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  1. I'm having problems getting credit for surveys at a certain site and they recommend turning off CC until the survey is finished. and then turn it back on. Can this be done without uninstalling CC? TIA.

    The site you refer to are speaking utter rubbish or they are up to no good. Give `em the elbow.


    CC is a standalone program and only springs to life when you press the button. Even if you leave it on, there is no active connection with the Internet.

  2. The XP saga is beginning to become extremely boring.


    The best OS that MS have ever produced will still be  running on merrily in 10 years time. Half the world use XP with China a dominant player. If you look after your PC with the proper security and caution, it will plonk on for years without any trouble. Many users still operate Windows programs going back over 12 years with little trouble. I stopped all those beastly MS updates last year from adding GB`s of wasted space to my hard disk. Deleted 1 GB of them without with a single key stroke.


    Who needs MS security updates with a virtual system ?


    I use XP and will be doing for a very long time regardless of what the scaremongers spout. I use Sandboxie, which effectively creates a virtual hard drive, where all  the bugs fly around in confinement and are killed off at browser closure. So am I am not dependent on constantly outdated data bases from which all other AV programs suffer from. The Sandboxie management confirm that they have no intention of withdrawing support from XP.


    There is always Returnil and an excellent little program called Toolwiz Timefreeze that also create a virtual system. You can run either one of them in combination with Sandboxie. Toolwiz Timefreeze works fine as a catcher, providing you understand its precise function.


    So in harmony with half the world, I will be a happy chappy for years to come and can forget MS`s profit paranoia and their Win 7 and 8. The only  prospect of me upgrading is if my ancient PC finally goes PLOP !


  3. Hi Dennis,


    Just a bit of harmless fun, nothing serious. I personally reckon poor old Hav0c`s desktop "beauty" simply needs a good defragging before she even comes anywhere near Ashley.Greene.

  4. Re. post 17 and subsequent comments.


    She looks nothing like "Alice from Twilight" or Ashley Greene. Different color for a start and a lot skinnier.  More like my avatar actually.


    May as well say that Sonny Liston was a Robert Redford look-a-like.



  5. But both Thunderbird and OE DO ask for default access, see :-






    I am beginning to think that it is Recuva that has Thunderbird as the  default mail opener. Can somebody with both Thunderbird and OE show me a screen shot of OE icons  from a quick Recuva test ?


    Here is my Thnderbird dominated output :-



  6. @ Nergal


    Thanks for that helpful post.


    I cannot understand why Thunderbird has hijacked my OE .dbx files. Like everybody else, over the years I have switched default from OE to Thunderbird and back again. It is a normal routine of preference. OE has been my default for about 3 years now.


    Why then is Thunderbird remotely associated with OE .dbx data files ?

  7. I installed and used Recuva on 11 April, hoping to recover a few OE Emails that had been accidentally deleted.


    I find Recuva highly impressive, easy to use, perfect recovery of all deleted Emails and no trouble at all. Thank you so much Piriform for producing such a remarkable program.


    Limitations - All Emails deleted in the normal way are recovered perfectly, but Emails deleted by a sandbox program are lost forever. This is I suppose to be expected., they are in a virtual environment and treated as threats. I lost a few Sent and Received Emails between 2 April and 10 April due to stopping and disabling a sandbox Program - Toolwiz Timefreeze.


    They were not important, but intensely annoying to lose. I did not realize that my OE was sandboxed by Toolwiz Timefreeze. The accident occurred by checking the "Folders" option. ALWAYS leave this option unchecked when using this program. Ah well, we live and learn.


    Question ? All the recovered OE Emails came up with a Thunderbird icon and on opening, the mail was displayed on Thunderbird ! What if the user has not got Thunderbird ? What happens then ? Perhaps somebody can explain the Thunderbird aspect.


    Keyscrambler - If you use this program or any other key scrambling program, then ALL deleted and recovered SENT Emails will be displayed in gobble-de-gook and be no use at all. ALL RECEIVED Emails are OK and perfectly readable as most senders  do not use key scrambling on their Email systems.


    This has learnt me to switch Keyscrambler OFF when constructing a SENT Email so that on recovery, the text will be normal. I have at present dumped Toolwiz Timefreeze in  sheer anger, but it is a good program and ideal now that Win XP has been orphaned by MS. I will probably re-install it, but will make sure the "Folders" option is NOT checked next time, so that all Email folders are exluded from being sandboxed.


    I suppose a big failing of Recuva is that although all the deleted Emails are listed and can be read in a file created by the Recuva program, there is no RESTORE facility to restore the Emails back to their original folders in the Email program, which is exactly what the users wants.


    This results in only doing half the job instead of fully completing it.

  8. Thanks, you did good.





    All came out OK then Alan. Hey ! Tha not goo`in tuh yooz Owslogics now ar`tuh ?

    As one Lanky lad to another, I gave it a bit of cloggy.


    Off now for a dose of Fish, Chips, Mushy Peas and a Black & Tan.



  9. @ Alan.


    I hope I followed your instructions properly.


    I defragged using Auslogics and followed it immediately by defragging with Defraggler.

    I clicked the Search, did what you said and the file results came up.Apologies for the screen shots taking up space, but it is the best way of showing events.


    How does this look ?



    1. Auslogics before defrag.



    2. Auslogics after defrag.



    3. Defraggler search results.


  10. incavi.avm is a data file for AVG antivirus. It cannot be defragmented because it is probably in use by AVG.

    toolbar.log sounds suspicious (maybe it's from AVG's toolbar). Please tell me you didn't installed the toolbar, did you?


    If so, do yourself a favour and check your pc with Xplode's AdwCleaner.


    Try defragging again after cleaning/rebooting.


    I would not pay more attention to Defraggler's report. Your drive has got little fragmentation to begin with (and not to be concerned at all).


    PS - The Auslogics' file list appear totally different from Defraggler's one. I wonder why...


    I accept that several files cannot be defragged. My point is that Defraggler always lists a lot of files after defragging that need defragging separately. If it can defrag these files after the main defrag, then they should have been defragged in the first place and not left over. I suspect the previous posters "blowing leaves" analogy is correct. Sounds logical and perfectly acceptable to me.


    The Auslogics list is of course different. It is given just to show that Auslogics does not leave a big file residue after defrag which needs defragging yet again. Note the "None" under fragmentation.


    I explained in my OP that these examples were only "examples" and not a case of need for defragging. I do not make a habit of defragging just a few files.


    AVG toolbar ? Of course I have not installed that rubbish. If a file is listed for the AVG toobar, then it is residue from years ago or a redundant piece of rubbish clinging on to the main AVG program.


    I do not care if such a file is there or not for as I have explained clearly, my concern is Defraggler not defragging files in the main operation that have to be defragged separately.


    No big deal. Defraggler is perfectly satisfactory as is Auslogics and regardless of my irritation of having to defrag files after the main defrag, I use Defraggler more than I do Auslogics.

  11. Let me tell you that Auslogics "defrag and optimize" algorithm is bugged (although it's fast). It tends to shuffle around a lot of already defragmented files.


    And back on topic: what are those "not defragged files" in Defraggler? Maybe they are OS locked files. Can you post a screenshot?


    This is just a small example, I do not defrag at this level normally. The list shown is just the first half. Auslogics would have shown none of these files still fragged.





  12. I use Defraggler very often and basically like it, but it does not completely defraggle.


    Every single time I use it, a great list of files are left still fragmented. I then have to defrag these files separately.


    If Defraggler is intended to defrag a computer, then why does it leave a whole list of files still fragmented that have to be done YET again ?


    I may as well use Auslogics and get the job done in one single operation and may I add, Auslogics is a superb program.


    Your answer is awaited with enthusiasm. It is simply Defraggler vs. Auslogics.

  13. because temporary files are well...temporary. For the most part you will have no issues by cleaning with the default checkmarks checked. The analysis is a good place to look to see if anything looks needed, but I've never encountered anything major from cleaning. Making a back up of the cleaned items would defeat the entire purpose of ccleaner's junk removal, to regain space.


    Thank you so much for the reply and advice.


    Point taken about the temp. files back-up.

    Sorry to ask this thread question, it seems so simple, but I was puzzled.


    What I have done is this :-

    I created a Windows restore point as a safeguard in case something bad happened and I could restore to pre-deletion.

    I ran the CC and all the files I mentioned have now been deleted.


    All went well and I have had no problems at all - the files have gone.


    In future I will do the same.and have now confidence in CC.

    Please regard the thread as being solved.

    Very grateful to you.


  14. I have run CCleaner and it has found 12,571 Windows system temporary files - 976,800 KB for deletion.


    I am aware that with one key press I could do a Gung Ho and delete all these files, but is it safe to do so ?


    Is there a chance that somewhere in this pile of junk are a few files that are being used as vital links in my PC operations blood supply network ? The last thing I want is to resume and get a "File not found" panel come up. Presumably, once they are gone, they are gone.


    Please do not mention back-ups, I have never done a back-up in my life or any CD stuff. Either they go to Heaven or they stay.


    It is always safe policy with any delete operation that it is two stage - 1. Delete and store, 2. If no adverse effects occur due to the deleted items not being missed in any way after a reasonable time lapse - Action complete Delete.


    Is it not possible to provide a back-up segment which goes into the Recycle Bin exactly as you already do with deleted Registry items ?


    If your program selection of Registry items is considered sufficiently suspect that you feel a back-up is needed, why are you so confident that such a misjudgement is not present with Temporary Files ?

  15. If you want it to show in blocks, you must select the block view, not bars.

    It appears you have selected bars view as your default.


    As for the grey, that is normal.


    Defraggler has no way of knowing if a file is fragmented/page file/etc until AFTER it analyzes a drive.

    Sure, it may have analyzed a drive in a prior defrag, but non-fragmented files may become fragmented since last defrag.


    Therefore, the colors only appear after analyze, because this is the point at which Defraggler has indexed all the files & knows the state of each.


    Thanks so much for the explanation. I fully understand and have now switched to Block view. All is working fine as per your comments.


    The matter is now fully answered and I sincerely thank all who helped. Sorry to lumber you all with what is obviously an elementary matter.

  16. That is the correct display for Modern View. Switch to Original View or Custom View and see what happens.


    Switched to Custom View as suggested by yourself and Power. On opening, the small squares have changed to bars and still there is no colour at Opening or Analysing. The only colours that appear are on Defragging. All other views are in grey, opening and analysing. Here are the screen shots :-


    Custom View at Opening :-



    Custom View Defragging :-


  17. Uninstall and reinstall Defraggler.


    I have done that and no difference.


    To make it clearer, please see the following screen shots. If they are normal, please advise, if they are not then what is wrong ?


    1. defraggler on opening :-



    2. defraggler defragging :-



    3. Colours panel - completely useless :-



    These screen shots shound clarify the problem.

  18. I cannot reproduce/confirm this. And it seems a very weird issue. Are you sure it's only Defraggler?


    Yes, it is just my Defraggler. The files are shown in various grey`s on opening and when it is Defragging, yellow shows and brown for the Pagefiles, with a few purple and red`s, but the rest are shades of a pale blue/green colour. It just looks different from my previous versions.


    I suppose it is OK, but I am sure there were colours shown before on opening instead of grey`s. Perhaps I am mistaken.


    It works OK, so maybe I am wasting everybodies time and if this is the case, I sincerely apologise.

    For the moment, it is probably best to see how it goes.


    I use Windows XP Home, 32 bit with SP3.

    Thank you for your replies.

  19. After the latest update, the colours are not showing, all I get are shades of grey.


    I have looked at the Setings and see no way of fixing this. All previous versions were OK. My version is v2.10.424. The Drive Map settings are on Modern View and the Colours are all greyed out, there is no facility to change them.


    Please can you explain what is wrong ?

    Thank you.

  20. Many users run CC every day, or several times a day (unlike my puny once a week when I can remember). Many users are also heavy users, unlike my etc. So you could well have a backup folder of 20 gb, 50... 100 gb in a couple of weeks, containing hunderds of thousands of files, which would take some sorting.


    I don't blindly delete everything that CC offers. I have my desired settings, and my delete don't worrry me at all. So my vote is no, too complex to administer. But I don't really think that Kas is open to much discussion.

    Don`t get me wrong, I think like thousands of others that CC is a marvelous program. I am not being a pain, just emphasising that any deleting of computer data should be backed up in case of problems. There is nothing wrong with this, it is a fundamental of basic computer technology and operation.


    It seems as if Piriform just will not provide a backup facility for all files etc. presumably for financial reasons or simply a tram - lined attitude of autocratic thinking, there is no other rational reason.


    So, let us call it END GAME on this one as the subject is getting ridiculous.

    I will use CC and provide my backup by using one of the many backup programs that are offered on the net.

    Alternatively, I can use a cleaner program that does have a backup facility included.

    No problem, each to his own and thank you for all your comments.


    By the way, I am not talking of millions of GB. My computer is clean and all that CC pulls out is a few hundred Directory Lib files and system temp files - a piffling amount of crap. Nevertheless, Even deleting a piffling amount of crap can screw your computer up if the parameters of !crap" are not 100% valid.


    No point in further discussion if my suggestion is being blocked, so thread closed.


    Oh, just a point - KAS is always open to discussion providing it is a two way flexible, logical and intelligent flow and not subject to an immovable attitude on the part of program providers.

    Thank you all for your help and comments - John

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