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  1. AVG isn't resource intensive anymore?
  2. Yep, definitely congrats to the Brits on their amazing showing and the amount of medals they earned.
  3. The closing ceremony... I'm sorry if I offend some people... but I found it to be pretty bad... It seemed like many of the "singers" weren't actually singing and were just miming. One good thing I found about it was the way they had the piano keyboard playing on the seats of the stadium, that was pretty cool.
  4. That's a lot of RAM. I only have 4 gb and I don't even get close to using all of it when I have multiple different programs open at the same time. What do you do with 12 gigs of RAM (besides crazy video editing if you do that)?
  5. Whenwhenwhenwhenwhenwhenwhenwhenwhenwhenwhenwhenwhenwhenwhenwhenwhenwhenwhenwhenwhen
  6. That skin is quite appealing to the eye. I would change to that in an instant if it was still up.
  7. I've had Avast today detect components of Steam as a virus, and obviously this is quite a big blunder on their part as Steam is an extremely well known company. This is causing some annoyance on the Avast forums as well, they need to get this fixed fast: http://forum.avast.c...?topic=102704.0 I've had to disable Avast for now, just to use Steam.
  8. Thanks Hazel, a theme like that was exactly what I was looking for, and it looks compatible with the newest version of Foobar.
  9. I'm currently using the latest beta version of Foobar 2k (version 1.1.14 beta 2) and I've had terrible luck trying to find skins that are compatible with this version of Foobar, or compatible with the latest stable version for that matter. I know you're supposed to use Foobar 2k for how light it is and not necessarily for eye candy, and that's what I've been doing for a while, but looking at Aero every day just gets boring. Now, to get to my point, does anyone know of any Foobar 2k skins that are compatible with the latest versions of Foobar (either the latest stable or the latest beta, either one)?
  10. Tennis is really the only thing I watch, since tennis is the only sport that I play and love.
  11. The pro version of Revo Uninstaller allows you to track installers as they install things and then save a log. When uninstalling, it uses the log to remove all changes the program made upon installation. The free version, although it does not have this feature, looks for leftovers of the program when it uninstalls something.
  12. I used Cloud AV a while ago right around when it was first released, but then I switched back to Avast since I didn't know how well Cloud AV compared with Avast in terms of protection. Another AV that's been interesting me as of late is VIPRE. Has anyone used that before, and if so, how does it compare to Avast and such? I've heard it's extremely light.
  13. Definitely. If I wanted a tablet interface, then I'd go get a tablet. No need to put the thing on a desktop.
  14. Yeah, I really can't say any one of the three movies in the trilogy is the best because I love all three of them.
  15. Just saw TDKR, and holy crap, it is one hell of an amazing movie. Finishes the trilogy extremely well, and is an amazing movie. It is just as good as the other two movies in my opinion.
  16. I can see your reasoning behind that. I usually do the same thing, but there are some movies to which I make exceptions like this and The Hobbit that I will always go see in theaters, usually at IMAX or such, to get the full experience.
  17. What?! You don't like Peter Jackson?! I'm happy that he's the one directing it and not Guillermo del Toro or anyone else, since I know I can trust him with how amazingly he made the Lord of the Rings.
  18. Who else is extremely excited for this movie? Can't wait for tomorrow, when I'm going to see it at the 11ish showing time at my local Cinemark... hopefully picking a morning time will mean less people, but who knows. After this, I'll be counting down the time for The Hobbit, which is also going to be 100% amazing.
  19. Once I figure out that Metro interface, I'll probably switch.
  20. Learned something new today.
  21. Sorry about the double post, but the problem is fixed. I believe it was something that was wrong with my Minecraft launcher, I redownloaded it from the website and it's working now. Wonder what was wrong with (5 words that start with w in a row ) before, but it's all working now, yes!
  22. No luck. I tried uninstalling everything, all Java, all Minecraft, everything. Then I re-installed only Java 64-bit and then re-installed Minecraft, and still, the same error. Maybe it's something in the registry, I don't know. This is honestly quite frustrating.
  23. Yep, works fine with 32 bit. However, you say you're using only the 64-bit which is the same thing I want. Before anyone asks by the way, yes, my computer is 100% 64-bit.
  24. No luck, I can't even start the Minecraft.exe file to re-download Minecraft.
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