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  1. Hi @Dave CCleaner What "settings bug" is supposed to be fixed in the latest CCleaner v5.74.8198 (rel. 11-Nov-2020)? The release notes at https://www.ccleaner.com/ccleaner/version-history only state that "this version received a small patch update (v5.74.8198) to fix a settings bug. This patch update will be applied automatically unless automatic updates have been disabled". Was v5.74.8198 supposed to fix the Smart Cleaning / Auto Update bug described in the 09-Nov-20202 thread CCleaner 5.74 Causing Errors in Windows Event Viewer? I've seen a few users who updated from the previous
  2. Bump. Would appreciate if someone from Avast / Piriform could provide a status update on when the Slim and Portable builds of Speccy will be re-posted at https://www.ccleaner.com/speccy/builds. Dave CCleaner's 22-Oct-2019 post <here> in the the Defraggler board said the broken download links for Slim and Portable builds of Speccy, Defraggler and Recuva would be "reestablished shortly". ------------- 64-bit Win 10 Pro v1909 build 18363.1139 * Firefox 82.0.3 * Windows Defender v4.18.2010.7 * Malwarebytes Free v4.2.3.96-1.0.1104 * Speccy Portable v1.32.740 Dell Inspiron 15
  3. Hi Dave CCleaner: Any further news on the status of the pending update for Speccy v1.32.740 (rel. 21-May-2018) since your July 2019 reply? The latest AskWoody PLUS Newsletter Issue 17.44.0 (09-Nov-2020) includes a review by Tracey Capen of popular system information tools like Belarc Advisor, Speccy, etc. Tracey noted a few glitches when they tested the current version of Speccy, including "Surprisingly, the SMART status section for my solid-state drive was marked as 'not supported'" and "Win10 Task Manager shows that my system's CPU virtualization is enabled; Speccy reports that it'
  4. Could one of the Avast / Piriform employees please provide a status update and let us know if they've been able to reproduce the issue where enabling/disabling/removal of Firefox plugins from within CCleaner at Tools | Browser Plugins | Firefox does not correctly reflect the actual status of browser plugins in Firefox v81.x? My testing indicates the issues occurs with the built-in one-click search engines (Tools | Options | Search | One-Click Search Engines) as well as browser extensions downloaded from the Mozilla AMO at https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/ (Tools | Add-ons | Extensions
  5. Hi nukecad: I've been using Firefox as my default browser since Firefox 3.6 was released in Jan 2011 and don't recall seeing the one-click search engines display in the add-on manager as an extension or plug-in at Tools | Add-ons, but I might be wrong about that. Are you sure you aren't thinking of browser toolbars like DuckDuckGo Privacy Essentials, Amazon Assistant, etc. that are more like the "traditional" browser add-ons that can be downloaded and installed from the Mozilla AMO store at https://addons.mozilla.org/en-CA/firefox/? These toolbars sometimes come bundled inside free soft
  6. Just an FYI for the Avast / Piriform employees that I managed to capture an image of the CCleaner error message today when I was testing with my Firefox one-click search engine settings in the CCleaner add-on manager at Tools | Browser Plugins. At the time this happened, I had just clicked the Disable button to change the status of my Wikipedia one-click search engine in Firefox to Enabled = No as shown below (which didn't actually disable the search engine in Firefox as I demonstrated <here>), and when I highlighted the Wikipedia search engine again and clicked the Enable butt
  7. Hi Léon: I have no problem disabling (hiding) or removing my one-click search engines from the list of available search engines in Firefox 81.0 at Tools | Options | Search | One-Click Search Engines as instructed in the Firefox tutorial Firefox support article Add or Remove a Search Engine in Firefox - see my 24-Sep-2020 reply <here>. The image below shows I've disabled / hidden the Amazon and eBay search engines so they don't appear when I search from my Firefox address or search bar (note that the check mark next to these search engines has been toggled off), and if I wanted to r
  8. Hi Léon: I'll leave it to you to decide if you want to do more testing. The latest test results I posted <above> were really for the benefit of any Avast / Piriform employee following this thread who agrees that they need to open a formal bug report. I only wanted to confirm that the behaviour I see on my computer was consistent for both CCleaner Portable v5.71.7971 (rel. 14-Sep-2020) and v5.72.7994 (rel. 23 Sep 2020) so they know this isn't a new bug that was introduced in v5.72. At the end of the day, I never use the CCleaner add-on manager at Tools | Browser Plugins to mana
  9. Hi Léon: I updated to CCleaner Free Portable v5.72 today and repeated the same steps described <above> and my results were the same (i.e., my Bitdefender TrafficLight icon re-appeared in my browser toolbar after a second re-start of my browser). However, I checked my Firefox add-on manager during today's test and noticed it reported extension was disabled, even though the TrafficLight icon re-appeared in my browser toolbar and was functioning normally. From today's test after the update to CCleaner Free Portable v5.72: 1. Open Firefox. Confirm Bitdefender TrafficLight is
  10. Hi Léon : What is your Windows OS (if Win 10 let us know your version and build - see the TechSmith article How to Check Windows 10 Build), and what versions of Firefox and CCleaner are you using? If you disable Bitdefender TrafficLight in CCleaner does it remain disabled in Firefox if you open and close your browser a few times? Note that I had to close and re-start Firefox twice before Bitdefender TrafficLight re-appeared in my browser toolbar. ----------------- 64-bit Win 10 Pro v1909 build 18363.1016 * Firefox 81.0 * CCleaner Free Portable v5.71.7971
  11. Hi nukecad: Perhaps it's a matter of semantics. What you call a "pointless exercise" is what I would call a bug. If I disable my Bitdefender TrafficLight for Firefox extension from my CCleaner add-on manager (Tools | Browser Plugins | Firefox, highlight the extension and click the Disable button) the extension re-enables itself after a second re-start of the browser (i.e., the icon reappears in my browser toolbar and the extension is fully functional). There's nothing "special" about this extension - it's just a typical browser add-on downloaded from the Mozilla AMO store at https:
  12. Hi nukecad: Then that sounds like the CCleaner browser add-on manager for at Tools | Browser Plugins | Firefox isn't working as expected if the changes made in CCleaner to enable/disable Firefox browser add-ons aren't permanent. Doesn't that qualify as a bug? I did some more testing and it's not just the one-click search engines in Firefox that are a problem. I disabled my Bitdefender TrafficLight for Firefox extension from within CCleaner v5.71 at Tools | Browser Plugins | Firefox (my image <here> shows CCleaner detects the Publisher as BitDefender Labs) and CCleaner initia
  13. Hi nukecad: According to the Firefox Support article Add or Remove a Search Engine in Firefox, search engines that are removed from the list of available search engines at Tools | Options | One-Click Search Engines with the Remove button can be added back by clicking the Restore Default Search Engines button, so that implies they aren't permanently deleted from the user's default Firefox profile by design. However, I'd still expect search engines that were hidden or removed in the Firefox settings to be shown as Disabled in CCleaner at Tools | Browser Plugins | Firefox. If the behav
  14. According to the change log at https://www.ccleaner.com/ccleaner/version-history for v5.71.7971 (released today, 14-Sep-2020), the privacy settings that were incorrectly displayed (but inactive) in the previous v5.70 are now active and "All users can now opt out of offers for other products". ----------------- 64-bit Win 10 Pro v1909 build 18363.1016 * Firefox 80.0.1 * CCleaner Free Portable v5.71.7971
  15. Just an FYI that CCleaner 5.70 has added new settings at Options | Privacy | Offers that are not mentioned in the change log at https://www.ccleaner.com/ccleaner/version-history. Note that the option to "See possible upgrades and offers for our other products by sharing app-usage with us" is enabled by default. Kudos to bjm_ for alerting other CCleaner users about this new Privacy setting <here> in the Norton Tech Outpost. ----------------- 64-bit Win 10 Pro v1909 build 18363.959 * Firefox ESR v68.11.0 * CCleaner Free Portable v5.70.7909
  16. Hi Dave CCleaner: Sorry, but I have to take issue with that comment. I might be "used to" Avast pre-checking check boxes in their installers to install bundled software but I'm not happy about it, and I'm not sure why bundled Google products like the Chrome browser are the exception unless your third-party partnership agreement stipulates that Avast won't be paid a commission unless the check box for the Google product is pre-checked. Customers are still smarting from the latest fiasco that forced Avast to disband their Jumpshot subsidiary in January 2020 (see the PC World article Updat
  17. Just an FYI that multiple users who do not use Firefox Sync have reported that CCleaner v5.69 wiped the custom settings of NoScript and other Firefox extensions in the Norton Tech Outpost thread Firefox 79.0 to be Released July 28. I use Firefox ESR v68.11.0 (the extended support release of Firefox) so I haven't been affected by this CCleaner bug, but I've disabled all Firefox cleaning in my CCleaner settings and will only use Firefox's built-in browser history cleaning (Tools | Options | Privacy & Security | History |Clear history when Firefox closes | Settings) until a bug fix is r
  18. Hi Dave CCleaner: It's been nine months now. Any update since your October 2019 post? This might be a good time for Avast to finally re-post the Portable (and Slim) builds of Speccy / Defraggler / Recuva on their download servers, given your 26-Jul-2020 comment in the thread Windows Defender Reports CCleaner as "Potentially Unwanted App" that "The stand-alone Defraggler, Recuva and Speccy may still ping Defender for the time being." According to Venkat's 30-Jul-2020 Techdows article Microsoft Explains Why Windows Defender Classifying CCleaner Installer as PUA:
  19. Hi nukecad: I have no idea, but the File.org article at https://file.org/extension/part states: Perhaps the CCleaner installer OP sotiris downloaded was bundled with bloatware (e.g., Avast Free Antivirus, Chrome browser, etc) that triggered Firefox to break the download into multiple .part files with seemingly random filenames before the partial downloads were recombined. Perhaps ESET threw a false positive detection because the ESET virus definition set was out of date and hadn't whitelisted the CCleaner installer yet (OP sotiris notes they saw that detection "a while ago
  20. Hi sotiris: See the FileInfo description of .PART files at https://fileinfo.com/extension/part, which states "A PART file is a partially downloaded file from the Internet used for downloads that are in progress or have been stopped. Some PART files can be resumed at a later time using the same program that started the download. PART files are typically used by Mozilla Firefox...". Just a guess, but that .exe.part file extension could indicate that Firefox was interrupted while downloading the CCleaner installer, and now ESET doesn't recognize the partial file that was saved in AppDat
  21. Microsoft has updated the description of the PUA:Win32/CCleaner detection at https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/wdsi/threats/malware-encyclopedia-description?Name=PUA:Win32/CCleaner&ThreatID=277099 and they now confirm that the installer will be flagged by Windows Defender as a PUA/PUP (potentially unwanted application/program) if the installer is bundled with unnecessary software (e.g., Avast Free Antivirus, AVG Antivirus Free, etc.). Kudos to bjm_ for posting about this updated description of the PUA:Win32/CCleaner detection <here> in the Norton Tech Outpost board. -
  22. Hi Sandra CCleaner: Thank you for posting that link to the v5.64 Portable build for Win XP/Vista.
  23. Hi hazelnut / Sandra CCleaner: I was looking for the CCleaner Portable v5.64 for XP/Vista (i.e., something like ccsetup564.zip or ccsetup564_xp-vista.zip) that I can run from a USB thumb drive without installation. As Sandra CCleaner noted, the download link at https://www.ccleaner.com/ccleaner/download/portable?os=5.1w3 currently appears to be offering the Slim installer for v5.64 (ccsetup564_xp-vista.exe) in spite of the fact that the URL includes the word "portable" in the URL.
  24. Hi Sandra CCleaner: Thank you for that direct download link. Is that the installer for the slim build, and is there a download link for the portable (.ZIP) version of CCleaner v5.64? Please note that the download link for CCleaner v5.64 in the CCleaner support article Which versions of CCleaner work with Windows XP or Vista? simply redirects users to https://www.ccleaner.com/ccleaner/builds, which is currently offering the latest CCleaner v5.66.7716. From that support article as of today:
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