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  1. Finally some good news to report. It appears the bug fix in CCleaner v5.77.8448 (rel. 18-Feb-2021) that "Fixed a rare bug where Update Notifications would be shown when they shouldn't" worked for my CCleaner Portable. All settings at Option | Updates | Control Product Updates for CCleaner are still disabled ... ... and when I launched CCleaner Portable v5.77.8448 today I didn't automatically see the pop-up nagging me to update. I clicked the "Check for Updates" in the bottom-right corner of the interface link to manually check for an update and only then did I see the pop-up notif
  2. Hi Aelson: The change log for v5.77.8448 at https://www.ccleaner.com/ccleaner/version-history says in part "Fixed a rare bug where Update Notifications would be shown when they shouldn’t" but I won't be able to test if this stops the appearance of the pop-up notification shown below in v5.77 when all options at Options | Updates | Control Product Updates For CCleaner are disabled until v5.78 is released at some point in the future. I haven't heard anything further from Avast / Piriform so I have to assume that clicking "Update Now" in the above pop-up would have incorrectly ins
  3. Just an FYI that I launched CCleaner Free Portable v5.76.8269 today from my removable USB thumb drive and immediately received a CCleaner Product Update pop-up notification asking me to update to v5.77.8448. I clicked Remind Me Later this time and confirmed that all options at at Options | Updates | Control Product Updates For CCleaner (including "Send notifications when there is a new version of CCleaner") are disabled . If I click the "Check for Updates" link in the bottom-right corner of the user interface it just shows the same CCleaner Product Update pop-up notificat
  4. Hi nukecad: I wasn't expecting your opinion to change. However, Forum Mod halzelnut agreed with me <here> in GeorgeNelis' thread Sept 2020 Problem With Firefox Plugins that there's no point in having a feature in CCleaner that is supposed to enable / disable Firefox alternate search engines if it doesn't work properly, so I'm hoping one of the Avast / Piriform employees will look at this issue with a fresh set of eyes and tell me if they think this is a bug that needs to be fixed. ------------- 64-bit Win 10 Pro v2004 build 19041.746 * Firefox v85.0.0 * Windows Defender v4.18.201
  5. Hi Aelson: What are your current CCleaner settings at Options | Updates? Even if the option to "Send notifications when there is a new version of CCleaner" is enabled, you aren't going to see the prompt shown below asking you if you want to update since PatchMyPC should have already updated you to the latest v5.76. The online update check by the new built-in software updater won't detect an available update again until CCleaner v5.77 is eventually released. When PatchMyPC updated your CCleaner Portable did it add the Emergency Updater (i.e., did it add a file called CCUpd
  6. I have a 64-bit Win 10 Pro v2004 OS and am currently using the latest CCleaner Portable v5.76 and Firefox 85. The default search engine for my Firefox address bar and search bar is Google. At each new launch of CCleaner, the CCleaner feature at Tools | Browser Plugins | Firefox always shows that all alternate search engines in Firefox are enabled (i.e., even for search engines that are disabled in Firefox at Tools | Options | Search | Search Shortcuts), and enabling/disabling these Firefox search engines from within CCleaner (e.g., changing the status from Enabled = Yes to Enabled = No) has no
  7. Hi Dave CCleaner: Thank you for responding to my concerns about the new built-in software updater in CCleaner Portable. I'm guessing that it was an oversight on the part of the software developers when they added a built-in software updater to all CCleaner Free products in v5.74 and didn't realize that it would add the Emergency Updater (which isn't included in ccsetup5xx.zip files) to CCleaner Portable, and I'm glad to hear you say that Avast / Piriform might need to take a second look at their use case for the Portable build to see of there's a better approach than a "one size fits
  8. Hi nukecad: You didn't post an image of the message you saw so I'm not sure what you're seeing, but I previously stated that the built-in automatic updater was only added to CCleaner Free products in v5.74 (see the v5.74 release notes at https://www.ccleaner.com/ccleaner/version-history which states "Updates to CCleaner will now be applied automatically in CCleaner Free") so you won't be able to reproduce my results if you test with CCleaner Portable v5.62. If you want to try clicking "Update Now" in the new update prompt shown below you should test with CCleaner Portable v5.75.8238 (ccse
  9. Avast / Piriform added a built-in software updater to all CCleaner Free products in v5.74 (rel. Nov 2020 - see the release notes at https://www.ccleaner.com/ccleaner/version-history which state "Updates to CCleaner will now be applied automatically in CCleaner Free"). I use CCleaner Portable and saw the pop-up below after manually launching CCleaner Portable v5.75 from a removable USB stick (i.e., by double-clicking CCleaner64.exe) on 14-Jan-2020 and decided to test the new built-in updater by clicking "Update Now". I was surprised to see that update not only downloaded the Emergenc
  10. Hi Andavari: Thanks for you feedback, and I completely agree. Given that I always download my ccsetup5xx.zip files from the official CCleaner builds page at https://www.ccleaner.com/ccleaner/builds, I'd still like to see the Avast / Piriform software developers modify the executables inside the official portable .zip build to remove the new built-in software updater - or at least prevent addition of the Emergency Updater‌ if the new software updater is accidentally (or even deliberately) run from CCleaner Portable. I guess I'll just have to wait and see if Avast / Piriform is willing
  11. HI nukecad: How would I know that? The built-in automatic updater was just added to CCleaner Free products in v5.74 (rel. Nov 2020 per the version history <here> which states "Updates to CCleaner will now be applied automatically in CCleaner Free") and I'd never seen the pop-up below until I plugged in my USB stick on 14-Jan-2021 and launched CCleaner Portable v5.75 by double-clicking CCleaner64.exe. I clicked the "Update Now" button because this was the first time I'd ever seen that prompt and was curious to see if the automatic updater would work correctly (which it didn't - som
  12. Thanks to the Forum Mods for their suggested workarounds, but I think we've already established that I can delete the unwanted Emergency Updater (i.e., the CCUpdate.exe file and scheduled CCleaner Update task) or just stay with my previous method of updating to a new version of CCleaner Portable by unzipping the ccsetup5xx.zip file from https://www.ccleaner.com/ccleaner/builds and replacing all the older files except ccleaner.ini. The reason I created this thread is because I wanted to know if Avast / Piriform is aware that the Emergency Updater is added to CCleaner Free Portable v5.76 wh
  13. Hi nukecad: Has @Dave CCleaner or one other Avast / Piriform employees confirmed that CCleaner Portable is not meant to be updated using the built-in software updater? The release notes <here> for v5.74.8198 (released 11-Nov-2020) say "Updates to CCleaner will now be applied automatically in CCleaner Free" but I've never seen a warning anywhere that using the built-in software updater will corrupt CCleaner Free Portable by adding the Emergency Updater. I know many CCleaner Free users who switched from the installed Standard/Slim builds to the Portable build when the Emergency Up
  14. Hi nikki605: The update reminder you've been posting about in mpw101's How to Turn Off Nag to Update? isn't really the topic of this thread, although I admit I was surprised to see the prompt below asking me to update from v5.75.8269 (rel. 10-Dec-2020) to v5.76.8269 (rel. 13-Jan-2021) when I launched CCleaner Free Portable on 14-Jan-2021 given that my settings at Options | Updates to "Keep CCleaner updated automatically" and "Send notifications when there is a new version of CCleaner" are normally disabled. I deliberately chose the option to Update Now because I wanted to update
  15. I haven't heard from Dave CCleaner or any of the other Avast / Piriform employees yet, but if Avast / Piriform can't reproduce this problem with CCleaner Free Portable v5.75 I should mention that I created an outbound block in my Windows Firewall rules for CCleaner64.exe (located on my USB thumb drive at D:\Portable\CCleaner\CCleaner64.exe) in October 2020 at Settings | Update & Security | Windows Security | Firewall & Network Protection | Advanced Settings |Outbound Rules | New Rule. I don't know if that's relevant but it might be affecting how the built-in software updater (introdu
  16. Just confirming that, as expected, the scheduled CCleaner Update task is failing with a 0x80070002 error every time it launches. I presume this is because my USB stick (normally assigned as D:\ drive) is rarely plugged in and the task can't find the Emergency Updater executable at D:\Portable\CCleaner\CCUpdate.exe. I don't want the Emergency Updater running on my system, and that is the main reason I switched from the installed version of CCleaner to the portable build a few years ago. It's also a complete waste of system resources to have this CCleaner Update task running and fai
  17. Hi nukecad: Just FYI, here's the prompt I saw today when I launched the previous CCleaner Free Portable v5.75.8269 (rel. 10-Dec-2020) today from my USB stick. I clicked "Update Now " to accept the update. How exactly would I know if I installed a "regular" version of CCleaner? I checked at Control Panel | Programs | Programs and Features and there is no CCleaner program listed there, and no uninstaller at D:\Portable\CCleaner (the folder on my USB stick where I normally saved and unzipped the ccsetup5xx.zip file for CCleaner v5.75 and earlier) that I can run to uninstall the
  18. I run CCleaner Free Portable from a removable USB stick a few times a month. I launched CCleaner v5.75.8269 today at ~ 9:43 AM and was prompted to download the latest v5.76.8269 (rel. 13-Jan-2021). After the update finished I noticed that I now have a new file called CCUpdate.exe on my USB stick... ... and there appears to be a new task called CCleaner Update in Task Scheduler that is scheduled to run at least three times a day (once at every boot-up, plus twice a day at 9:43 AM and 9:43 PM) to look for an available update. Are the CCUpdate.exe file and CCleaner U
  19. Hi TheOwner: I updated to CCleaner Free Portable v5.75.8523 and if I click "Check for Updates" multiple times (i.e., in quick succession) one of two different messages will appear. The order in which these messages appear seems completely random. See my 12-Dec-2020 post in Duchess44's Strange Error for further details. OR ------------- 64-bit Win 10 Pro v1909 build 18363.1198 * Firefox 83.0 * Windows Defender v4.18.2011.6 * Malwarebytes Free v4.3.0.98-1.0.1130 * CCleaner Free Portable v5.75.8238
  20. Hi Duchess44: I use CCleaner Free Portable v5.75.8523 (unzipped on USB thumb drive, started with fresh installation and allowed it to create a new ccleaner.ini file). I have never trialed or purchased a CCleaner Pro license. When I click the "Check for Updates" link in main interface I see one of two different messages, either: OR If I click "Check for Updates" multiple times (i.e., in quick succession) the order in which either of those two message is displayed seems completely random. Enabling
  21. Hi @Dave CCleaner What "settings bug" is supposed to be fixed in the latest CCleaner v5.74.8198 (rel. 11-Nov-2020)? The release notes at https://www.ccleaner.com/ccleaner/version-history only state that "this version received a small patch update (v5.74.8198) to fix a settings bug. This patch update will be applied automatically unless automatic updates have been disabled". Was v5.74.8198 supposed to fix the Smart Cleaning / Auto Update bug described in the 09-Nov-20202 thread CCleaner 5.74 Causing Errors in Windows Event Viewer? I've seen a few users who updated from the previous
  22. Bump. Would appreciate if someone from Avast / Piriform could provide a status update on when the Slim and Portable builds of Speccy will be re-posted at https://www.ccleaner.com/speccy/builds. Dave CCleaner's 22-Oct-2019 post <here> in the the Defraggler board said the broken download links for Slim and Portable builds of Speccy, Defraggler and Recuva would be "reestablished shortly". ------------- 64-bit Win 10 Pro v1909 build 18363.1139 * Firefox 82.0.3 * Windows Defender v4.18.2010.7 * Malwarebytes Free v4.2.3.96-1.0.1104 * Speccy Portable v1.32.740 Dell Inspiron 15
  23. Hi Dave CCleaner: Any further news on the status of the pending update for Speccy v1.32.740 (rel. 21-May-2018) since your July 2019 reply? The latest AskWoody PLUS Newsletter Issue 17.44.0 (09-Nov-2020) includes a review by Tracey Capen of popular system information tools like Belarc Advisor, Speccy, etc. Tracey noted a few glitches when they tested the current version of Speccy, including "Surprisingly, the SMART status section for my solid-state drive was marked as 'not supported'" and "Win10 Task Manager shows that my system's CPU virtualization is enabled; Speccy reports that it'
  24. Could one of the Avast / Piriform employees please provide a status update and let us know if they've been able to reproduce the issue where enabling/disabling/removal of Firefox plugins from within CCleaner at Tools | Browser Plugins | Firefox does not correctly reflect the actual status of browser plugins in Firefox v81.x? My testing indicates the issues occurs with the built-in one-click search engines (Tools | Options | Search | One-Click Search Engines) as well as browser extensions downloaded from the Mozilla AMO at https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/ (Tools | Add-ons | Extensions
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