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  1. Here's your AV test. http://www.av-comparatives.org/ Look at line items 17 and 18. While it tests the Premium version of Antivir, the scan engine is the same for the Free version.
  2. mfenech

    CPU Questions

    That's good info. Thanks.
  3. mfenech

    CPU Questions

    I'm trying to learn about CPU's and which ones give better proven performance. I went to this site and it seems to be a good real-world comparison matrix, even though not as many units are tested as I'd like. The charts there bring up some questions. Example - comparing performance of an Intel Quad Core Q6600 at 2.4Ghz with an Intel Dual Core E8500 at 3.16Ghz and keeping the mobo out of the equation: 1. Does the above depend if the benchmarking is done with gamer application testing vs. testing with multimedia and other less stringent applications? In other words, would a non-gamer find any significant improvement using the quad core over the dual core? 2. Is the conventional wisdom that a quad core is always preferable over a dual core, no matter what the application? Are there any rules of thumb for this? 3. Do factors like bus speed and L2 cache override the processor speed and number of cores? 4. Is there a better benchmark site than the above that ranks CPU's based on tests with different applications? I'm not a gamer myself, so when I get a new PC in the near future I want to spend the money where it will do me the most good. Thanks.
  4. Anthony - you're correct that free Antivir doesn't have email scanning.
  5. It's not an antivirus, it's a behavior blocker. It's designed to supplement your anti-virus and whatever antispyware programs you have. I would highly recommend it if you don't have a similar program or a HIPS doing the same thing.
  6. chunker, Are you using Firefox 3 beta? That may explain why.
  7. Done forget to add the Adblock-Plus extension for K-meleon. Works like a champ. http://adblockplus.org/en/kmeleon
  8. That's fine, but what I quoted half of what I'd get with Firefox 2, which was my point.
  9. I just restarted FF - used CCleaner while it was closed - and have 15 tabs open currently. I always have at least 12 open. Mem is 95mb. I'll post the number again within the next few hours.
  10. Ummmmm..... I believe it does, actually. I see proof of it as I type.
  11. Y'all quit complaining and get the beta.
  12. I don't believe CCleaner is preconfigured to clean K-Keleon. Here's what I've added for KM to my 'Include' list: C:\Documents and Settings\[user]\Application Data\K-Meleon\default\[profile name].slt\cookies.txt C:\Documents and Settings\[user]\Application Data\K-Meleon\default\[profile name].slt\history.dat C:\Documents and Settings\[user]\Local Settings\Application Data\K-Meleon\default\Cache <-- a folder The above may be different on Vista, but you'll find them. Also, on the K-Meleon menus, go to Tools/Privacy/Settings, and check both items under Address Bar History.
  13. On my PC, with 12 or more tabs open all the time, Firefox 3 uses half the memory of Firefox 2. It's much faster too.
  14. Every time I see one of these maps, one thing always stands out: North Korea.
  15. If it will help, you can use these instructions to set up the NAT. I use it on my 4100 and it works like a champ.
  16. Didn't the Mozilla folks use the same reasoning for their products...?
  17. No it doesn't. If you're referring to the Archives feature in Messenger, you just need to disable it in the preferences so they're not recorded in the first place. If you want, you can also activate custom folders in CC and have it delete the Cache and Profiles folders in c:/program files/yahoo/messenger.
  18. Beware of the pear!
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