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  1. Hi Darts, and welcome to the forum. I think it's under Firefox as a plugin.
  2. Jamin4u

    June Desktops

    Don't you just love the Summer time.
  3. Jamin4u

    June Desktops

    Thanks Hazel and razz, I got it from here. I switched back to this simple but nice sunset palm shot. Easy on the eyes.
  4. Jamin4u

    June Desktops

    Time for a cold one.
  5. Thanks for the suggestions. I've spent some time at http://www.onlinegames777.com/ Also, http://www.miniclip.com/games/en/ but stay away from the toolbar. See ya!
  6. Hello everybody, Just looking for some safe and fun game sites. Any Suggestions? TIA
  7. Jamin4u

    Lang Folder

    Hi, Delete the language folder and your done. As others have done, I've added the folder in options > include. C:\Program Files\CCleaner\Lang\ Under options I chose "Include files, subfolders and the folder itself." That way when I install a new version, I don't even need to think about it.
  8. Welcome to the forum Ron. You could try TFC - Temp File Cleaner by OldTimer. Be sure all users save any unsaved work before running. Let the program finish then reboot. If you think your computer's infected, you could visit the Spyware Hell section of the forum. Please read and do as much as you can in the pinned "Before you post".
  9. Jamin4u

    Forum Upgrade

    I was out drinking last night and when I woke up, I didn't know where I was. Can anyone tell me where to find Piriform Community Forums? Just Kidding
  10. Hi jgermann, and welcome to the forum. They could also be flash cookies. Try clearing the box for Adobe flash player. Cleaner -> Applications -> Multimedia -> Adobe Flash Player. If you're using Firefox, it may be under Firefox as a plugin. Also, you could manage what cookies are deleted by moving them from delete to keep. Options -> Cookies.
  11. I don't remember this being suggested before but it would come in handy. One could activate or deactivate each inclusion or exclusion individually as needed. Also, there could be a check all in each category. By default, each entry should be checked.
  12. Jamin4u

    CCleaner v2.30

    Thanks for the refinement of the include options screen. I'm sure that all users will find it as easy to understand and use as I have.
  13. My experience has always been the same as Augeas, the target folder was never deleted, only it's contents was. By default this is the way I prefer it. If it's not a programs folder that would be recreated, a user would have to manually recreate the folder every cleaning.
  14. Jamin4u

    Deleting cookies

    I missed that it was your first post here. Welcome to the forum probie. Sounds like you're all set now.
  15. Jamin4u

    Deleting cookies

    Did you follow the suggestion I made in my first post? If your having a problem deleting flash cookies, please list your browser and operating system.
  16. I just received three delayed Email notifications dated 21st, 22nd, and 23rd. I guess the system just woke up, or perhaps sobered up.
  17. I have mine set for Immediate Email Notification and I didn't get a notice that DennisD had posted here. I ran a test on my Email address and it works just fine. Maybe the system is taking a siesta.
  18. Is it just me, or are others not getting all Email notifications on replies?
  19. Hi Ranma8 and welcome to the forum. In v2.29.1111, you'll need to edit existing include items and choose Recurse Subfolders to delete the folders within a folder. Here's a link to the page in Documentations that shows the change. As far as deleting the folder itself, have a look at this topic.
  20. Jamin4u

    DNS Cache

    You can safely clear the DNS Cache if you're having trouble accessing a website due to a DNS error which may or may not fix the problem. The DNS Cache does list websites visited by name, so clearing it can also help protect privacy.
  21. There's a work around to delete a folder and not just it's content. A manual edit of an include is necessary. Add |REMOVESELF at the end of the path then click OK. e.g. Include5=PATH|C:\Program Files\CCleaner\Lang\|*.*|REMOVESELF Close CCleaner then reopen and run the Cleaner. It won't show up in results, but the folder will be gone.
  22. Jamin4u

    Deleting cookies

    Hi pjc16wg, and welcome to the forum. The cookies that are still in the Cookies to Delete column may be flash cookies. Do you have the box checked for flash player? Cleaner -> Applications -> Multimedia -> Adobe Flash Player. If you're using Firefox, it may be under Firefox as a plugin. You can left click on each cookie in the column, then look at the bottom of the column to see the browser and or if it's a flash cookie.
  23. You could also download it from here. I use the slim build at the bottom.
  24. Hi c33, Don't know if this will help, but have you gone into the Control Panel and looked at Problem Reports and Solutions. It may have a reference to your problem with a recommendation for a solution.
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