active at all.

    In the case of AVG, the Safe-Search icons placed against every website on IE are missing with FF, thus SS is not active. Probably neither is the Link Scanner. Both of these I consider vital to safe surfing.


    COMODO IS has FF listed in the Firewall and Defense files and the task bar icon seems to show it is active with FF by changing color on detection surveillance.


    SWB has a check box for FF so when checked it is active with FF.

    AVG, Spybot and ST do not show any signs of being active with FF.




    I am asking all those who have used FF extensively ;-

    Why are the popular security programs listed above not active with FF except COMODO IS and SWB ?

    I consider website markers essential, AVG, Crawler and McAfee Site Advisor do this on IE, but nothing on FF.


    If all these security programs are not compatible with FF, then although it looks an extremely attractive browser, I will have to dump it yet again. I cannot walk naked like Little Red Riding Hood into bandit territory just hugging a Teddy Bear.




  7. I suppose I`ll be castigated for raising this thread in the wrong place or for even raising it at all - my apologies.


    Piriform Defraggler to me is like finding that elusive pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. I have been using it very frequently every day for months since I first discovered it.


    My verdict is that it does everything one can ask at rapid speed. It analyses, lists files for either defragging them individually or the lot, defrags free space - who could ask for more ? AND it takes only few seconds or minutes dependent on the fragmentation or personal choice.


    I only wish it could defrag the United Kingdom, a set of files that are so defragmented that any attempt to defrag them would be like peeing into the wind.


    I also use CCleaner, another world beater and bonus to every user. I take no notice of the list of files called "crap" though, if I hit the button on all those my computer would simply give up, lay down and die. I use my judgement to assess what goes and what stays.


    NOW, the main question. On another Forum I sang the praises of Piriform and in particular Defraggler. No problem, most replies said it is a superb program - 10/10. One or two people said "Auslogistics" was better and one guy said "Smart Defrag".


    Curiosity tempted me - I downloaded Auslogistics and tried it. Looked good, very user freindly and efficient BUT maybe I missed it - I never saw an Analysis or File list - just a Defrag. OK it defragged, but compared with Defraggler it was like having a car with only a STOP and GO switch as against a car with a 5+ speed gearbox.


    Can anybody please tell me about these other Defraggers especially Auslogistics as compared to our marvelous Defraggler ? Their Achilles Heel would be just fine.


    Not losing faith - just want to know the opposition.


  8. And after 50 hours - defrag complete.


    Still 5 fragmented files, 30 fragments, and a total of 6.4 billion I/O.


    And... the pagefile has not been moved! Here my options


    How do I actually get certain files moved to the end of the partition? (Tried to look up help & docs at http://docs.piriform.com/defraggler, but all I get is "Could not contact back-end site".)


    Well Pwillener, I suggest you dump your entire computer and buy another one. Not "made in Russia" is it ? Perhaps a valve set ?


    Defraggler is the most invaluable program I have ever found on the net. It is super efficient, lightening fast in completing a defrag and absolutely trouble free. I simply cannot imagine how a company like Piriform can offer such a miraculous program as a freebie.


    It is so versatile in defragging selected files or free space or the entire computer.

    One guy on a Computer Forum said in answer to my Defraggler tributes - "I see no point in messing about with these kind of programs when Windows Defrag works just as well or even better".


    This is the most crap statement I have ever seen. WINDOWS DEFRAGGER !!! This Sloth-like system takes 5 hours or more to complete. If you are over 30 years old, then forget Wndows Defragging - you just ain`t got enough life left.


    My verdict is, if you are getting older waiting for Defraggler to finish, then the fault is at your end NOT Piriform`s.

    Buy another set, life just may be easier for you, but don`t blame Defraggler for being slow.

    Gosh man, the defrag is over in SECONDS !


    Of course the members of this Forum may tell you where you are going wrong - that is what Forums are for - but going wrong you are. I have had superb response and service from Defraggler for years with NO trouble.

    Seconds to defrag every time, whenever you wish to do it..



  9. The plain fact of the matter Terence is that others are not really experiencing your problem.


    I have already suggested one method you could try ( and by the way 'save' is a much safer way to install software as you can scan the exe before executing it) but you have dismissed it as too excessive a task for you.


    Have you considered any method of troubleshooting this instead of just complaining about the fact no one (apart from myself) has replied to your post where you demand Piriform ''fix'' it's program. The program downloads fine for myself and many, many others.


    Have you tried another browser (for troubleshooting purposes)? have you tried safe mode with networking?


    Have you tried uninstalling the version you have and starting clean.


    Now Terence, either we work through this ''issue'' in a quiet and calm manner or we don't. Which is it to be?


    Well put and much appreciated. I had already tried SAVE - it was not such an excessive task actually - and it froze up just like RUN. I never ignored you, I simply did not acknowledge it until more replies came in - THEY NEVER DID.



    Hazelnut - I did what you said - downloaded from FileHippo in Safe Mode + Networking.

    It downloaded in seconds without any problems. I did forget to enable my AV security though.


    I cannot express my thanks enough to you for taking the trouble to reply on this issue. After all, having had failures wherever I went, the issue appeared to be a Piriform fault - it was not.

    It is a pity nobody else out of 60+ readers took the trouble to respond. All it needed was a few words and this misunderstanding could have been avoided. Not a good start for me within 24 hours of joining the Forum.


    A final point HN - I have only in the past few days had my browser updated from IE7 to IE8, this "may" have caused a problem with these downloads, IE8 seems more security concious. Every time I went to a download site, FileHippo for example, I got an IE stopper message come up saying ;-


    "To protect your security, IE has restricted this site from downloading files to your computer - check options"


    Checking download OK, the downloads then froze up every time at 99% and I play "crash the computer" again. I began to look forward to it.






    There are over 50 viewers and only 4 replies, 3 of which are my own.


    Gee, it`s incredible. I joined this Piriform Forum to get an answer from Mother Goose herself on why their product is not working. So far, NOTHING ! I have not even got an answer on my enrolement data query.


    Surely somebody can say something constructive on this issue. If a Piriform Forum cannot make make any comments on why their own product is not working, then what is the Forum for ?


    I may as well find another Defrag product and dump Piriform Defraggler if this is the response and interest I get.


    It would be so nice if just ONE person out of the 50+ who have read this thread starter could possibly say something relative to the problem described.


  11. I have always chosen RUN and had no problems, many, many times and Defraggler has updated perfectly.


    I see no reason to choose SAVE and go through the pain of updating Defraggler that way.


    Every single trusted site I have tried fails with a total seize-up of my computer. This has never happened before.


    It is astounding that many have viewed this thread but nobody has replied saying that they have also had this problem, except ONE person on the 11 May who did.


    I would ask Piriform to correct their program immediately. It CANNOT be MY computer if every site on the net fails to load this update. I have had many updates of other programs with no trouble, including Windows updates and a VERY BIG update by Microsoft changing my browser from IE7 to IE8.


    Come off it Piriform, get the job corrected, otherwise I will reluctantly uninstall Defraggler and find another program.


    At the moment I feel I am wasting my time raising this matter. Cannot SOMEBODY explain this update failure ?

    Am I the only person on Planet Earth who has it ? At least, somebody is able to throw some light on it surely, instead of reading it and proceeding to ignore it.



  12. Piriform Defraggler


    I have used this excellent product for a long time now. It is very quick and defrags in seconds, never gives any trouble and I find it invaluable.


    NOW, I am told update v1.10.143 is available. Over the past few days I have followed normal procedure to download this version by the usual sites and tried just about every other trusted site I know, but each time the download fails. The primary site is FileHippo.


    Sequence is ;-

    Go to site and find the Defraggler v1.10 download, click.

    Panel comes up - click RUN.

    The download starts and then stops at 99%.

    And there it stays, forever.


    I get "not responding", stuck on the hour glass.

    Task Manager will not come up. CNTL+ALT+DEL is dead.

    NOTHING responds anywhere - the whole computer freezes to total paralysis..


    I have no choice but to crash the computer on the power button and re-boot.

    This I have done over 20 times and will not do it again for Defraggler until I know that this download fault has been cured.


    Every other product I have download their updates perfectly as do new products. Even Windows BIG updates including changing my browser Internet Explorer from IE7 to IE8, all with no problems.


    PLEASE, Piriform or anybody else, can you advise me when this fault will be corrected ?


    Many thanks


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