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    Backup .REG

    Thanks for the link kroozer, this will come in handy for my XP box. widu is using Vista which already has an advanced search engine in the start menu, it works great and will open the file location with a right click menu option. Type in .reg and under files you will see file(s) like the example kroozer showed. Right click on one and choose open file location.
  2. I believe my previous post only applies to history under the Favorites tab. Some of the Address Bar Autocomplete data is stored in the registry, and as index.dat files. When you highlight a line do you see a red X to the far right, if so click on it to delete the item.
  3. Have you looked in the History folder to see if they're there? This is where it is in Vista... C:\Users\XXXX\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows\History Double click on the items in the history folder to view history. User name is as far as you'll get without changing the folder view. Tools > Folder Options > View Show hidden files and folders and clear the box for hide protected operating system files. Be careful, and be sure to change them back when you're done.
  4. Jamin4u


    I've never used Windows 98, and it's been a long time since I've used IE6. Did you click on use current then click OK under the General tab in Internet Options? This would clear all other sites under normal circumstances.
  5. Jamin4u


    If you only want one home page, have you tried use current then click OK. Click on the drop-down arrow on the right edge of the Home button to access options. If they're listed, you can remove a home page or remove all home pages. What operating system and version of Internet Explorer are you using?
  6. Under the Registry tab, having an Internet lookup button for a highlighted registry key would be nice.
  7. I always update CCleaner by installing the new version over the old one. So the winapp.ini file in the CCleaner folder must be a leftover and useless. Just got back 39.0 KB of my HD. Thanks
  8. What's the difference between the embedded .ini file and the winapp.ini file in the CCleaner folder?
  9. Hi loubie and welcome to the forum. Please read this topic.
  10. Jamin4u

    Wireless G vs N

    Good to hear that N and G cards have the ability to connect with each others routers, but the real benefit in speed seems to be in networking and not the INTERNET. Since I don't network my computers, it wouldn't be beneficial to me. Now if distance was an issue for me, then N might be the solution since it will transmit the signal further. Thanks again for all your replies.
  11. Jamin4u

    Wireless G vs N

    Thanks for the replies. I'll stick with wireless G.
  12. Jamin4u

    Wireless G vs N

    Should I consider upgrading for speed, distance, and less interference. I'm reading conflicting information on the INTERNET. Are N cards backward compatible with G routers? Any reception problems through objects because of the faster waves? I'm reading that you'll only benefit on your networked computers such as transferring large files, and won't notice any improvement with the INTERNET. Any thoughts?
  13. The .xpt file extension is a component or plugin (such as flashplayer.xpt) that adds features and functionality. Those of us who don't use Firefox, Safari, Opera, and are using CCleaner v2.35.1219 will be affected by it not being in the folder. The work around is stated above until an official fix in implemented.
  14. There's an option with three choices for each include, just double click or highlight and choose edit. Make your selection from the following then click OK. Include files only Include files and subfolders Include files, subfolders and the folder itself.
  15. New in CCleaner v2.35.1219 ?Added Session Cleaning for Firefox and Google Chrome. I don't use Firefox but maybe there's a check box you could clear to prevent this.
  16. If you left click on the cookie in CCleaner, does it show it as a flash cookie?
  17. Congratulations on the milestone. I've been a CCleaner user for over five years now and won't own a computer without it. I would have to say a thousand of those downloads are mine and referrals from me. Thanks as always to you and the staff at Piriform for all your hard work.
  18. Try Unlocker to delete or move the file. This has worked in the past for another forum member that had a flash cookie that was a real pest. I must add that this is a program to be careful with. If you need help locating the file or using the program, just ask and we will be glad to help.
  19. CCleaner v2.35.1219 won't detect Adobe Flash Player. Not listed under Cleaner > Applications > Multimedia Flash cookies aren't listed in Options > Cookies This is the case on both of my boxes, XP and Vista. I'm using Internet Explorer as my browser.
  20. Jamin4u

    Cleaner Vs Trojan

    Hi Deafa, you came to the right place for help. Please read this and do as much as you can. When you're ready, start a new topic and post your logs here. The Moderator/Malware expert will let you know what to do next. Good luck
  21. Jamin4u

    McAfee and Ccleaner

    I think the OP is stating that McAfee may be preventing the installation of CCleaner. If so, you may want to report this at their forum. Can you use the Portable version of CCleaner? BTW...Welcome to the forum Muzy.
  22. If you can use Flash Player with Firefox, then you must have it installed. Many people here use Firefox so check back for more detailed help.
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