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  1. This date burns in my memory every year. I think of all those young men, mostly in their late teens or early twenties and almost certainly scared to death, who embarked on the invasion of Normandy on the 5/6th June 1944, to commence the long process of liberating Europe and never came back, or were maimed for life. Plus of course the thousands of families that were devastated by their tragic losses.


    Looking  at those thousands of white headstones, immaculately lined up in the many military cemeteries throughout Normandy always brings tears to my eyes. Those young boys had no life at all before it was so violently snuffed out. We can only be eternally grateful to every single one of them for having to make this ultimate sacrifice in the name of freedom.


    Most ex-soldiers will tell you that it is not their Country, Flag, cause,  President, King or Queen or even the Regiment they fight for - it is their buddies.


    God bless them all and may they rest in eternal peace.



  2. This is the very definition of the term "horse sense"; he was the only one with enough sense to run away!

    But the point is Derek, he never ran away. He was too badly wounded and in pain, but so incredibly loyal and disciplined, that he still stayed with his slaughtered unit, the only family he ever knew, wandering around among the carnage of mutilated dead soldiers and dead fellow horses until the 7th relief column arrived about two days later.


    Many of Custer`s men ran away until they were caught and killed by the Indians, but not Comanche, he stayed put. It was never ever "Custer`s Last Stand", it was Custer`s last RUN.  "Custer`s Last Stand" is an ego satisfying fictitious answer to the unacceptable belief at the time that "barbaric" Indian savages could never defeat the glorious 7th Cavalry, recognized as the "Special Forces" of the day. 


    My opinion is that the Indians were indigenous Americans, simply defending their homelands against intrusion, exploitation and aggression by white "pony soldiers" from the West.


    Errol Flynn may have "Died with his boots on"  as last man standing by the flag in the Hollywood movie, but Custer never did. He died like everybody else and  much earlier. There was never a "Last Stand", just a complete break down in military discipline and morale, blind panic setting in and men running away all over the place to be finally cut down by the chasing Indians. Many of Custer`s men simply threw down their weapons and ran.


    There was never a battle of the Little Big Horn, just a complete rout. Custer made the unforgivable military blunder of dividing his forces before the "battle". In times of political recession, heroes are manufactored in order to raise public moral. Custer is one of these conveniences and so a mythical legend was born.

  3. Cavalry horse COMANCHE, was the only living thing that survived Custers Little Big Horn massacre. He was bought in1868 by the US Army in St.Louis Missouri.

    Captain Myles Keogh of the 7th Cavalry (killed in the battle)  bought him for his personal mount.


    See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Comanche_(horse) and many more links on the web.


    The Little Big Horn battle took place on Sunday 25th June 1876.


    When found, Comanche had a number of wounds, 3 serious - one through the neck, one through his front shoulders and one went right through his rear just in front of the hind legs. I think it was one arrow and two bullets, the rest were flesh wounds. He was found two days after the battle wandering about very weak from his wounds amongst Custers 210 dead soldiers and a number of dead horses. All the fit horses were taken by the Indians.


    Comanche was wounded many times before the Little Big Horn, arrows, bullets and flesh wounds but survived all these to retain his fitness as a cavalry horse.


    He was nursed back to health - it took over a year in a special stable with loving medical care and he had to have slings to help him recover. After that was treated to a luxurious life as the proud and cherished mascot of the 7th Cavalry. He lived for 15 years after the battle and died of natural causes.


    Comanche is one of only two horses in American history to be given full military honours on their death.


    The picture below was taken on the actual battle field, dead horses are shown in the back ground.


    This poor horse must have suffered a life of pain with all the wounds he received but still carried out his duties as if nothing had happened. He was declared unfit for service after this final battle.

    He is now preserved in a glass case at the University of Kansas Natural History Museum on public display.


    Many people have claimed to have survived the battle of The Little Big Horn, but none have been officially corroborated. Only Comanche.






  4. I think I have either seen, heard of or read about every single miraculous feat accomplished by humans in my time. It seems impossible to isolate any one of these unbelievable feats as being  special. But I must personally choose the exploits of Alain Robert, the French Spiderman as the most outstanding personality I have  ever seen.
    He has climbed almost every one of the world`s tallest buildings freestyle, without ropes or any safety equipment. Just his fingers and feet. In all this death defying activity, he suffers from Epilepsy and has to take daily medication.
    To give examples of Alain`s accomplishments would be impossible. You must surf the web and read them for yourself, plus video`s and lots of photo`s.
    I have some small experience of being subjected to great heights, since for many years I took part in skydiving as a sport and to see this man standing on the very spire of the Petronas Towers in Kuala Lumpur without any support and waving his arms about at 1,483 feet high, most probably with a significant wind force, gives me the shudders.
    And when he has climbed these buildings, he has to climb down again to a point where he can  enter the building via a door or window, sometimes many hundreds of feet below. The police are always waiting to arrest him, but a few days in jail and Alain is free again.
    Here is a shot of him after climbing the Petronas Towers enjoying his success on the top of the spire. A helicopter is seen flying way below him.


  5. @ LuLu


    "To those of you who mentioned losing pets, I'm sorry.   It's never easy. There is no joy greater than that from a beloved pet. "


    LuLu, you`ve said it all. There is not a single human relationship, past or present that has not suffered ups and downs. With a dog or any other animal, such an unpredictable nature does not exist. It is 100% pure love, dedication  and  affection.


    ​I love your menagerie, they are a superb collection of cuddles.

  6. The relationship of man with dogs goes back Centuries, at least to the ancient Greeks and Romans. Dog remains have been found from 10,000 - 15,000 years ago. It has been scientifically acknowledged that mans relationship with the dog and its  human connected development originates from the Grey wolf many thousands of years ago.


    This man/dog relationship is unique and has no other equivalent in the animal kingdom. The modern domesticated dog has become a totally faithful and committed companion of man. We should be proud that an animal displays such a firm bond with us.


    A dogs life span varies according to breed, but on average 10-12 years is about the limit for most breeds. Large dogs have a shorter life span.


    Out of the 5 dogs I have had the privilege and joy of owning, only one died early at 6 years old. The others lived for 10-15 years. Nothing wrong  with a dogs life span. You accept what it is, enjoy the time they are with us and grieve at their loss. Just like any other species including humans, some die young, but most live good average lives dependent on their treatment and care.

  7. Post a picture of your beloved dog, it will be a pleasure for us all to see.


    Unfortunately, I am unable to contribute at present, though I have had the privilege and honor of owning several dogs in the past to make my life really worthwhile. See my Profile regarding one of them.


    My last most loving and faithful dog was Kaiser, a Rottie. He died at the age of 10 years old on 10 January 2014 of internal bleeding. But 10 years of age is not a bad average for a Rottie. I would have like more. He meant the world to me.



  8. if you straddle the international date line, you can have your birthday twice :)

    And not a lot of people know that.


    Sounds a bit hard on the crutch to me.

  9. HUMMM !


    Lemme think this out. If I fly to New Zealand will I be 12 hours older in GMT terms ?


    If I fly to Alaska, will I be 11 hours younger in GMT terms ?

  10. Kas have you tried re-booting your brain?


    It works great!!


    I did it last week and can now write backwards while counting up in multiples of 53 :)


    (I believe the next CCleaner build will wipe time zones, but only GMT ones)

    What a great idea. I`ll try that, then start at Infinity and count backwards in multiples of 53, just like you. It should be much quicker than counting in single digits.

  11. You should still be counting.  :lol:

    Nah, I finished the second count and have started on a third. Had a sudden memory dump the other day and I feel rejuvenated and at the peak of my performance..

  12. Servers are in Texas, I believe. USA has 4 time zones (EST, CST, MST, PST)


    Servers fall into the CST zone, I think (I've read they're located in San Antonio). When I'm not logged in, the time shows as EST-1 on the forums, which seems to support this.

    Thanks Winapp.

    New York makes no sense at all, but San Antonio Texas  does. It is exactly 6 hours behind London. I think you have cracked it.
    In my golden years of scientific brilliance, I  was acknowledged by the Guinness Book of Records as the only  person on Planet Earth who could count up to Infinity twice. But now I cannot  even tell the time. I guess that is the way the cookie crumbles.

  13. The difference between my posting in London and the Forum time is minus 6 hours.


    This covers Mexico and much of Central North America. Where is the Piriform Forum based ?


    New York is only minus 5 hours against London. But if out DST of plus 1 hour is taken into account, then New York is only minus 4 hours. We are still stuck with a Forum time of minus 6 hours against London. Does`nt add up.

  14. @kas,

    I don't why but Baby Got Back comes to mind....


    "I like big butts and I can not lie, you other brothers can't deny...."

    There is one thing that a Warthog HAS got and that is a BIG butt. I would`nt bend down in front of that hard head and tusks.


    i used to be fascinated with the human obsession of big butts and boobs, but now gimme a good dinner any day.

  15. It`s no good, I cannot stand those ugly wolves on my desktop, so I have changed it to that beautiful Warthog with those Colgate tusks. No more Bimbo`s for me, this is unquestionable beauty without the aid of Max factor or all those ludicrous female sex-bomb tantrums.



  16. Tested out very visually attractive and looks good., My  upload speed is deplorable, but of no real interest. It is the download speed that is important to me.




    Another check showed



  17. That's what it is all about Kas, ...layers.


    Brain.exe being an essential layer :)


    Quite a few of us on here (including me) are Sandboxie users.

    Now THAT is music to my ears. On other Forums, when I mention Sandboxie and virtual systems, I get a handful of supporters, some eagerly pouring salt on the subject, then literally no interest. Like talking to a brick wall unless you enter the Sandboxie camp, where knowledge, intelligence and enthusiasm are in abundance.


    Nice to meet you Hazelnut.

  18. I use Sandboxie, thereby creating a virtual hard drive  environment. Returnil does the same, but I find Sandboxie infinitely more user friendly and demands almost no effort or attention.


    With a virtual  environment, all the threats, old and new are contained within the sandbox and are killed off on browser closure. Nothing gets past this barrier onto the PC to infect it. OK, there are various theoretical arguments about virtual weaknesses, but nothing is perfect and such arguments amount to wasting time on diminishing returns.


    But a virtual  environment is a one way street, it only stops threats from infecting a PC, it does not stop any data from being stolen from within the sandbox and transmitted to some malicious external source.


    So, I have to rely on my FW and AV, plus SpywareBlaster to protect me against such outward bound theft. I do use KeyScrambler as a minor safety measure, but beyond that combination, it is in the lap of the God`s.


    I do not have any financial or serious data on my computer, but others do have a whole package of personal and  financial data on theirs to make use of their computers as is theoretically intended.


    Any comments ?

  19. Oddly enough, MS are still updating XP. My latest check showed an update to their Malicious Software Removal Tool, two months after the they lynched it.


    MSRT ? About as useful to me as headless hammer. I accepted it, but it has never done anything to make the headlines.

  20. @hav0c,

    For all you know, that is a woman!!!

    Probably is, but with a mean look like that, any amorous contender will have a hell of a fight on his hands. OWCH ! That hurt.

  21. You  don`t want feeble, big busted cosmetic wannabe sex symbol Bimbo`s pretending to be chained up or Steroid male muscle bound freaks as a desktop. What you want is pure natural ecxstatic beauty :-



  22. It would take us forever to do that Kas, but don't worry I always find it funny when someone does that.


    Been there myself.   :)


    Dennis, I am totally discomknockerated, but understand it would be an impossible task for a small staff to close a huge number of old threads. The only way would be a computer search and destroy operation, which in the case of a moderate sized Forum like this would be uneconomical.



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