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  1. Oh man, that's awesome. *drools*
  2. I believe you're right. I don't think Chrome actually allows for true content blocking before it's loaded yet.
  3. Adblock Plus for Chrome hasn't gotten the allow non-intrusive advertising yet.
  4. Lemme know how things go. One of the monsters in the game is a lionfly. I mean how much more awesome can it get besides a lionfly? And the latest beta update made it easier to find a hard to find boss named Melvin.
  5. Found this game a few days ago and it looks quite brilliant. Still working out some kinks in the Linux version, but Windows and Mac users should be able to play this game perfectly. Here's a quick summary: "In Epic Inventor, you are a tinkerer who has become stranded on a strange world. Unsure of how you got here, you must now do what you can to survive! Features Explore - Explore a vast world, but beware as the danger increases the further you go! Gather - Gather materials, and refine them for use in crafting Weapons, Armor, and Placeable objects! Auto-Crossbow Turret anyone? Build - Create placeable objects like the Auto-Crossbow Turret and Steam Engines (to power other objects). Assemble Robot attachments to customize and improve your Robot! Advance - Mold your character the way you want to play. Learn skills to focus on combat or development, or perhaps both! Fight - Defend yourself and your towns while simultaneously fighting to explore the world. But don't worry, you have a Robot companion who will help you! Cooperate- Co-op multiplayer support will allow you and your friends to work together!" It's basically a mix of Terraria, Minecraft and Age of Empires, which are all amazing games. And the best part about Epic Inventors is that it is completely free, unlike the aforementioned games, and the devs of Epic Inventor have said that the game will always remain free. I'm currently talking with the devs on the forums about fixing a little problem I've been having running the game on Ubuntu, but I can't wait to play this once I get the bugs fixed. Link: http://epicinventor.com/
  6. Good thing Chrome has an alternative ad blocker to Adblock Plus.
  7. Lol, it's like everything's gone topsy-turvy. I live in Massachusetts and the only time I've had any real snow this year (so far) was that freak October snow storm. Haven't had any worthy snow since then. And snow in Texas? Since when does that happen?
  8. Dragon Rider - Two Steps From Hell To Glory - Two Steps From Hell God of Lightning - Two Steps From Hell Undying Love - Two Steps From Hell Heart of Courage - Two Steps From Hell Protectors Of The Earth - Two Steps From Hell Atlantis - Two Steps From Hell and on and on and on...
  9. Well, if this is for songs, I can't be included lol. Only listen to soundtracks here.
  10. 13. Missed the HSBC one, didn't look at the address bar. >.<
  11. Off topic, but oh my god you changed your avatar!
  12. Never have used Facebook, and never will. I may try out Google + sometime.
  13. They definitely have. The latest Nightly builds work amazing. The speed on them is blazing fast, I'd say even faster than Chrome. Firefox would again be a serious consideration for me if it had that key HTML5 support. Can't do anything with my site without that HTML5 support.
  14. Makes you wonder, what have they been doing this entire time if not keeping Firefox up to the latest standards. Probably still trying to fix their ram issues.
  15. I've been trying the new YouTube interface over the last few hours, and I have to say, I really quite like it. Looks much more polished and elegant than the previous interface. How are you guys liking it (if at all)?
  16. That's great, but Firefox still needs to bring its HTML5 support up to par with Chrome/ium.
  17. You went there!? I would love to go to either DreamHack or PAX.
  18. I tried highlighting the blank space after "CCleaner for". No luck.
  19. Sweet looking desktop, Tunerz.
  20. THAT IS THE QUESTION OF ALL QUESTIONS! Actually, it's not. This is:
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