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  1. ok, thanks a ton for the help! )corjello(
  2. yea, i have that tree of folders and it comes out to be HKCU\Software\Google\NavClient\1.1\Options\CustomSearch\ then it has a String called HKCU_GoogleEarth | REG_DWORD | 0x00000001 (1)
  3. i have never had google toolbar installed on this computer and for some reason its showing up in apllications tab. Any reason this would happen? I have found no traces of Google Toolbar on my computer, its not in Add/Remove Programs and i have run two diffrent reg cleaners )corjello(
  4. well, i would strongly suggest you running spyware blaster. Its a program that protects your computer from known maliciouse sites by adding them to the blocked sites in IE and FF. its free, and all you have to do it manually update it once a week at most. it doesnt run in the background, so it doesnt use up resources. Do you have an antivirus? and I like Outpost Free firewall (less buggy than ZA and uses less resources). )corjello(
  5. eldmannen, why dont you just set your user preferences to "Do not show user's signatures". Thats what i do, makes browsing much easier. )corjello(
  6. you do realize its still a beta right? )corjello(
  7. alrighty, my bad on this one. I thought it could add missing registry strings or remove ones that are compromizing the OS. I just didnt fully understand how it worked. )corjello(
  8. heh, i alwase thought you held DJ's Dial A Fix in high regard... Im just messing with you tho, we all respect people we have talked to more than those we are just introduced to. )corjello(
  9. can i suggest that when you link to winamp, please explain which instalation to choose. Personally, i only do the lite version, i dont like my winamp to handle video stuff. I only use it for Music files. Considering you allwase suggest the realplayer alternative and quicktime alternative, i guess you would sugest it also. I say, post a link to both the lite and full version (not the bundle, that was the worst idea ever screw you aol )
  10. err, at least to me, if im up at 4:30 am im not exactly at my full brain capacity. I think that is what he was refering to. My Stand - No need for the old exit button. Why was it ever there? )corjello(
  11. corjello


    err.. could you explain a little better? do you mean how the developer updates ccleaner? or how you update it? If you meant how you update it, just download the updated installer and run it. Uninstallation of the old version isnt nessasary. If you meant how the developer updates, he browses the forum, looks at problems//bugs//suggestions and updates accordingly. )corjello(
  12. im sorry, but you will be missing out my friend )corjello(
  13. corjello


    you simply do not like changes..... )corjello(
  14. yes, it wont affect your norton at all )corjello(
  15. corjello


    how do you manage to do that without completly cracking the egg shell? is the m80 actualy in the egg? or did you tape it to the side? )corjello(
  16. Mauri, Mr. G is alwase welcome to money, when you click download, there is a paypal donate button to send any desired amount of money to help support the program. Also, the exit button serves the same purpose as the "x" at th top right of the window, it actually cuts down on the size of CCleaner by removing it, also making the window much cleaner looking. )corjello(
  17. wow, when i saw that, i got pushed back into 2002, Diablo 2 Lord of Destuction memories.... battle.net commands, all that stuff. once, when i was in school, i would type something and would add "/f m" to the front to it. it showed i had been playing way too much. i had done it on accident. so anyways /mute *kobrakommander56 .
  18. excuse me, but i have honestly no idea what you are trying to say )corjello(
  19. I believe you are forgetting some people, i dont know when you joined but Tarun, (in my mind.. I think i read a post like this somewhere), was kind of like rridgely's tutor, thats where he learned a lot from. DjLizard gets the god status of these forums, even tho he has ceased coming here, we were way to dependent on his expertise. I dont mean to take away from the help of rridgely, but i respect and admire Taurn and DjLizard even more Edit : october 23 is when you joined )corjello(
  20. well, its like nullsoft bundles winamp with the emusic thing and the aol radio stuff. and there is an installation file on nullsofts servers that doesnt have those bundled programs, the reason nullsoft can not post the link is because of the agreement they have with emusic and the other companies. They still keep the unbundled software for testing and things like that. I managed to go throught and uncheck everything i didnt want, sorry i used taruns links lol. Im thinking of only installing the lite version from now on, because the only thing i use winamp for is to play my music; but i love
  21. sweet, i love updates, when you say re did the top part, you just mean the color right? Im looking forward to the registry cleaner updates. )corjello(
  22. are you sure its the clean install?
  23. Hey, a new winamp was released (5.11) and because of certain legal issues and partnerships, they are not allowed to post a link to their full install w/out the bundled software.... They do although, have the file located on their servers, (been discussed in their forum many a times). The only thing is, if anyone posts the link to it, they automatically delete it.... does anyone know the link to the full installer w/out the bundled stuff? Or can you ask your other forums you visit frequently if you dont know? thanks a ton! )corjello(
  24. er.. if you mean just posting a link in a forum that has an ugly address, then thats all done by html. Honestly i dont really know the code for it, but search google for an html cheat sheet and it should have some tags to rename a link that is prettier to read. if im not awnsering your question, act like i was never here i really think im correct on the html part tho... )corjello(
  25. excellent job. too bad the sharks with lazers didnt make it this update. maybee next time . )corjello(
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