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  1. It should be up soon, within the next day or two, as I changed the nameservers of my domain to those of my new host earlier today (it'll take some time for the domain to change the nameservers). What web browser were you using when you looked at my site previously?
  2. Yep, that's Firefox 8 having issues with HTML5. The current nightly builds of Firefox that I've tried (in the Firefox 11s) have worked with the site, so you'll get better HTML5 support eventually. By the way guys, I may be switching to a different host for my website, so if its down sometime today or tomorrow, that is the reason why.
  3. Hmm... I looked up 11.52 and its compatibility with HTML5 and found that 11.60, which is the version for the builds provided by the Opera Desktop Team, doesn't work too well with HTML5. I think that may be the reason why my website doesn't appear correctly for you.
  4. That's not the way it's supposed to be displayed. The blue box has to be on the right side of the website. Out of curiosity, what version of Opera are you using (I thought the site would appear fine on the latest version of Opera)? As for Internet Explorer, yeah, it'll come out wrong. IE has terrible support for HTML 5 or CSS3. Right now though, I've confirmed myself that the site shows up correctly in the daily builds of Chromium, and in the Nightly builds of Firefox. I'm not sure about any other browsers. UPDATE: I've updated the site, fixed a few visual glitches and whatnot. Updated the sidebar with a new comment, it now also has the date of the comment under it. I've also added Trebuchet MS as the secondary font to use should the computer not have the Ubuntu font. If anyone can confirm for me that they see the Trebuchet MS font instead of the Times New Roman that would be great.
  5. Does the blue side box named Updates appear at the bottom of the website or at the right side of the website where its supposed to be?
  6. Thanks! I'm surprised it actually came out looking right for you. Are you able to see the Ubuntu font, or does it come out in another font?
  7. Hey guys! Here to give you the great news that my new website, created entirely by me and through the writing of all of the html and css is finally up. It's still a bit rough around the edges, as I still have a lot of work to do on it, but for right now, I think it looks quite good. What do you guys think? Website: www.icedrake.co.cc Found a free host by the way: www.000webhost.com Switched to a different free host at www.xtreemhost.com. They not only have unlimited disk space but also unlimited bandwidth for free accounts! Quite brilliant. They have excellent support on their forums.
  8. As you guys have probably seen, my current website is from Weebly.com, where you make websites extremely easily using just drag and drop. I decided to go for a challenge, and really make my own website by doing the nitty-gritty and typing up all of the html and css and whatnot. I also decided to create it in HTML5, which is the future. Anyways, so far I have the bone structure done, and now I just have to make everything more visually appealing, but I'm wondering if its possible to host my website for free, just so I can try it out. I have a domain already, and if I could find a free website hoster I'd be set. If anyone has any idea how I can go about doing this, that would be great, as I'm completely new to the website hosting world.
  9. That was quite amazing, kudos to him for still having a dream after all the hardships he's been through.
  10. Just looked at that and it's brilliant! Nice and minimalist, and gives me all the weather information I need in a snap. Thanks Andavari! Anyways, if you're using Chrome/Chromium, here's a nice tip to make getting weather with 1 Click Weather even easier: Go to http://www.1clickweather.com/ Right click on the box in which you put in your zip code/location. Click Add As Search Engine in the right click menu. In the dialog box that appears, you can change the name and keyword to whatever you please, but don't change anything in the url box. Try to keep the keyword something simple; for example, I use "weather" as my keyword, so all I need to do is type weather in the OmniBar, then type my zipcode. Shazam, you now have your weather even faster.
  11. Lost power and internet on that one, and it wasn't even a hurricane when it reached MA.
  12. The funny thing is that all of the snow has melted. It was only there for a few days to ruin lives, and then disappeared.
  13. Holy crap guys, that was one big freak snowstorm. Definitely got over a foot of snow and lost power for 8 days, and I was one of the last to get it back on Sunday night. Just got my internet back today. The area where I live was one of the worst hit places by the snowstorm, but it was quite a beautiful sight the morning after the storm. All the trees on the side of the road were bent over, and they literally created a canopy under which people drove. There were trees on power lines all over the place, and even empty cars in the middle of the road. Somewhat of a post-apocalyptic scene. Not to mention it was freezing cold.
  14. I really wanted one of those things, but missed the sales by only a day. Unlucky me.
  15. I'm set to be getting 10-15 inches, which is going to suck.
  16. October hasn't even ended yet, and the folks here in Mass and other parts of New England are set to get hit with a good size snowstorm. It's winter before it's winter. Ugh.
  17. Icedrake


    Lol, I had no idea you had to buy it for the Windows and Mac versions. The Linux version is completely free.
  18. Icedrake


    http://flavio.tordini.org/minitube It's a neat little program I must say, and the fact that it doesn't use Flash makes everything a whole lot faster and smoother.
  19. Haha, very much agreed. It's funny how they all make an account just to leave a complaint post, but don't actually understand what's going on from Piriform's side.
  20. 50 popular extensions... I'll bet that I use quite a few of those popular extensions. Now if only I knew what those 50 popular extensions were. Another thing to think about before installing loads of extensions I guess. Rest of the article: http://www.ghacks.net/2011/10/12/27-out-of-100-chrome-extensions-insecure/
  21. Right now, I can't figure out if you were unable to correctly read the article and the following comments or if you just like to misinform people. Now, since you insist on making claims out of your assumptions, and balantly ignoring actual tests and comments, it's rather obvious that you won't budge from your opinion. Please, if you can actually back up your assumptions by running this program on your own computer and telling us the results, I will be happy to oblige. However, discrediting something through information you've been unable to prove thus far except through more of your own claims makes it hard for me to believe your argument. I, along with many others, have used this program and many have found it to be beneficial. But hey, if you can't accept that you may be wrong, fine by me. By the way, you said you had Linux on dual boot? Why not run zRam on it and see how it works out? Then maybe you can actually give some valid information. @Dennis: I presumed no one would go out of their way to explain how something is false without any actual evidence. If Alan_B was able to provide any actual evidence to enforce his claims, sure, I would've easily told him that he's right. Unfortunately, he hasn't done anything of the sort except to continue conjuring up more reasons as to why this program is probably a scam. I'd say it's best to lock this thread; Alan_B has managed to ruin a thread about a legitimate program and turn it into a baseless argument.
  22. My apologies if you didn't understand, but I didn't quote you directly. I'm summarizing what you've been saying in your essay; you've been coming up with reasons on as to how you believe this program doesn't work. If I'm reading the description of the Lounge section correctly, it allows the discussion of anything not related to the other sections of the forum here. In this case, Linux. Did I miss a part where it said that I couldn't post anything about Linux? I don't know... seems like posting about Linux is allowed. I'm assuming you didn't read the article correctly, because the author's enthusiasm stems from the fact that he performed multiple tests with zRam, and he found it to work effectively. Now, it's rather obvious that you've been enthusiastic about showing how this program is a scam while not performing any tests yourself to prove the validity of your claims. Simple as that. The author backed himself up with tests and results, whereas you only have claims.
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