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Filterset.G is alive


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It came back online a week or so ago :)

Brings up a question I had: Can one use FiltersetG and another filter like Rick's EasyList at the same time?


You can do, apparently large filter lists can slow down browsing a little. Though I tried Easylist on its own when it looked like FiltersetG was no more and I found it to be pretty poor.

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Thanks, JD. What were the differences that led to that conclusion?


I came to the conclusion quite quickly (and went back to my FiltersetG) simply because i started seeing adverts that I just don't see with FG. Noticeably it didn't seem to block the sort of porn ads you get on some dodgy sites (wares etc). Not that I visit dodgy sites of course :unsure:

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They updated it again.


Firefox 2.0

Windows NT 5.1

Adblock Filterset.G Updater

Adblock Plus



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Same here Rridgely, I can't get on with adblock plus. But adblock combined with filterset g does the job nicely.


:) .

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I've never noticed anything unusual with Adblock plus.


I've seen it make a mess of some pages, but I'll live without that nuisance as ad banners are even more annoying.


The thing I absolutely can't stand about it though is this image inserted into some pages: abplus.png

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Can I mirror or redistribute Filterset.G?

No, check the License. The Coral CDN provides all the mirroring I need.


Can I modify Filterset.G and post it on the web?

No, check the License.


Filterset.G is free for personal, non-commercial use; all other use must be licensed. No rule nor part of any rule may be redistributed without express written consent.


That is what I don't like about Filterset.G, it's too restrictive. I don't like restrictions.


I've made my own filters which are in the public domain. They are freely available for anyone to use/modify/distribute/hump or whatever you want todo with it. No limits, no bounds, no restrictions. Do what you want with them.





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