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Driver updater destroyed my computer


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Guest MeganCCleaner

Hi @loneoakusa First of all, I am very sorry to hear of how you encountered this problem as a result of using the Driver Updater; I'll immediately report this to our development team as we definitely do not want anyone to have this type of experience when using our software.

Additionally, I'll be more than happy to help with this as I am eager to ensure your computer will work properly for you again.

May I contact you via email, using the same address registered to your forums account? 

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So.... yeah I have a custom built gaming computer and was having some driver issues that wasn't being solved by updating the driver through the software. So I figured use the driver updater in CCleaner. Once I did, I lost connection for the ethernet card. Tried rebooting to no avail. Reverted the driver in CCleaner and it was able to get connected to the internet again but was taking FOREVER to load webpages on my gigabit connection. Reverted the other drivers that were installed and wasn't able to launch my softphone or my dashboard that was a website. Tried doing a system restore to the previous day(which took FOREVER) and that failed. Luckily I was able to launch my softphone and ticketing system after the failed system restore. All I can say is DO BETTER PIRIFORM!!! Your Driver Updater almost bricked my $3000 computer!!! I will be cancelling my Pro Membership after this instance. I have noticed this is a common issue with people using the Driver Updater. You need to pull it off of CCleaner until you have it working better! COMPLETELY DISSATISFIED!!!

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Guest Andrei CCleaner

@drengrheathen I'm really sorry to hear that. Rest assured we will continue to improve our Updater feature so this won't happen in the future for anyone else. Apologies again for the massive inconvenience this has caused you..

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