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  1. Within my Downloads directory or file, I have ccsetup409 to ccsetup542. I would like to delete all except ccsetup542. Is this safe to do?
  2. Just today, I started to get popups from ad.yieldmanager.com each time I open another page, whether in my Rogers email, or a website. I read in one forum that this is a virus. I ran a full scan using Norton, and I have run CCleaner, but still the popup continues. Any ideas?
  3. Beta eh? Maybe newbies shouldn't use beta versions. I think I'll download the previous one. Thanks. c Thanks Andavari. I downloaded version 126... and unclicked "automatically check for updates".
  4. I have just deleted ccleaner from my pc for the fourth time. Previous versions worked well, but 1.27 misbehaves. I download it, use it for a few days, then the problem occurs. It seems to occur after I get a message from my Norton Security saying that ccleaner is trying to access the web, and recommending that I block access. I have not blocked access, but subsequently the shortcut icon "pales" and "locks". So I've deleted or uninstalled ccleaner and redownloaded. . ....... but, I've gone through this process 4 times now, and each time, after a few days of operating well, this problem occ
  5. I'm having more troubles. Per your instructions, it was simple to uninstall Ccleaner. I re-installed it, and it ran well for several days. Today, it would not open, so I uninstalled it again. That worked, and I re-installed it. But when I double click on the shortcut icon, it will not open. I tried right-clicking to no avail, as well. Any suggestions? Thanks, C
  6. Thanks Gunner. So easy,.... and it worked. I had opened Control Panel, then Add or Remove Programs, then tried to delete,.... and wasn't allowed to. Your instructions worked perfectly. Now I shall try to re-download. Thanks again, C
  7. I would describe myself as a medium beginner using computers, including Ccleaner. I first installed Ccleaner several months ago and have been very happy with it. Recently, I upgraded to 1.26 and have had difficulties since then. Ccleaner won't open when I want. Sometimes it opens, then I can't close it. So,.... I tried to uninstall it, thinking I should start over. I uninstalled a few of the sub (programs / icons?), but was not allowed to uninstall the majority. So now I have a partially-uninstalled Ccleaner. I use Explorer XP, and a cable modem. Thanks in advance, C
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